Hello Sultans,
First off, we hope you all had a terrific Easter Sunday! Yep, we did read your comments under the Easter egg post!

So, everyone on Europe servers can enjoy Horserider again starting from this Friday while Asian and American players will have access 3 days later due to schedule difference! But a comeback of Horserider is just the beginning! What can you expect from our next major update? Let’s take a look!

War of Supremacy

For the next major update of GoS, the long-expected Cross-server Union War takes center stage with competition that makes your battle more dangerous in new and exciting ways: War of Supremacy. More details will be revealed in our upcoming preview, so STAY TUNED! Be sure to rattle your saber from now on!

Sultan’s Gourmet Cuisine!

The Imperial Chef will be at your service Sultan! We are working on a variety of new events and activities for you to enjoy with new rewards to claim – Sultan’s Gourmet Cuisine! Tasty Dishes? A Dinner Party? Veggies? Meat? A Stewpot? You bet! Find out how good your cooking skill is when they are available in 1.9, yum yum!!


Auto-attack of Campaign will finally be enabled in v1.9. We hope you like it as we do!

Last but not least, a list of what we’ve been cooking these days:

  1. Launch into a slew of new activities and promotions – Sultan’s Gourmet Cuisine
  2. Introducing all-new cross-server Union War – War of Supremacy
  3. Now players can use Auto-attack in Campaign
  4. Now players can purchase items from the all-new Union Store with Earnings
  5. Heaps of bug fixes and optimizations.

See you in the War! To learn more about how we roll out new updates, please read this Note.

Haven’t tried Game of Sultans yet? Head over to our Google Playstore and Appstore pages now:

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