One troop or two?
One of the key factors in your War of Supremacy strategy is deciding if your union will use one troop or two. Both of these strategies have benefits and drawbacks.

Before deciding on if you want one troop or two troops you must understand how War of Supremacy works. The first 3 to 4 hours of the war is a march to the gate/palace. During this time players attack other troops to slow them down. Troop speed is determined by how much HP% a troop has left. Having a higher total HP can benefit your union as you can take more damage and lose less HP. To read more about walking speed read more in the War of Supremacy: Walking Speed post.

One Troop

Health: It is easier to stack HP when your union is all in one troop. This will help you maintain a higher walking speed for longer.

Damage: With only one troop all the enemy attacks will be focused on slowing your single troop down as opposed to spread out over two troops. This can result in you being slowed down sooner in the fight.

Shields: All shields will be used on the same troop allowing it to be protected more often.

Gates: Your union will only be able to compete for one gate. While this can help your damage focus on one place it does also mean you only have one chance at a gate, as opposed to two.

Attacking: One troop allows you to put stronger viziers on the offensive as you will have the benefit of more viziers total in the defense compared to two troops.

Two Troops

Health: It is harder to stack HP when using two troops as your members will be split. Two troops require a stronger focus on defensive line or a heavy emphasis on attack.

Shields: Shields are usable on either troop regardless of which one you are assigned to. If you plan to protect both troops then they will each get less total shields.

Gates: Two troops allow you to compete for multiple gates or have a second attempt to capture a gate should your first troop not make it.

Decoy: The second troop can be used as a decoy having lower HP to distract from unions attacking your main troop. This will be less and less effective as players learn more about WoS.

Overall Strategy

Both one and two troops can be used successfully in WOS. One troop allows the union to be more offensively focused – using more attacks during the war to slow down opponents rather than relying on tanking damage as they can stack HP easier with all of their members in one place. Two troops relies more on a heavy defensive line, decoys, or a lot of early damage. Two troops also allows more maneuverability, letting you attempt to take two gates and adjust if one troop is lagging behind to much to make it worth investing in that gate without losing your chance at a gate.

A defensive strategy relies more on boosting HP during the preparation periods and taking the during the war. To capitalize on your HP bonuses, try skipping donating grain, or donate minimal grain in the three weeks leading up to War of Supremacy. Watch the Union War store for Garrison Scroll I and II and Reborn Scrolls. The shield scroll is not advisable as it only works once. Taunt and Weakening scrolls work well when your opponents have a more offensive approach to war.

An offensive strategy relies on dealing a lot of damage early on in war. Your members should all log in within the first half hour of war spending their normal attacks and 5 gold attacks at minimum. All diamond attacks and reinforcements are best sent within the first hour to secure a decent lead on the other unions at your gate.

Alliances are also an important part of your strategy. Coordinating with the other two unions on your server can help you compete for separate gates and reduce the amount of people attacking your union during the walk to the gate. Your strategy may also change depending on your server plans.

3 thoughts on “War of Supremacy: Troops

  1. I wish this had the information I was looking for such as what to do in WOS? How to get to the gate? How to win out of all 4 gates? What do you do?


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