Game of Sultans celebrated their first anniversary by introducing a new role to your heirs, allowing them to be sent out to gather scrolls which in turn are used to provide bonuses to your vizier.

Heir Dispatch

Heirs can be dispatched to visit the countries that your envoys are from. To unlock a location, you must unlock the corresponding envoy in the Campaign. You must have 10, level 250 viziers, to unlock the heir dispatch system. Each dispatch costs a set amount of gold which costs an increasing amount for each heir sent. This cost resets back to the starting value each day with the daily server reset. Each envoy has their own cost, so it is better to send your heirs out to different envoys to gain more scrolls for less gold.

Dispatched heirs leave for one hour and return with talent tomes: normal, rare, or epic. All envoys have a chance to give normal and rare tomes, but the Russian, Wallachian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Polish envoys also have the chance to give epic tomes. Once players unlock the Venetian envoy they can choose to dispatch multiple heirs at a time using the Dispatch All option. Use the slider to select how many heirs you want to send out, but be aware of the cost when you do! Each dispatched heir will bring back one scroll each.

Heir Development

Heirs that are not currently being tutored are available for development. Heir development costs 10 talent tomes of the same type (10 normal, 10 rare, or 10 epic) with higher quality scrolls giving better gains. Normal talent tomes will improve your heir a random amount between 0% and 100%, Rare between 20% and 100% and Epic between 50% and 100% of the max specialty rating.

Each time you use a scroll to develop a heir, you will gain a random specialty and rating (based on stars). Each star is equal to 5 points of the max rating. The specialty may not match their previous specialty. Players can choose to accept or reject the development. To accept, click on the arrow symbol on the right side to swap it with the current development. Otherwise develop again to discard the current attempt. The star rating is not cumulative when you develop your heir additional times. So if your heir currently has 3 stars, and you develop again and get 8 stars your heir will have 8 stars not 11.

Each specialty rating is limited by the level of the heir:

  • Ordinary (10 growth levels): Specialty caps at Level 20
  • Good (20 growth levels): Specialty caps at Level 30
  • Rare (30 growth levels): Specialty caps at Level 40
  • Remarkable (40 growth levels): Specialty caps at Level 50
  • Genius (50 growth levels): Specialty caps at Level 60

Your heirs final title (Junior, Seinor, Grand, Arch, Royal, Master, Supreme) does not affect these results.

Heir Tutoring

To be able to tutor, the vizier must reach level 100. Each vizier unlocks an additional tutoring slot every 100 levels with up to 5 slots maximum. Tutor medals can be used to unlock an additional tutor spot. Currently, the coalition store is the best way to stock up on tutor medals. A heir can only be removed from a tutoring spot by replacing it with a higher specialty rated heir.


Specialties determine which vizier a heir can tutor under. The vizier must specialize in the same category as the heirs affinity (military, research, politics, or prestige). To clarify a heir’s affinity is based on what they rolled using scrolls, not their birth stats. Viziers that have two specialties can tutor heirs of both specialties. Viziers like Piyale and Murat are able to tutor any heir.

Keep in mind specialties themselves do not play a specific role in boosting your stats. You will not gain political stats from having a heir specializing in politics. Specialties work together with affinity ratings to provide a boost to your vizier’s power in Campaign, Fortress Siege, and Hunting Grounds.

Affinity Rating

All heirs under a vizier provide an affinity rating based on the stars they have. Once the total combined rating reaches a certain amount they will unlock a stackable power bonus for the tutoring vizier. This power bonus is effective in all areas of the game including campaigns, fortress siege, union war, ruins, brawl, etc. This power bonus is calculated as:

Total Power = Base Power x (1 + Affinity Rating Power Bonus %) + Fixed Bonus

Base power is your viziers attack power as calculated by the power formula. Fixed Bonus comes from the first 4 affinity rating levels and provides a total of 3,700,000 attributes. Affinity Rating Power Bonus increases by 2% per level.

This bonus is not shown in your attributes as this does not add new attributes to your vizier. The bonuses will however show on your viziers power when viewing the vizier list by power and when looking at the vizier’s power in the tutoring tab.

Is heir tutoring worth it?

Heir tutoring is one of the best ways in game to boost your viziers power outside of boosting military talent and level. It can be tedious, but a simple dispatch of a few heirs to your top envoys every day can make a difference in terms of billions of damage for your vizier.

Yes that is 6.533 Billion increase in power from heir tutoring. Invest your gold!

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.4

18 thoughts on “Heir Dispatch and Tutoring

  1. First of all thanks for getting all the iinformation for us.

    I have two things I am curious about and i wonder if you have looked into them.

    1) is the cost to send them out fixed or can anything affect it?

    2) the viziers differ quite a bit in the heir power needed for bonuses etc. Will you add that to the sheets file?

    Thanks again for your amazing work


    1. The cost is fixed so you wont be getting any cheaper scrolls 🤣 Yes I will be working on getting the vizier information added to the spreadsheet soon!


  2. Another question. It says that clearing more chapters in the campaign gives higher scrolls. Is this something outside of being able to send more envoys


  3. Do the heirs specialty stars increase as they are tutored?
    Can an heir marry when in a tutoring slot?
    I don’t understand the “specialty caps at level X.” (I understand the 10, 20, etc but not how it affects anything. I could fill the stars on a level 10 cap and fill the stars on a level 50 cap. What difference does it make in the game? I’m sure it’s obvious but I just don’t see it.)


    1. Heir stars can only be increased by giving them scrolls. The tutoring just applies their points to the vizier to unlock the bonuses. A level 10 heir has a maximum of 20 stars whereas a level 50 heir has a maximum of 60 stars. The more stars they have the more points they give, which unlocks better bonuses. Each vizier needs a set amount of stars from heirs to unlock a skill. Since they have a limited amount of spots for heirs you want to fill the spots with the most amount of stars possible. Let me know if this answers your questions or if you still need more help.


  4. Thanks for a thorough explanation on this confusing GOS feature.

    I see the power bonus impact of tutoring on a vizier, but I have not seen attributes increase as described by your last paragraph. When I compare the vizier’s attributes panel before and after heirs are assigned for tutoring, I don’t see any increase. Can you confirm and explain where we would see the attributes increase?


    1. Hi Teddy, Sorry for the slow reply. Heirs will not directly affect a viziers attributes. Because they only increase military power for specific areas of the game (Campaign, Hunting, and Fortress) they don’t increase the attributes you see on your details page for your vizier. I have gone back and edited that section (since it was wrong) for accuracy and readability. The changes are all under the Heir Tutoring section if you want to re-read. Sorry for that confusion!


  5. Thank you for your blog.
    This has been an accurate blog on every aspect so far.
    I have been looking for a proper guide for our unionmates and this blog has it all. I found other guides but they were inaccurate or plianly wrong!
    Seems like you have also read the game intructions completely, instead of just assuming things.
    Thank you again for the best GoS blog ever.


  6. So, will tutoring an heir also help increase power (or whatever heirs help out with) for the person who married said heir?


    1. No, tutoring only increases the attack power of the vizier your heir is tutoring with. Heirs you marry are not able to be used for tutoring, only the heirs you gave ‘birth’ to can be used.


    1. Hi, heir tutoring does not effect the academy. To get more xp in the Academy you need to purchase the vizier skins for a small boost. The more times you get the skin the larger the boost will be.


  7. Hey, how does heir marriage work? If you marry an heir off to another heir with more attributes, does your heir inherit the attributes of the other heir too? Thank you!!


    1. Your heirs do not get the stats from their spouse. However, it does apply to your empire power so you will see growth during empire power rush and in your levies mostly.


  8. Quick question, are you able to reassign heirs? If not, I’ve just come to complain about not being able to, ha!


    1. Sort of, you can replace a heir with another one of greater star rating which would let you assign the original heir to someone else, but you can’t just kick a heir out of a spot and have it empty.


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