Dear Sultans,
A little over a year ago, we launched the very first version of Game of Sultans, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing the community grow and expand alongside it. Now, it’s time to welcome another major update –– the next step in making the best game we can. Pull up a chair and read on to find out what’s coming to you in the near future!

But first, to learn more about how we roll out new updates, please read this Note.

New Home for Viziers!

The Vizierpedia is a big part of the new Game of Sultans. Have you ever had trouble remembering all your Viziers –you find yourself giving them nicknames like “the levy guy” because there are so many of them? Fear not, as you can now access all Vizier details through the Viziers screen, which will open the Vizierpedia and give you a fresh look at your trusted advisors in a clear and organized way.

Even better, you’ll earn rewards after collecting special Vizier sets. Hooray!

All New Way to be Casual!

Our dev team has been busy crafting an all-new minigame, Dagger Slider, where you can slide daggers together on a grid to combine them into higher-level ones. The goal is to create the most powerful dagger you can to increase your Viziers’ Talent Skill Levels. We should probably warn you that this game can be pretty addictive, as our team members can testify –even our cat can’t stop playing! We’re pretty excited about it, and we think you’ll like it too. Check out the video below, but also read more about it here.

Sultan-inspired Emojis

Finally! Heads up, emoji lovers, this one is for you – a brand new set of Emojis we hope you’ll like, courtesy of the hard-working folks in the Art department! Speaking of which… where’s my “thumbs up” emoji? I really need that for situations like this.

Winter is Coming…Back!

We heard you! As many of you have requested, the Snowfall and Harvest theme will be free to claim in the refactored 7-Day system. New players will need to log in for 7 days to get your hands on this stunning winter theme. Existing players will get it as soon as the new version rolls out!

A Good Time to Expand Your Harem!

Please welcome 2 new Consorts, Demure and Heather, with roses in one hand and a mask in the other. All players will get a chance to earn them –Demure can be unlocked through Romance of Sultans, and Heather can be found in Masquerade. They have something in common – it might be a challenge to win their hearts, but it’s always worthwhile.

Supremacy is Yours!

We’re pleased to announce that War of Supremacy will now offer better rewards – like, a lot better – in Version 2.1. Something we’ve learned over the years is that you can never go wrong with giving away more rewards! Gather your fellow Sultans and we’ll see you on the Roads to the Palace.

Patch Notes

There’s a lot going on in this patch! Check the following list to see what’s coming:

  1. All-new Vizierpedia system.
  2. New Vizier Talent, Ranking Rush.
  3. Brand new event: Dagger Slider.
  4. new Consorts: Demure and Heather.
  5. New Chat emojis.
  6. New and existing players can activate the stunning Snowfall and Harvest theme [IM1] for free in the refactored 7-Day system.
  7. Significantly enhanced War of Supremacy rewards.
  8. Lots of little optimizations

We’re looking forward to sharing Game of Sultans Version 2.1 with you next week! Stay tuned for a series of new Facebook events in the meantime!

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