War of Supremacy is a cross-server union war that takes place once every 3 weeks. To qualify for war of supremacy your union must rank in the top 3 unions from the servers normal union war. Each round of union war grants points based on your ranking from that round: 1st receives 9 points, 2nd receives 8 points, 3rd – 7, and so on with 9th receiving 1 point. Scores are cumulative over three weeks and the top 3 unions with the most points will participate in War of Supremacy. In the case of a tie the union with the most XP will rank higher.


During Registration players will join either Troop 1 (default) or Troop 2 for their union. Eight viziers are assigned to offence and eight viziers to defense, with the strongest eight going to offense automatically. You can rearrange their viziers by tapping on the vizier icon and tapping on the vizier you wish to switch it with. Players can move and adjust their troops and viziers up until 10 minutes before war begins at which point they are locked and no further adjustments are allowed.

You can have all your members register in one troop or have players in both troops. This will depend on your union’s strategy such as how many gates you are competing for. Union leaders or deputies must select what gate the troop is moving towards during registration. 

Things to Note:

  • Diamond and Grain donations from normal war registration that week count towards your bonuses in cross server war.
  • Your HP is based off your defending viziers attack power multiplied by grain and diamond donations.
  • You can buy scrolls for your viziers to use in WOS from the union war shop.
  • You can move viziers around by taping on their image and taping where you want them to go or by selecting a new vizier from the list of unused viziers.

Road to the Gate

At the start of war troops leave their starting point and march towards the gate. Every union starts at the same speed of 2 meters per second. Your HP% determines your speed reduction: unions with higher HP% will walk faster than those with a lower HP%. There is more effect on the walking time if you lower a troops HP% earlier in the fight then later in the fight. Troops at 30% or lower HP are at the minimum walking speed and cannot be slowed further. The minimum amount of time to reach the gate is 3 hours and is only possible if you remain at 100% HP the whole time.

During the Road to the Gate players can attack any other union on the map meaning you can help other troops from your server at other gates. Players can select an opponent on the map by tapping on their marching troop. This will send all of your eight viziers to attack the opponent at one time. Troops that have a shield will deflect one attack resulting in zero damage. Be careful navigating around the map if you have dismissed the attack warning pop-up. It is easy to accidentally attack someone you do not want to when navigating the map.

The first troop to reach the gate seizes it (Garrison) and will have to defend it against the other unions on the map. The other troops heading to the gate will be queued to take over the gate based on their arrival time. Once they have queued at the gate they can only be removed from the ranking by reducing their HP to zero. Troops can only take over a gate once the group garrisoning the gate is defeated.  Only the union garrisoning the gate at the end of the round will move onto the next round. Your troop must have more then 0% HP and be in control of the gate at 22:00 (server time) to move on to the next round.

The troop garrisoning the gate will recover 3% HP instantly upon seizing the gate and will also recover 0.50% HP every 30 minutes they remain garrisoned. Viziers who have been defeated, reached 0% HP, will not regain HP. Garrisoned troops also have a 7% attack buf.


Shields are delivered at two hour intervals starting with one at the very start of the fight and the last one delivered two hours before war closes (at the start of Fortress Siege). Each member of your union can claim one shield during the thirty minute window. Shields not claimed after 30 minutes will be lost. Shields can be saved and used at any point during the war once they have been claimed, but must be used before the end of the round.

Multiple shields stack, deflecting the number of attacks for the total number of shields used. In other words each shield reflects one player’s attack. 10 shields will block 10 total player attacks (from same player or different). Union that are using two troops can deploy shields on either union troop regardless of which one they registered for.


Players can hold up to three attacks at a time. Energy recovers at a rate of 1 energy per hour. Players can purchase up to 5 additional attacks with gold per round. Players can also spend diamonds to purchase individual attacks or to send Reinforcements.

Reinforcements attack up to 6 troops headed towards the gate (or palace), dealing double your damage and are immune to scrolls and shields. This attack ignores your own troop if it is at the same gate. This is best used to slow down troops approaching a gate or palace.

Reinforcement Raids attack one troop ten times dealing normal damage and are immune to scrolls and shields. This attack costs 2000 diamonds and is best used against a troop garrisoning the gate or palace.

Max Damage = 10 x Attack of Vanguard Troop x (1 + Garrison Buff + Encourage Bonus)


All players can also encourage the unions fighting in War of Supremacy on their server even if their union is not participating. Players can hold up to three encouragements. Encourage recovers at a rate of one per hour. Encouragement helps all unions on the server by providing an Attack Bonus. Encouraging also rewards you with a small gift (Gold Coupon, Commander Seal, Silver Earring, Agate Ring, Random Attribute Booklet or Book). If your server wins War of Supremacy you will be entered to win one of six prizes. Encouragement is used both in Road to Gate and Road to Palace.

Things to Note:

  • Your HP determines your movement speed. More HP means faster movement: Learn more about movement speed.
  • The union that gets to the gate first garrisons (defends) the gate.
  • Only 6 troops are allowed to move towards a gate at a time
  • Both of your troops can be sent to the same gate. 
  • Shields are delivered every two hours and each union member can pick one up.
  • If there are no unions left alive at the gate then the gate will remain empty and no one will move on to the Road to the Palace

Road to the Palace

The Unions that control the gates at the end of the Road to the Gates move on to the final war phase. If a Union takes two gates their deployments are split between the gates they held. Unions that took one gate have both their deployments move towards the palace from the gate they held regardless of the status of the second troop at the end of the first round. Unions with only one troop will still have only one troop head to the palace.

Troops walk to the palace at a speed of 2 m/s and it takes a minimum of 3 hours to reach the palace. The troop that makes it to the palace first seizes the palace and begins the garrison. They will need to defend against the other troops on the map until the end of the round to be declared the winner. The other troops heading to the palace will queue to take over the palace based on their arrival time. Once they have been placed in the queue they can only be removed from their position by dropping their health to 0 HP. Once the troop in the palace has been defeated the first troop in queue will take over the palace.  The union that holds the castle at the end of the day will be declared winner of War of Supremacy.

The troop garrisoning the Palace recovers 3% HP upon seizing the palace. They recover an additional 0.50% HP every 30 minutes and gain a 10% attack buff while they have possession of the palace. Viziers who have been defeated, reached 0% HP, will not regain HP.

Things to Note:

  • Shields work in the same way as described above for the Road to the Wall
  • You can maintain control of the palace after being defeated if your second troop is queued first to garrison the palace.


The server that wins the palace will be rewarded with several different rewards. All members of the server will gain a 5% buff to their trade levies that lasts until registration begins for the next War of Supremacy. Members of the winning union gain a 10% buff to their trade levies.

The Union Leader of the winning union can host a cross server feast that lasts 12 hours. Members of the winning union can open separate feasts in the surrounding halls once the Union Leader has started the feast. All participating servers can attend one feast per day for free. Guests receive a random reward. The host sultan will receive a reward after a certain amount of guests attend.

Two special titles are awarded to the union that seizes the palace. Killing Machine is a title granted to the member with the highest damage and Palace Master is granted to the union leader.

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