I want to compete for Da Vinci. What do I do?​
Da Vinci (or Columbus on new servers) is a competition to boost your Empire Power. Your goal is to gain the most amount of attributes possible in three days. Your main collection items will be gold, badges, book xp and attribute books, but there are other items that can also help you out:


Game of Sultans has a wide variety of items that are useful for Empire Power, mostly found under the power tab of the backpack. It is important to recognize not all items should go to the same vizier in every scenario. Some items benefit from a vizier being high level or having high harmony/companion % skill boosts. Planning which viziers get which items is critical in your road to Empire Power Rush.

Books and Passes

Books provide a flat attribute gain to the vizier they are given to. You can increase the amount of attributes you gain from each book if the vizier has a harmony or companion skill related to that attribute. For example, if you have all five of the Magnificent 5, you will have a 100% bonus on military attributes. A Military Booklet (+100) will then give 200 attributes to the Magnificent 5 vizier you give it to. Pass items (primarily gained from Coalition quests) work in a similar way, but give a random amount of attributes between two numbers. Both of these types of items work best on a vizier with high harmony or companion % bonuses for the attribute they are related to. Almighty Tomes are also similar to these items, however they boost all attributes by 10,000 points each. It is greatly benefited by having a vizier with high harmony or companion bonuses in all four categories. Vizier level and talent do not impact the results of these items.

Badges, Book XP and Orb Boxes

Badges boost the talent amount of a vizier. Their chance of success is dependent on the star rating of the skill, but average out to approximately the same amount of badges used to gain the same amount of talent points. During Empire Power rush it is more beneficial to use badges on 6 star skills, or 5 star if 6 stars aren’t available. To learn more read the Increasing Talent post.

Badges give attributes based on the level of the vizier, but it doesn’t matter if you give the badges first or level the vizier up first. You can watch the Order Doesn’t Matter video for proof of this. Remember that the point your vizier is at currently is the numbers GOS uses to calculate the current stats for your vizier. This means the vizier that you intend to get to the highest level will have the most benefit from badges at their base rate. Keep in mind the current talent of a vizier will not change the points you gain, but will limit how many badges you can use on that vizier. Also, badges like books, benefit immensely from harmony and companion boosts. It will benefit you most to pair a high companion or harmony boost with a high level vizier. When deciding where to use badges harmony and companion boosts should be your first consideration.

Book XP works the same way as badges, but with a guaranteed success rate. Therefore high level and high percent bonuses are the key to getting the most out of your Book XP. However, unlike badges, Book XP is best spent on low star talent to leave as much room as possible on 6 and 5 star skills for your badges. To learn more about why this is read the Increasing Talent post

Orb Boxes are a unique item that have appeared in a few events as rewards. They increase the level of a random talent skill by 1. While they can be directed at a specific vizier, there is no guarantee they will boost the talent you want. These are best used on viziers with a higher number of high star rated skills such as the Imperial Guardians. The Outstanding 4 also work as a reasonable alternative as 4 out of 6 of their talents are 5 or 6 stars. In comparison a Magnificent 5 vizier isn’t as good of a choice as they have only a single 5 star talent making the odds of landing on their 3 star or 2 star skills much higher.

Random Items

Items like Medals and Book XP Boosters, effect a random vizier. In this case these items simply have to be used and hope for the best. Unless you choose to limit the amount of viziers you have such as by not claiming viziers (Magnificent 5, Outstanding 4, Foreign Legends, VIP Viziers, etc) there is no way to ensure these items get a maximum boost. If you are looking to calculate the growth from these items, calculate them at their absolute minimum benefit. For example Fortune Medal increases a random attribute for 30 random viziers by 1,000. In calculation presume that they give 30,000 total attributes. In practice this number will end up higher as some viziers will have a companion or harmony boost for that attribute, but it gives a safe baseline.

Consort XP and Harmony

As mentioned, Consort XP and Harmony is a main focal points for Empire Power rush. In newer servers, Harmony tends to take the forefront as Magnificent 5 badges come quickly and cheaply while Companion XP takes longer to build up and is dependent on charm. However, Companion XP has a much higher bonus cap and is much more beneficial long term and can get you much further then harmony.

During the time you spend hoarding, investing heavily into one companion can be a good way to boost XP gains. You gain more xp per charm point gained the more charm you have. IE: Going from 10 charm to 11 charm increases your xp per visit by 1 xp whereas going from 1000 charm to 1001 charm increases your xp per visit by 21 xp.

Just like Consort XP saving your pearls to get the extra points during Empire Power rush can help you get additional attributes. Pearls should be invested on percent bonuses every time for the maximum effect. For example A military % bonus skill at level 100 with 0* gives 50% bonus to military attributes. Increasing the skill to 3* (while staying at level 100) will add an extra 30% bonus bringing your total bonus to 80% for military attributes of that vizier. This can be a much larger gain then the first two skills can provide.

Similarly, for harmony hoarding badges and investing primarily in one vizier tends to have the best outcome. However, both Magnificent 5 and Outstanding 4 viziers have ascension levels. After upgrading their right side harmony 20 times, you can continue improving their harmony using the ascension system, which costs an increasing amount of badges each time. Ascension also gives a lower percent increase (5% down to 4% on M5, 8% down to 6% on O4) which means ascension can be less efficient in some cases. If you have another Magnificent 5 or Outstanding 4 vizier with similar growth to your top choice, then it may benefit you more to increase the second vizier’s harmony instead of ascending the first vizier’s harmony.

To clarify: If Seydi has 100m empire power and Kilic has 150m empire power, upgrade Kilic’s harmony until you reach the ascension levels then upgrade Seydi’s harmony. Alternatively if Kilic has 500m but Seydi still only has 100m, ascending Kilic would result in better growth.

Additionally, it is important to mention in the cases of Magnificent 5, Outstanding 4, and Foreign Legends, it is almost always better to get a new vizier rather than improving the secondary harmony of one vizier. This is because left side harmony offers a bigger % boost and can boost multiple viziers at the same time. For example if you gain a new Outstanding 4, you gain a 20% bonus to military and politics to all the Outstanding 4 viziers you already own, whereas increasing the right side harmony would only increase all attributes by 8% for a single vizier.


Heirs may be a small contribution to your Empire Power, but they do contribute. Save your vitality orbs to quickly level up heirs during the rush. Keep in mind heirs who have sponsors with higher intimacy and title will gain more attributes per level. Higher level also results in higher end results, but the higher their level the more XP they need before reaching the next level. Starting the rush with heirs at level 1 or 2 will let you gain more attributes for less vitality orbs

Also, while your heirs are probably rightfully resigned to the basement for the rest of their existence marrying a few off during Empire Power rush can be a way to capitalize on a nice bit of Empire Power by marrying off that Supreme Prince. Coordinate with friends or union members to get a higher attribute heir to match with yours. Keep in mind that spending diamonds on your heirs is not the best way to get Empire Power.


Who should I focus on?

Harmony Bonuses and Companion % Bonuses are the key to high Empire Power gains. Remember that a vizier with 100% harmony or consort bonus is giving you 2x the value of the book or badge you used. For most players this will be one of your Magnificent 5, Outstanding 4 or the Vizier attached to your top Consort. You want the highest percent bonus for each of the four categories: Military, Research, Politics, and Prestige. If your harmony bonus on Kilic is better for military but you have higher consort percent bonus for prestige on Hersek then it is better to split your badges and books. If you have one vizier with the high percent bonus for all four areas then you will only be using one vizier for the competition. ​

How do I know when I am ready to try for the win?​

Players typically need to hoard for multiple months (with some lower vip players hoarding for a year plus) before being ready to compete cross server. How much time you need to spend hoarding is very dependent on your own situation: what items you have, where your viziers are at currently, what others spend on average for the rush, how much you gain from other rushes, mini games, coalition quests and purchases will change your wait time. There are a few things you want to look at when you think you are ready to compete.​

  • Watch the rankings several weeks leading up to competing. See what the average power growth is for your server groupings. Older servers typically have a much larger power gain then newer servers and even from region to region it can vary – players have reported American servers having higher ending scores then Asian servers. Don’t just take other players words for what you need to compete they have different players they are competing against and may not have played as long as you have or have played much longer.
  • Look at who you are competing against that week. Unless you are a VIP 7+ player yourself, competing against the highest spenders is usually not a good investment of your time and efforts. It is always better to wait a week when you find yourself paired up against someone who is ready and willing to drop $400 to get Da Vinci. Wait for the odds to be more in your favor. It is not impossible to win against spenders, but it is harder. Another factor is to look at what their empire power is compared to other players with similar VIP levels among the servers competing. A VIP 6 with an empire power matching VIP 4 players across multiple servers may be an indication that they have a lot of items ready to drop.
  • Do some math. This might be the harder part for you, but it is always best to go into the competition knowing about how much Empire Power you have at hand and unfortunately to figure that out you need a calculator – or a very handy spreadsheet. You can use The Game of Sultans – Vizier Calculator to get an estimate of how much your Empire Power will increase. Please read all the instructions carefully before using the calculator.

If you have issues or questions about the calculator please drop me a message.

18 thoughts on “Competing in Empire Power Rush

  1. i.e. So if Hersek is at 2157 Talent, He should get all the badges and my Kuyu at +100% and +35% should get all 26000 books as I have 190 Mag Badges to add to his Harmony. Almighty Tomes would do better added to Grace as she has 19 talents to develop giving 190k per tome for her, instead of Hersek where it would only be 6 talents at 60000. I’m also waiting to acquire my 4th Outstanding 4 during Leo event and I have enough clothes to take 4 viziers to 400 from level 1 as well as 70 fearless medals. Book XP would do best given to a vizier with 6 star talents, but if Herseks talent is at 2157, I should give them to him as well, correct? Thanks!!


    1. Not necessarily for Hersek. How does his consort bonus compare to Kuyu’s 35% harmony bonus?

      For almighty tomes they give a base of 10,000 attributes per section (military, research, politics, prestige) the only thing that increases that gain is harmony bonuses and consort bonuses. Talent does not affect Almighty tomes.

      Dont forget to try out the GOS Calculator at https://tiny.cc/MyGoSCalculator to help get a better visual on how much you will gain from using books or badges on your viziers.


      1. That didn’t work.. my discord has special characters, so not sure if it’ll copy correctly.



    2. Hi! Please clarify, where you say “For viziers you have invested in work on the last four skills – the percent (%) bonuses”
      First two and last four… by # of stars? Or the order listed? I think I get skills and talents confused. I’ve only been playing a few weeks. Thanks!


      1. It sounds like that is about consorts. When looking at your consorts, pick one and then click skill. All Consorts have six skills to unlock. The first two act kind of like attribute books, they boost the attributes of the type shown for example Iris has military for the first two skills, Rana has politics, Ceren has prestige, and so on. Since they give a set amount these are good for the viziers you don’t work on.

        In contrast the next 4 skills will provide a percent boost based on how many books and badges you gave the vizier. The order the 4% bonus show up will be different but all consorts have military %, research %, politics %, and prestige %. If you have given a vizier say lots of research but not a lot of politics then it’s best to level up the research skill. To put it in numbers boosting 100 points by 50% will give you an extra 50 points, but boosting 1000 points by 50% will get you 500 points, a much better gain.

        I probably over explained but hopefully it covered your questions. If not feel free to comment back. 😁


  2. Does it matter which order you go in? Should I power up the viziers first (use attributes, book xp and gold) and then using the pearls to upgrade skills [or Harmony]? Afterward, level up the consort skills. Or vice versa? Does it matter? FYI, I’ve being saving up for months and my viziers are weak compared to the top players. Any help would be appreciated. I got one shot at this and trying to make it count. Thanks, buddy!


    1. Thanks for the question Bea! The order does not matter at all when upgrading viziers and consorts, the result is the same either way. If you are looking to compete in power rush I would start by using the GOS Calculator: https://tiny.cc/MyGoSCalculator it will help you get an idea of your progress. Keep in mind that either a Mag 5 or a consort vizier will help out the most. You want to maximize % bonuses for more attributes.


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  4. For scoring while preparing for the Leonardo D’ Vinci rush, how does the scoring work when visiting random companions? Right when you visit them, or when you use unused xp points later on?


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