Happy Birthday Game of Sultans Fans!
Today marks the first anniversary of Game of Sultans – that’s a whole year since the first version launched on June 28th, 2018! We never expected that GoS would find the global audience it has, with over 25 million downloads across all platforms. We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for embracing Game of Sultans, as our continued success depends on your support and enthusiasm!


You Bet! To celebrate our first anniversary, we’ve prepared 3 “episodes” of Facebook activities! Our first one just wrapped up, so keep an eye on the Game of Sultans Facebook page and this blog for the new gift codes. The festivities are far from over, though! We will be posting another 2 episodes over the next few weeks, and we can assure you that you won’t want to miss out on the rewards. Stay tuned!

A Good Chance to Revisit your Harem!

To reach out to former members of the GoS community, we’ve set up a Welcome Back Event. Current players can share special codes to invite old friends back to the game with some cool bonuses. Here’s a look at the Welcome Back interface (which contains some very cool mini-games):

New Theme and Skins!

We know you loved the Snowfall theme last winter, and so did we! To celebrate Game of Sultans’ first anniversary, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new Theme. This is what your thriving city could look like:

But that’s not the only makeover you could score in this update! We’ve also created a set of Skins for fan-favorites Canfeza, Veli, Seydi and Rosa, with more on the way!

Barbarians Never Surrender!

It looks like the Barbarians Event wasn’t as well-received as we thought it would be – and that’s why we decided to give it a full revamp. Our newest update will give you a chance to show the Barbarian King that you won’t take their rebellion lying down! We will make a separate post to introduce the new Barbarians Event soon.

A New Way to Power Up!

Using Power Fund, you can earn significant rewards after completing different Phases of Quests and raising your overall Power Fund Level. What’s more, you can earn a new one-of-a-kind Title!

So… When Will the Update Drop?

It’s been a wild week for the Game of Sultans team, but everything is going smoothly on our end! We are aiming for an early July release of all the content above, as well as a massive infusion of optimizations. Check the release note preview below to learn more:

  • Introducing brand new Theme/Frame and Skin system (Viziers+Consorts) to celebrate the first Anniversary
  • Introducing brand new Power Fund system
  • Introducing the all-new Heir Dispatch system
  • Added detailed rules for a slew of Ranking Rush events
  • Revamped the Barbarians Event
  • Heaps of Optimizations and Bugfixes

We hope you’re looking forward to the Game of Sultans 1st Anniversary Celebration as we are – see you in-game next week!

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