Dear Sultans,
For the upcoming v2.1.0 patch, we have prepared a brand-new minigame Event for you – Dagger Slider! You’ll move exotic blades across a grid and combine them into higher-level daggers, which can in turn be given to Viziers to improve their Talent Skill Levels. Here are some screenshots to help you understand the finer points (and sharp edges) of dagger sliding. But first…we’d like to show you a glimpse of how addictive it could be!

1. Choose A Game Mode

There are two modes available: Elite Mode and Casual Mode.

Elite Mode is more difficult to play, but consumes less Stamina per move and offers better rewards. Casual Mode is easier to play, but consumes Stamina more quickly.You can choose freely between each mode depending on your remaining Stamina and playing time.

2. Choose a Vizier

After choosing a game mode, you must select a Vizier whose talents you want to improve, and then the Talent Skill you want to boost. You can switch Viziers and Skills during the course of the Event.

3. Combine Daggers!

After you choose the Vizier, the game begins. Your goal is to create the highest-Level Daggers you can by sliding Daggers of the same Level into each other. Successful combinations grant Dagger XP and Score. Each slide consumes Stamina and puts a new Dagger on the board.

Please note that in the Elite Mode, each successful combination has a chance to generate a Rare Dagger. Combine Rare Daggers to earn additional Score and Dagger XP. (Rare Daggers never appear in Casual Mode.)

Dagger XP can be used to upgrade Viziers’ Talent Skill levels, and you can switch between Viziers and allocate the XP you have to the ones you want.

Vizier Gratitude is unlocked after your Dagger Score reaches certain milestones. Vizier Gifts can be purchased and offer additional rewards at each milestone.

Each round, you have 1 free attempt to rearrange the Daggers on the grid from lowest Levels to highest. You can use Rest Tokens to gain additional attempts after using your free attempt. The round ends when no Daggers can be moved.

Just as with other Events, your cumulative Score growth will be used to determine your Event Rank and reward tier after the Event ends.

Last but not least, your highest Score in a single round will recorded in the game even after the Event ends – so try your best and set a record to remember! Good luck!

First wave of Daggers will be available for everyone in-game early September, stay tuned for a full in depth look at the event when it is released!

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