Dear Sultans,
We truly know that each of our major updates means a lot – not only new features to experience, new events to participate, new viziers to command and new consorts to visit, but also new friends to make, new enemies to slay, and new challenges to confront. And that’s why we are constantly putting a lot of efforts to make sure your experiences as smooth as possible!

We’re also aware that some players might feel confused with our update roll-out process, it could take days to actually see the new content in-game. Yep, this is expected after a maintenance concludes, nothing is wrong or missing- it’s part of our update mechanism!

Why do we do this?

Usually there is plenty of preparation work needs to be done on our end before updates happen. Yes, we do Quality Assurance, but that doesn’t guarantee live server updates quality assured in every aspect. As a game with millions of players, we have to find a flexible and low-risky way to spot possible issues like game-breaking bug and server problems as early as possible.

How does this whole process work?

Thanks to Apple and Google, we found the solutions to actually nail it down, they are called Staged Roll-outs (Android) and Phased Releases (iOS) respectively. To put it simple, both Phased Releases and Staged Roll-outs allow us to reach a percentage of new and existing players (they are chosen at random by Apple and Google). And of course we can release the updates to all of our players at any time if everything looks good and solid. Please head to the following links to learn more:

Will the chosen players gain any advantage?

We disable the new content temporarily to make sure players across all different versions on the same page – that’s why bunch of chosen players haven’t seen anything new just yet. Meanwhile, some issues might appear or resurface because of this. After the new update reaches 100% of our players, we will patch all new content into the game once and for all. So please be patient if you are one of the chosen ones, thank you for your kind understanding!

If you are having more confusion or questions, feel free to leave a comment here, we will try the best to help out.

Game of Sultans’ Game Update Roll-Out

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