Greetings Sultans,
It’s time for another roundup of the upcoming new version! Here at Mechanist, we do believe that reassessment of existing systems is as important as introducing new experiences! That’s why in version 1.8, we will re-introduce one of our main structures inside GoS – the Feast system! We can’t wait to share more about it later this month!

And hey, since we are talking about re-introduction, why not bring back some beloved events then? Actually, we’ve been overwhelmed by loads of thoughts and feedback from our passionate fans since last week.

And yes, we are listening! The following events will make a return within this month:

  • Romance of Sultans is aiming for a return next week;
  • Infinite Horserider will return when version 1.8 launches.

Be sure to keep an eye on next week’s events in-game and thanks again for your amazing support!

Last but not least, a quick look at the upcoming content in version 1.8, our next major update expected to launch later this month:

  1. Completely Revamped Feast system;
  2. VIP 12 enabled, along with new Vizier and Consort – Piri Reis and Lina;
  3. Optimized rewards rule of our Ranking Rush events;
  4. Added rewards for updating new versions;
  5. Now players can ascend skills of The Magnificent Five, unlocks when skill level reaches 20;
  6. Now players can reach our support team from their friends list directly;
  7. Heaps of optimization and bugfixes.

We hope you will look forward to a brand new Feast as we do!

Haven’t tried Game of Sultans out? Head over to our Google Playstore and Appstore pages now:

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