My name is Lyosha and I have been playing Game of Sultans since Early August of 2018 on American Server 52.

Game of Sultans was something I picked up out of curiosity, but didn’t have a whole lot of interest in. I didn’t actually plan on playing the game for very long, but here I am, several years later.

My interest in the game didn’t really peak until about a month into playing. At the time I was looking for some strategies and tips to improve how I was playing only to find there wasn’t really any information out there. I eventually found the Facebook group which launched me into a huge role in the Game of Sultan’s community.

On October 20, 2018 I asked:

“Is it possible for us to get either an official list of Viziers and where they are obtained or at least create a player made list?

[To clarify, the vizierpedia wasn’t a thing]. Only I was pretty disappointed when no one had the information. I have always been a data junkie when it comes to games. I love knowing absolutely everything about a game and not having that information really motivated me. And thus the first page of the Unofficial Game of Sultans Spreadsheet was born. A complete list of viziers, how to get them, their starting stats, and their consorts.

And the rest they say is history. Now the spreadsheet is 15 tabs of information, available in a few other languages, and considered one of the go to resource for anything you need to know about GOS.

So why a blog? Not everything fits well on a spreadsheet (unfortunately). It is a lot easier to talk about strategies by writing about them then to present them as numbers which can be confusing for some to interpret. A lot of these are also topics I get asked about a lot and are worth more of an in depth discussion to truly make the topic understandable. Most importantly, because I have no clue how to edit and a video and hate trying to talk though a topic without being able to edit what I am saying to be able to make youtube tutorials instead. We all have our weaknesses.

Acceptable Use of My Content

As I have received several emails about this I wanted to leave a note explaining what my rules are on using my content:

I am aware that my content is only in English. While I do have the translate option at the bottom of every post hosted by Google Translate, it is sadly not the best. If you would like to translate my blog or spreadsheet to share with your community in your native language I ask that you please clearly state in your post that the original content was by me (Lyosha). I prefer you to also leave a link back to the original blog post if at all possible.

If you wish to share my content without translating please do so by sharing a link with credit stating that the blog or spreadsheet images belongs to me (Lyosha). Views to my blog are important both for me to know what content people are interested in and for profit as this site runs small, unobtrusive ads, to help pay for the upkeep.

I have seen several instances of sharing my content mixed in with someone’s own work with no credit given. I do this for free, on my own time, so I ask for respect to be shown to my work. Any questions please feel free to contact me below!

4 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. Lyosha – how do you get a password to sign in to some areas that are password protected?

    I am new to the site, but have subscribed. Thanks in advance for all your good work here!


    1. Hi Kelly, the new weekly posts go up first as locked as my Patreon members get one week early access to my posts. All sections are unlocked one week after posting for everyone to see.


      1. Lyosha hi, this is a very nice and useful website, i wanted talk about something in private, can i have your mail?


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