Empire Power is the combination of your military, political, research, and prestige attributes that you get from your sultans and your heirs. 

What is Empire Power used for?​

Empire Power is used to determine your server ranking and in the empire power rush. Some parts of empire power are used to determine how much resources you get such as total research determines your gold levies. Keep in mind though that Empire Power does not translate to actual strength. Empire Power is only used as a ranking system and does not reflect the strength of your viziers for content like union war, frontier, fighting in the Ruins, Pirate Crew strength and more. You can read more about the attack formula which is used to determine your vizier powers here. ​Attributes, a viziers contribution to empire power, however, do play critical roles in arena and training grounds.

How do I improve my Empire Power?

Empire Power comes from two places: Heirs and Viziers. Heirs offer only a small portion of your empire power however you can increase the attributes your heirs have by increasing your consorts intimacy. Choosing to marry heirs only to others with high stats will help increase your Empire Power.

Viziers Empire Power comes from a few different areas: Talent & Level, Attribute Books, and Consort or Harmony Bonuses. ​

Talent and Level of a vizier work together to determine how much attributes a vizier gains. Increasing their talent or increasing their level will increase the amount of attributes a vizier has. The game recalculates this every time a badge or book xp is used on a vizier along with any time the vizier is leveled up. This lets you level and add badges in any order without consequences. The formula for this is shown here. 

Attribute Books can be used to increase a viziers attributes by a set amount. You can increase the amount of attributes you get from an attribute book by giving the books to viziers with harmony or consort bonuses.​

Harmony Bonus and Consort % Skills work in the exact same way. These bonuses provide a bonus percentage of the attributes you get from Talents and Level and Attribute Books. If you use a +1000 Military Tome on a vizier with a 20% consort bonus for military you will get an extra +200 attributes for your vizier.

Example of Harmony Bonus

Military Harmony Bonus:
(2,200,769 + 462,600) x 1.20 = 3,196,042
(Talent Bonus + Book Bonus) x (100% + 20%)

Research Harmony Bonus:
(590,150 + 456,800) x 0.2 = 209,390
(Talent Bonus + Book Bonus) x 20% ​

Political Harmony Bonus:
(639,329 + 504,600) x 0.2 = 228,785
(Talent Bonus + Book Bonus) x 20% ​

Prestige Harmony Bonus:
(1,426,196 + 368,700) x 0.2 = 358,979
(Talent Bonus + Book Bonus) x 20% ​

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