Hello Sultans!
I have recently created a Patreon Page that lets you help support my work here.

Why should I become a Patreon?

Patreon allows you to support my work by doing a recurring monthly payment. You can stop and rejoin at anytime along with adjusting the donation amount to fit your needs.

What do I get from being a Patreon?

Not only do you get my eternal gratitude for helping out even if it is only once I have set up a tier of rewards:

  • Member:
    • One week early access to the posts each month (there is 2 planned each month)
    • Vote on what article will be published next
  • Elite:
    • 1 Feast visit (100 diamonds) per month you are subscribed
    • All of the Member tier benefits
  • Deputy:
    • 1 Feast visit (500 diamonds) per month you are subscribed
    • All of the Elite and Member tier benefits

How do I become a Patreon?

You can become a Patreon by following this link!

Special shout outs to my top patreons: Selene, Mona, and King Kahl for helping make this possible!

2 thoughts on “Support this Work

  1. Love your articles and your insight/help in navigating GoS. Just recently subscribed to your newsletter but don’t know how to obtain passwords to read your protected articles. Is there a way I can gain access to see those?


    1. The articles are released one week early to patreon members, who recieve the password on my patreon page. They will be unlocked and viewable one week after posting. I do also put up special posts on occassion for new content that is instantly accessible for everyone.


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