We hope you’ve already worked up an appetite for the Sultan’s Gourmet Cuisine Event in our V.19.0 preview post, but now we’ve got the details you’re hungry for. This new Event will allow you to participate in an authentic royal banquet, from gathering ingredients, to serving fine cuisine, to sitting down at the table!

Check out the Details:


Meat can be found in the Farm – and this is where Traps come in handy. Move Traps around and match the Animals’ paths to catch them.

A Stampede will appear every 3 rounds in Normal Mode. Unlock Advanced Mode and catch Rare Animals with more Traps.

The better quality the Animal is, the higher score you’ll earn.


Line up baskets with farmers of the same color to receive the vegetable they are carrying.

Hospitable Farmers appear every 3 rounds in Normal mode. Unlock Advanced Mode to receive Rare Vegetables and additional Baskets!


The Imperial Chef is ready to mix the ingredients you gathered from the Farm and Audience Hall! You can only select 1 Dish per day, as there are only so many elite chefs to go around.

After choosing a Meat and Vegetable (1 per dish), you’re ready to start cooking. Cook Dishes to earn Cuisine Tokens, Popularity, and extra Dinner Party attempts.

If you have a lot of extras but need one exclusive Ingredient, you can swap them with other players in the Marketplace.

Dinner Party

Dinner Party starts at 6 pm and lasts for 8 hours. Cooked Dishes show up in Dinner Party and feed up to 2 players. Cook and eat Dishes to earn Cuisine Tokens and Popularity. Enter a player ID into the search bar to sample your friends’ dishes! Dishes will be removed after the party.

If you come across Alessa’s kitten wandering across the table, grab it as quickly as you can! Alessa is always generous with her rewards.


A huge stewpot will be set up during the last 6 hours of the Dinner Party, and will be shared by the entire Server. This is the perfect place to get rid of your redundant ingredients for extra Cuisine Tokens and Popularity.

Ranking Rewards

After the Dinner Party ends, rewards are distributed based on Score and Popularity rankings.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section. May your cuisine reign supreme!

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