Sultans, We have exciting news – the Barbarians have returned! The Barbarian Kings are gathering their forces at the gates of the Imperial Palace, and every Sultan in the Empire is needed to help. You’ll be in for the fight of your life when Game of Sultans 2.0 comes roaring to life!

Targeting Troops

Your Palace is under siege! Eliminate the Kings and their troops will scatter before you. You may consume Physical Strength to attack individual Barbarian Troops. Be prepared for a serious fight, as they might be stronger than you expect!

Confronting the King

Tap the Barbarian King to launch an attack and receive points, tokens, and rewards. Each attack costs 4 Physical Strength.

3 hidden Attack Modes can be triggered during King Battles: Rage, Rampage, and Vulnerability.

Rage: Requires a short casting time. Long press to deal more damage.

Rampage: Swipe to throw a powerful hook and increase your damage multiplier.

Vulnerability: Tap Flaws that appear on the Barbarian King to deal extra damage and earn more tokens and rewards. (You can tap with more than one finger simultaneously if necessary.)

When multiple Sultans trigger the same Attack Mode, powerful Joint Attacks will be unleashed.

None of the 3 Modes mentioned above cost any Physical Strength to use, so definitely take advantage of them when you can!


Event Tokens earned by attacking Barbarian Kings can be redeemed for items from the Token Store. Tokens will remain after the Event ends. Slay more Barbarian Kings to unlock more items!

The player who strikes the Deathblow on the Barbarian King will receive additional rewards.

Rewards will be delivered based upon the score rankings at the end of the Event.

On top of that, a special perk will be given to the top 3 players – the Vanquisher Avatar Frame. Your glorious achievements against the Barbarians will be clear for everyone to see!

Help turn back the tide of Barbarian Troops and defend your Empire! We can’t wait to show you what Game of Sultans 2.0 has to offer, so stay tuned for more!

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