Diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game. Whether you are buying extras or just skating by on what the game gives you for free budgeting your diamonds helps you get the most out of them.

Extra Slots

Both heirs and the Imperial Academy offer additional spots that are unlocked using diamonds. For the Imperial Academy this is a long term investment that will continually provide you with +10 Book XP (100% success to level talent) every time you finish learning. It also helps raise your PvP Skill for Arena by giving +100 Skill XP each time you finish learning. Because Book XP Packs and Skill XP Packs only show up in a few select places in game that don’t require money seats at the Academy are valuable and worth investing in.

Heirs, as discussed below, are still not an extremely important part of your game. Their role in the tutoring system has elevated their status, but not so much that extra seats for your heirs (to grow) are worth spending too much on. However, as we all quickly learn auto buttons are amazing. Almost that alone is worth getting 5 spots unlocked. Should you get more than 5 slots unlocked? I don’t recommend it. By the time you are ready to start sending heirs out regularly for scrolls you will have a decent starter collection. Keep in mind that by sending out 10 heirs to an envoy you have doubled the cost of sending out heirs for that day for that envoy. 14 heirs and you have quadrupled the cost (cost increased by 4x starting amount). 20 heirs, over 10x the original cost. So unless you need those scrolls now you probably only need 80 total heirs to keep getting scrolls at a decent price.


Looking further at heirs; if you have been convinced that your heirs should all be happily married, I am here to disappoint. There is in fact very little benefit to having married your heirs off. Heirs only increase your empire power rating. However, that number is very rarely used with its most notable uses: Empire Power rush and Levies. Heirs can’t improve your damage in war, siege, pirates, hunting, or even arena.

The same amount of power you added from marrying off an heir can easily be achieved through skill books and consort skills for the same or lower costs (in terms of diamonds). There are some exceptions to the marriage lie, primarily high level Supreme heirs, but be careful to balance the benefits of marrying an heir with some of these other uses for diamonds.

What about the new tutoring system? Sorry, your heir’s husband or wife can only work for their parents. They do not show up to be dispatched to get you scrolls and they can’t be assigned to a tutor.

Union Contribution

Unions are an integral part of the game and lets face it unions expect a certain amount from you. Not all unions are going to be okay with 10 diamonds a day. Are the 200 diamond donations worth it though? The best thing you can buy with your union contribution is Book XP Packs and Vizier Clothes. Provided you have enough contribution coins, you could level a 5* military talent one level every week from your union contribution alone with Book XP Packs. (You must be in a level 5 union or higher due to purchase limits for this to work).

Your contribution also helps open union voyages which also provide vizier clothes and additional items. Your diamonds are definitely not wasted going to your union. However, I don’t recommend you donate 200 every day unless you have a steady supply of diamonds such as the monthly card or are a frequent pack purchaser.


Attending and hosting feasts provides you with feast tokens. While the feast store doesn’t offer super spectacular items it is one of the few ways to get painting room keys. Painting room keys can be a great purchase. Percent bonus skills for the viziers you are working on are one of the biggest boosts to attributes. They work the same way harmony boosts do, but at this time can be leveled further then harmony can – maxing at 500% vs 200% for the Magnificent 5. The downside is they take much longer to grow so gaining pearls is important.

For the volume and tomes it is best to stick with military books to provide the best growth to not only attack power but typically empire growth as well. They are a smaller gain to your power so while they are helpful, it is not worth attending hundreds of feasts to purchase them.

Time Limited Packs

These may or may not be beneficial to you. Before purchasing make sure to compare the items in the various packs to make sure you are getting the best deals for the items you want. Keep an eye out for badge packs, consort rings and earrings. These items can help you grow power and place better in ranking rushes.

An example of a quality pack is the Grand Tome pack avalible during Arena rush. Badge Packs are priced at 400 diamonds a piece already giving you more from this pack than you get normally. The barbarian food offers attempts at getting consort rings and earrings along with vizier clothes and badge shards. The gold may be less valuable based on where you are in the game, but this can translate to either vizier levels or heir tutor scrolls.

Item store

For those on a budget the item store should be relatively avoided. Most of the items can be bought in bulk or with other items through time limited packs giving you a better value for the items. These items are mostly there to be purchased when you need something now and their prices can reflect that.


Pirate Hunting: When this event is available it is a great way to get a lot of very valuable items including vizier clothes, badges, Outstanding 4 shards, diamonds and more. The 500 diamonds it costs to buy an extra 5 fruits each day will not only result in additional items, but also boost your ranking and help you complete personal achievement rewards. A player will typically earn enough items to balance out the cost.

The Ruins: While trying to capture Beryl might not be for everyone, the chests are actually quite a good investment. You can end up with a large chunk of loot by focusing on finding as many chests as possible and fighting the guardian of the ruins. When spending the extra energy you bought with diamonds it is best to focus your time on The Ruins or The Relic – the blue and gold tiles. These locations contain the higher quality chests that give things like vizier clothes, badge packs, and higher tier gold and soldier seals. Finding the Lord of the Ruins can also get you some diamonds as well.

Horserider: While not always available, this event provides tons of earrings, rings, and vizier clothes, hats, and rings which are extremely helpful to any sultan. Combined with the combine event this can be a way to get your hands on more valuable items such as Intimacy and Charm Packs/Chests. The amount of items you get per diamonds spent tends to be slightly lower with horserider, but the quality of items are decent enough to warrant spending your diamonds on this event.

Romance of Sultans: This event occurs once a month from the 13th to the 15th. While Amber is seen as one of the biggest rewards she is probably the lowest quality reward in terms of cost. Because she is attached to the Vizier Nash she is typically not a worthwhile investment for the cost in diamonds she may take to earn. However, the event itself is very much worth investing in giving out tons of vizier clothes, consort rings and earrings, badge packs, along with intimacy and charm packs. The amount of items you get per diamond spent is around mid-ranged for these events, but can be very beneficial, especially if you are trying to win an Intimacy Rush.

Barbarian: The new re-vamped version of barbarian offers a large amount of new vizier clothes, badge shards, agate rings and a chance at Magnificent 5 badge shards. Better yet the tokens you get for attacking the barbarian can net you some Almighty Badges. 20 energy for 100 diamonds isn’t going to result in the largest amount of items per diamond cost so unless you are going to net the final hit on that barbarian it may not be the best spot to drop diamonds. However, Barbarian does also offer one of the highest rates of vizier clothes drops out of all the events so if you are in need of clothes this can be one of the best areas to drop diamonds in.

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