The Power Fund event was previewed in the 2.0 Anniversary Update and is currently undergoing a soft launch on the new EU servers. This event lasts 15 days and it is unknown if it will return or how frequently it will occur at this time.

To participate in the Power Fund event you need 2000 diamonds to unlock it. While that is a lot of diamonds up front you will recover 1900 diamonds by completing the all the quests along with getting bonus items in return. Players who spend $19.99 USD on the event will unlock a bonus set of rewards more than doubling their diamond return and unlocking other great prizes. Purchases of packs, diamonds, or monthly/yearly cards do not count for unlocking the second tier rewards.

There are 5 tiers of quests with 3 days worth of quests under each tier. Day one consisted of masquerading, raising heirs, sending viziers to the academy, growing your empire power, and participating in the arena. Activity points are earned from completing quests to unlock the next tier of rewards. Completing a task also provides an additional reward randomly selected from 6 items based on the background color of the card. Gray cards are the easiest to complete with the lowest tiered rewards, followed by blue, then orange. This means you can get up to 90 additional items from the tasks.

Initial Impressions

The 2000 diamonds up front is a lot. This is also the first event Game of Sultans has ever released that you can’t participate at all unless you spend diamonds which is a bit surprising and it can be a bit of a disappointment to see. This is either a participate or don’t participate event with no middle ground of free energy/chances.

Looking at it overall though, it definitely isn’t a horrible setup. Players have the opportunity to gain back 1900 diamonds so in essence it turns into more of a return investment situation. Invest 2000 diamonds at the start and earn back all but 100 of them in return for a good chunk of items. It is set up for 15 days of content with some of the initial rewards on levels 1-3 being pretty hefty in value, including an Almighty Tome, Intimacy Pack and Charm Pack, and 3 badge packs. The 3 badge packs alone are a 1200 diamond value (when purchased in the diamond store). The gold ring in level 11 is another 350 diamond value. There are however some less valuable items like Levy Seals, Imperial Affair Seals, and Attribute Volumes. It is also the only way currently to get skin coupons for the new consort and vizier remodels!

As far as the $20 upgrade goes, it was a bit disappointing to see that it has to be $20 specifically spent on this event and not say by purchasing a pack instead. You do gain 2100 diamonds, an Almighty Badge, 15 badge packs, 12 New Vizier Suits, 10 Agate Rings, Emerald Rings, Silver Earrings, and Gold Earrings (10 of each) and various other items that definitely tip the value of the total rewards to more the $20.

The only catch, you probably have to finish every quest to be guaranteed all the rewards. While Day 1 looked fairly reasonable to complete for an active player, I haven’t seen any of the other quests yet.

Overall, I would say it is worth participating in the event if you have 2000 diamonds available. The diamond commitment is the biggest hurdle and if you can complete everything the rewards for only 100 diamonds definitely isn’t that bad. Hopefully this is released with Union Rush when Pirates or Ruins aren’t going on to steal away your spare diamonds!

Keep in mind that changes may occur when it is released to everyone as the developers monitor the servers testing the event out and make small changes as necessary. Changes would most likely be to the quests and/or rewards – not the costs. All images and testing was done on European Server 880.

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