Arena is unlocked after your first vizier reaches level 60. Each player gets 4 attempts each day where one of your viziers is selected at random to fight. You must wait 1 hour between random fights before fighting again. PvP Seals can be used to increase the number of additional random fights you can complete each day.

Arena Navigation

There are four main sections to the Arena area: Fight Logs, Ranking, Recent Challenges, and Fight.

The Fight Log is accessed by clicking on Davut. This will show your defenses against other players. It will show when the attack occurred, who attacked, how many viziers they defeated and your score change. If a player defeats five or more of your viziers, you can choose to revenge them. This also includes the Revenge and Raid tab which is explained below.

Ranking Board, accessed by clicking on the shield, shows your server’s rankings for arena scores. Players scores go up as they defeat viziers or down if fail to win fights with 1 or 0 defeated viziers or if they are attacked by another player. Ranking in arena has no major impact on the game.

Recent Fights is found at the bottom of the arena screen as a scrolling message. This displays fights that occurred that day and allows you to challenge those players using a Challenge Letter. You can continuously attack the same player using the Recent Fight board with the only limitation being your viziers and the number of challenge letters you own.

Fight takes you to your random matchup. You have 4 random matchups each day with additional ones available by PvP seal once the initial 4 are finished. The total number of times you can use a PvP seal each day is determined by how many viziers over level 60 you have. Every 5 viziers level 60 or higher equals 1 fight with a PvP seal. For example if you have 25 vizier over level 60 you will be able to fight 5 times a day with a PvP seal.

Arena Terms

Here are some general terms used when discussing arena:

  • Damage: Your viziers total talent determines their attack power. The vizier’s level has no effect on the damage dealt.
    • Base Damage: This is the damage your vizier does without any temporary buffs or critical hits.
    • Critical Hits: This is the skill with the fancy Damage screen if you actually watch the fight scenes. These are normal attacks that deal additional damage based on the strike damage multiplier.
  • Health: your viziers total attributes determines their health.
  • PvP Skill: This is what you increase with Skill Books (the purple ones) or by sending your viziers to the Academy. It has two different parts.
    • Strike Rate: increases the chance of a critical hit. 
    • Strike Damage: increases the damage dealt by a critical hit.
  • Attack Bonus: A temporary boost to base damage obtained by red shards or diamonds during a fight. It is removed when the fight is over.
  • Skill Bonus: A temporary boost to critical hit damage obtained by red shards or diamonds during a fight. It is removed when the fight is over.
  • Red Shards: Earned by defeating opponent viziers (+1 per defeated vizier) and used to gain temporary buffs for the duration of a fight.


Each player has four random matchups per day. There is an hour wait period between each random fight. When you click on fight you will automatically be assigned a random opponent, typically somewhat around your own level. For example a Royal Sultan with around 1.5b power will typically not see a Grand Sultan with 300m power. Players that have been offline for over 15 days typically also disappear from the random matchups.

In a random matchup you will be assigned a random vizier to fight. If your vizier is over level 60, they are eligible to fight in arena. You can avoid having a vizier be selected for random matchups by keeping them at level 59 or below, however that does make them more of a weakness in defenses.

At the start of all fights you are able to pick a buff. The first 3 buffs available will always be 50% attack for 3 red shards, 100% attack for 50 diamonds, and 150% attack for 100 diamonds. After you defeat an opponents vizier, you will have the chance to claim a new buff for shards or diamonds. These are randomly avalible based on a set range for each type. During a fight you will have a 1 shard, 2 shard, and diamond option available. It is important to keep an eye on what buffs are available as there is overlap. For example you could get +10% attack bonus for both primary and secondary buffs (1 and 2 shards).

After claiming or declining a buff, you must select one of the three available viziers to fight. The only information available to a player is their level group based on their color of background. This can help you decide how strong a vizier may be compared to the other two possible options. It is important to look carefully as a level 400 green background can look similar to the level 100 background when covered by a vizier!

Each defeated vizier will give you +2 Book xp. After you defeat 3 viziers in a fight you will be able to claim a chest containing bonus items. The red book icon gives Book XP and the red circle icon gives PvP XP (both a random variable of 4, 8, or 12 xp). You also have a small chance to gain a PvP Seal as well.

When attacking in the arena, each lost fight decreases your Arena Score by one point. Each vizier you successfully defeat gains you 2 points. This is more important during Arena rush then during other rushes.

For players VIP 5 and above you have the option to complete a fight automatically using the Challenge All button. You will be prompted to choose which buff you want to purchase after each vizier challenge. Keep in mind if you select the superb bonus for 20 diamonds you will lose 20 diamonds per defeated vizier! This could end up costing you several hundred diamonds. Your vizier will proceed to fight, challenging the vizier with the lowest level bracket first (Ie: challenging a master vizier before a grand vizier) until all viziers are defeated or your vizier is defeated. At the end of a fight you will receive a pop up message showing how well your vizier did.

Auto arena is disabled for one hour before the end of Arena rush to prevent VIP 5+ players from spamming hundreds of fights in a few minutes.

Arena Damage

During a fight, the damage your vizier does in arena is calculated as:

Base Damage = (Total Talent × 100) + (20 – Total Talent) ×10

When attacking an opponent your vizier will randomly deal damage from a list of 21 values depending on the Base Damage. These values are calculated as -10% to +10% of the base damage. For example if your vizier has a base damage of 1000. He will do a minimum of 900 damage and a maximum of 1100 damage. His possible damage list is 900, 910, 920, 930, 940, 950, 960, 970, 980, 990, Base Damage (1000), 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1090, 1100.

Your vizier may also land a Critical Hit. Critical hits are the % bonus you get from the strike damage applied to a number from the damage list. For example your PvP Skill is level 201. This gives a 400% strike rate damage. Your vizier does a normal attack for 930 damage (one of the values above). If that hit was a critical hit the vizier would instead do 2790 damage or 930 x 300% (900 x 3) = 2790 damage.

Below is a list of base damages your vizier will hit at based on their talent and pvp skill. All numbers under PvP Skill Level are critical hits with the left Base Damage column, their normal, non-critical hits. As shown, a vizier with 10 talent with level 500 pvp can hit the same amount as a level 100 vizier with 0 pvp. Both talent amount and PvP skill level play critical roles in your damage.

Fight Log

The fight log show you which players have attacked you and also how they attacked you:

  • Message: __ became enraged and defeated # of my Viziers.
    • How: Random Matchup, Daily 4 free fights
    • Items Needed: PvP Seal (optional)​
  • Message: ___ launched a revenge and defeated # of my Viziers.
    • How: Attack from Revenge List
    • Items Needed: Challenge Letter​
  • Message: ___ launched a challenge and defeated # of my Viziers.
    • How: Attack from Recent Fight lists
    • Items Needed: Challenge Letter​
  • Message: ___ launched a raid and defeated # of my Viziers.
    • How: Attack using Player ID
    • Items Needed: Raid Edict

Revenges, Challenges and Raids

Revenges and Challenges are made using Challenge letters. Challenge letters can be bought in the Frontier store, earned in packs, or from some events like Gun Salute.

To access your Revenge list, open the fight log and choose the middle tab, Revenge List. This gives you a limited view of your defense log, showing only the players who defeated more than 5 of your viziers and are available for revenge. This window includes their arena score, level, empire power, and when they attacked you. You can also click on their player icon to look at their profile to gain more information like what union they are from.

When you tap revenge you will be prompted to select one of your viziers. Viziers used in a random fight are still available to use. However, you can only use a vizier once per day for a revenge, challenge or raid. For example if you use Kilic to raid a player you will no longer be able to use him for revenges or challenges.

It is important to note that there are some limitations to revenge attacks. If a player appears multiple times on your defense log, you can only revenge them once. For example if Player A attacked you twice in a row, you will only be able to revenge them once. However if Player A attacks you once, you revenge, then they attack you again, you will be able to revenge them again. You are also not able to revenge a revenge attack. All revenge attack opportunities expire in 7 days.

One interesting trick is, if you do not want to fight the person you were matched up with in random matchup you can instead use a challenge letter to challenge or revenge a player. This is only available on the start screen of a fight where you see the opponent player and your chosen vizier. Once you hit the red fight button, you will not be able to change the vizier. When the challenge or revenge fight is complete, your random matchup will appear again with a new opponent and vizier.

Alternatively, you can use your Challenge letters to issue a challenge fight to another player. Players will appear in the recent fight log if they defeat 20 or more of their opponents viziers. You can continually challenge the same opponent this way by using multiple challenge letters. Each vizier is still limited to one challenge letter use per day.

Raids are direct attacks against a player using their player ID. To access the Raid option, go to Fight Logs and move to the last tab, Raid. A Challenge Edict is needed to start a raid and are typically limited to purchase packs. Raids will give 2x point loss to the opponent making them great for pushing opponents down in Arena rush. However, because of their 2x point loss they are seen very negatively within the community and may cause backlash from other players. It is recommended to check with your union to see if you have any rules about using Challenge Edicts for your server.

Arena Rush

In Arena Rush your score depends not only on how well you fight, but how well your viziers do when defending against other players attack. If you lose a fight your score will go down by one point. In the Personal Arena Rush ranking board your score cannot go below zero. In the Union Arena Rush your score can be negative.

You gain 2 points if a player defeats 0 of your viziers and 1 point if they defeat 1 of your viziers. If they defeat 3 or more of your viziers you lose: Amount of Defeated Viziers – 2 points. So if the player defeats 3 of your viziers you lose one point, if they defeat 10 of your viziers you lose 8 points. Raid attacks using a challenge edict cause a 2x score loss.

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.5

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