Viziers are the most important part of Game of Sultans. Choosing the right vizier to improve can make a huge difference in your gameplay. Viziers determine your strength when participating in majority of the game content using Attack Power. They also influence other areas of the game using empire power or total talent. In this post we will look at the strongest Attack Power or Military viziers and which is the best to work with.

Attack Power

Military talent and the vizier level make up the key components to attack power. Attack power is in turn used in Union War, Voyages, War of Supremacy, mini-games such as War of Hunters, Ruins, and general every day content like Hunting Ground and Fortress Siege. While the formula can look a bit intimidating it can be simplified to:

(Level x Military Talent + Military Attributes) x Heir Tutoring Bonuses

Max Vizier Power

The main key components to realize is that there is a limit. Level caps at 600 currently and military talent at 550. Let’s take a look at the numbers and what this means when you reach that max.

Ahmelek and other early game viziers who do not specialize in military talents (Kane, Ishak, Nash, Lala for example) are common favorites of new players to start with. This is typically because they have 1 star military talents and thus a 100% success rate for badges. This makes them cheap and easy to improve resulting in a steady and also quicker feeling growth.

Ahmelek at max level and max talent has 1,958,240,203 attack power not counting any military attribute books you give him. While that sounds strong compare this to Veli, your very first military vizier. He has a 2* military talent and a 4* military talent. This means at max level and max talent he will have 9,900,000,000 attack power. This means Veli will be at least 6x stronger than Ahmelek by the time you finish leveling him. The drawback to this is that Veli takes longer to level up as he has more military talents resulting in more badges being needed to reach max level.

For attack power, the best choice is to use military focused viziers. While short term they will be somewhat harder to level up, down the road they will be much stronger and more useful to you. Military viziers are almost always a minimum of 2x stronger than any other vizier in the game with the exception of exceptional viziers such as Murat and Darmat when they have reached max talent and max level.

Viziers organized by maximum Attack Power

Final top Picks

When starting avoid picking up Veli and Hadim. While they feel nice to level up and less impossible the a six star talent especially in the beginning, they end up mediocre for a military vizier. In fact outside of the low VIP viziers, early access viziers are not worth your time.

Davut and Fazil are your best entry level viziers, both unlocking by day 2 with active gameplay. While they both have companions it is recommended not to make them your main pairing. To learn more about recommended companion pairing read: The Merzif Build. Instead slip them the military badges needed to be competitive enough in the first Union War and let leveling take you the rest of the way. Don’t worry, majority of your server will be in a similar spot due to the lack of badge packs available at the start of the game.

By the end of the second union war you should have enough shards to claim a Magnificent 5 Vizier. Outside of VIP viziers, these will become your core viziers until you unlock the Outstanding 4 and will remain key components of your power throughout your gameplay.

Magnificent 5 are top picks due to their harmony skills. Unlocking all 5 viziers will give you a 100% harmony bonus, similar to the consort military % skill at a much quicker rate. Additionally they can have up to 200% harmony on their individual harmony skill (visible on the right). This gives them an easier to access 300% military attribute boost compared to leveling up 5 consort % skills along with an additional 200% bonus for all other attributes. In comparison a consort would need a 5 star military % skill at level 300 along with research, politics, and prestige at level 400 (no elegance gems needed) to match this bonus.

As you progress in game, unlock the Outstanding 4 viziers and switch your focus over to them especially during talent rush. Outstanding 4 viziers have more talent stars total for military thus have a bigger growth window. Magnificent 5 viziers will continue to be a good source of growth during Empire Power rush with harmony upgrade, attribute books and leveling along with your mid power set of viziers for earlier rounds of war, as tankier arena viziers and as a core part of your overall attack power. Unlike the starter military viziers like Davut and Fazil, you won’t need to set them aside, rather lower their priority.

For those that do wish to spend on the game Hersek, Ibrahim, Sormet, Jonas, Darmat, and Copernicus should be your focus viziers outside of the Outstanding 4. Murat is a much weaker vizier in terms of attack power, but does very well in the arena if you prefer the arena content.

How Many Viziers to Work On

The Magnificent 5 and Outstanding 4 will give you enough military viziers to focus on that you won’t need additional military viziers. But how is that decided? There are some key areas that are going to make a lot of difference in terms of numbers.

First off we have hunting grounds. There is a total of 20 levels with the hardest level White Tiger (20) capping at 1.6 billion HP. Any of your viziers would be able to one shot that once leveled enough, but this will take time. Meanwhile, the deer (wave 8) require 3,379,750 damage with a headshot. A level 250 vizier with a 1 star military talent leveled up 3 times will do just over 3,750,000 damage without the headshot bonus. Leveling from 1 to 250 gives 1200 book xp from upgrading (using clothes). This will give enough book xp to level a 1 star talent 6 times, double what is needed. This means waves 1-8 can be taken out by viziers around level 250 with little to no military development and zero badges spent. In fact that same vizier, when all 1200 book xp is applied to military talent, can clear all the way through wave 11. By reaching level 300 Arguably, you only need 6 to 8 viziers for hunting.

In union war you need 16 viziers, 8 for defense and 8 for offense. Even on newer servers, the first round of war is almost always Valor in which everyone moves on regardless of their end rank. This is further reinforced by the rapid union level growth which opens more spots and the sharp initial drop off in players as they decide if they like the game or not in the first month which shrinks the amount of competing unions as players merge into more active and bigger unions.

This leaves us with 12 viziers needed for the other three rounds. However, due to the badge gain rate most players cannot afford to grow 12 viziers without having significantly weaker viziers then their opponents in the final round who choose to focus on only a few viziers. Arguably, you will need 8 strong viziers, primarily 4 for the final rounds to get a final ranking position, but this can depend on the amount of active players on your server. Talk with your union about your war strategies!

Depending on your union you will need around 6 viziers for voyages. Typically unions only start only a few that they can for sure finish. A level 3 union with 16 active members would need ~25,000,000 power to complete Voyage 1 and ~62,000,000 to complete Voyage 2. Voyage 2’s power can be obtained by leveling Davut or Fazil to level 350 with an additional 15-20 military badges a goal achievable within a month or two of gameplay.

The Ruins depending on your purpose could use as many as 20 semi-strong viziers or as little as 1 or 2. It will depend on if you are going for chests or trying to win Beryl. Typically it would be best to have around 6 mid power viziers with a 2 super strong viziers. This would allow you to use your 6 mid viziers to do the bulk of your chest opening at the 3 drop times with smaller cannon fodder to power through the rest with the remaining two top viziers for farming the final unbound gem hoard at the end of the day if you so choose.

Other unmentioned areas are: 

  •  Arena & Vanquish: this does not use the attack power and as such is not included.
  •  Campaign & Pirates: This is a sum total of all your viziers power so the individual power doesn’t matter very much.

Overall the average is around 8 viziers. Your Magnificent 5 and Outstanding 4 give you 9 total viziers comfortably covering this estimated need. Personally, I recommend starting by working on 4 viziers at most at one time. This gives you a starting point for the majority of the content without leaving you straining to have anyone that truly packs a punch. Two viziers are often a better place for players to start as it is much easier to make visible progress and to have better gains in most content areas. This however is a personal choice. Focusing too many viziers at a time, though will leave you weaker than other players in places like voyage and war where you may need one or two powerhouses.

Knowing when to switch is very much up to your own gameplay goals. Some possible benchmarks are clearing a set wave in hunting ground with a vizier or set amount of total military talent per vizier at a time (100, 200, 300 etc). Keeping your goals centered around talent primarily and damage second is more efficient. You will continue to level all your viziers regardless of your goal progress as you progress due to the rapid gain of gold, slower gain of clothes and even slower gain of badges. This will in turn influence your power, which may result in you passing a goal simply by leveling instead of increasing talent with low enough goals.

Talent and badges

Talent as previously discussed is one of the key components to your power. For many players at the start of the game talent can be one of the biggest obstacles due to the success rates on higher star levels.

The easiest way to view skills is to think of them as dice. Most notably, a six star skill is like your normal six sided dice. Just as when you roll a die, each use of a badge is individual in its use. Each badge’s success rate is individual and is not influenced by any other badges used. Using multiple badges at once may change your impression of how successful you were, but it will not change the end results. Many players have been told or believe in a variety of different theories on how they can improve their badge success rates. While it is understandable how some of these theories originate it is extremely important to acknowledge that none of them are true.

For an in depth look at how badges work please read the Increasing Talent post.

In summary the biggest takeaways are that 5 and 6 star skills are your primary dumping spot for badges. In multiple trails of badge usage on six star talents, the stated success rate was lower then end results, with an average of around a 20-22% success rate compared to the stated 17%.

Here is a small sample of 60 badges used with 30 on a 2 star skill and 30 on a 6 star skill. Both performed higher than the stated success rate. However, a 6 star performing better than the stated success rate had a much larger impact then the 2 star performing better than the stated success rate.

While this is a select sample, it is important to realize that there are times when you may only get 1 or even 0 successful badges out of 10. Keeping a record of how many worked and didn’t work each time you use badges regardless of how many you used can be a good way to build up an accurate portrayal of your success rate over time. Don’t let a few failures frustrate you and stop you from building six star skills. Walk away and use them later. It might not change the result but it can change your mental state.

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  1. Hi is there any relevance to the vizer skills names and how they benefit the vizer, for example do the naval military skills benefit better for events such as pirates?


  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your help. Game of Sultan can be an amazing strategy game and if there i a good gide given you can love it more. Keep going and reach millions successes. From Venezuela


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