Combine Daggers to boost your Viziers’ talent skill level. Dagger Legend is a regular mini-event that appeared first with Talent Rush. The goal of the game is to combine 2 daggers of the same type to upgrade it to a higher level dagger.

How to play

Dagger Slider is played on a 4×4 grid. Every turn a new dagger will appear randomly in an empty spot. If you are playing casual mode the dagger will always be level 2. If you are playing elite mode the dagger may be level 0, 1 or 2. The goal is to slide two daggers of the same type to combine them into a higher quality dagger. Daggers range in quality from 0 to 10.

Players can swipe left, right, up or down to move daggers. Each motion moves all daggers on the grid in the direction the player swiped until they are stopped by either another dagger or the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same type are pushed together by the move they will combine into a single dagger of the next level. If three daggers of the same type slide together only the two daggers along the direction of motion will combine. If all four tiles have the same type of dagger the move will combine them into 2 daggers of the next level.

Players can continue to play after creating a level 10 dagger to increase their score, however the level 10 dagger will remain on the board even though it cannot be improved further. The game ends when there are no more moves left. Players can choose to shuffle the board, which arranges the daggers from smallest to largest, with the largest ending in the bottom right corner for free once per game. Additional shuffle attempts can be bought in the item store for 500 diamonds.

Each move requires energy which replenishes at a rate of 1 energy every 5 minutes. You can hold up to 250 energy. Players can also purchase 10 Black Teas for 20 diamonds each (200 diamonds per day) each day of the event. Time-limited Rewards such as Spend Diamonds, Go Masquerading, Increase Intimacy, Use Badges, and Increase Empire Power included extra energy items when the event is paired with Talent Rush (Note: the event has only appeared with Talent rush since it’s release). The Daggers Chest is available in the purchase store for $4.99 USD (or 499 VIP equivalent) that includes 250 diamonds, 1 Reset (shuffle) Token, and 1 Black Tea. Shuffles are also available in the diamond Time-limited store for 500 diamonds for 1 Reset Token at a limit of 3 per rush.


There are two modes for Dagger Slider: Casual Mode and Elite Mode. Casual mode consumes 4 stamina per move and spawns only level 2 daggers. There are no rare daggers (extra points) available in this mode. Elite mode consumes only 1 stamina per move, but spawns daggers from a range of level 0 to 2 (level 1 daggers begin appearing after 3,000 points and level 2 after 6,000 points in a single game). Elite mode also has the chance to spawn rare daggers.

Rare daggers are only available as level 0, 1, or 2 daggers and cannot be made. They appear at random when completing a move and offer additional xp and score when combined with another dagger.

Casual mode is more user friendly with the level 2 only spawn, making combining daggers easier, however daggers have the same point value as Elite mode making your score gain way lower. In a comparison of 450 energy on Casual vs Elite mode 4160 points were gained in Casual mode vs 10,624 in Elite. Additionally, a level 9 dagger was reached within less then 450 moves, whereas Casual mode fell slightly short of that. Overall, it is best to do Elite mode even if you aren’t the best at Daggers.

Both Elite mode and Casual mode use a 4×4 board, however these two boards are independent of each other. In other words a player can play both a normal game and a rare game at the same time. The Dagger Hero Halls also rank Casual and Elite modes separately allowing players to potentially appear in both ranking boards.


In the Union CoC (Chamber of Commerce) you can exchange Stamina for Daggers that have been created by union members. Purchased daggers can be placed on your board in any open spot and function like a normal dagger would. However, placing the purchased dagger on your board does not offer you any points or XP making them a very inefficient purchase. To learn more about the cost analysis on buying daggers read The Numbers Behind Buying Daggers post.

Every level 7 and 8 dagger you combine on your board will automatically be “donated” to the Union CoC. IE: one dagger appears under your name for ever level 7 or 8 dagger that you make, this does not remove them from your board. If your dagger is purchased by a union member you earn Dagger Tokens which can be used to purchase items from the store.


Dagger Slide is based on a very similar number game: 2048. This can be an excellent way to practice the game as the game is free to download on iOS, Android, and can be even played on your computer. To learn more about Dagger strategies follow the link: Dagger Slider Strategies.

Vizier Talent

Before beginning a game you will need to select a vizier as the board will remain empty until you do so. You can choose any vizier and any talent to level using the game. Viziers that are at max level for a particular talent will not be able to use that talent for a game. You can change which vizier or talent you want to level at any point in a game. Talent is automatically increased once the bar is filled one time.

  • 1 Star talents need 2000 points to level up one time
  • 2 Star talents need 4000 points to level up one time
  • 3 Star talents need 6000 points to level up one time
  • 4 Star talents need 8000 points to level up one time
  • 5 Star talents need 10,000 points to level up one time
  • 6 Star talents need 12,000 points to level up one time

Please note that these points are not the same as Book XP. Talent points do not carry over to the next round of Dagger Slider so it is best to watch how much XP you need vs how much energy you have especially towards the end of the event.


When you combine daggers you will earn Score and XP based on the type of daggers combined. While XP is added to your talent bar to upgrade the selected Vizier’s talent, score is how your rank is determined.

Your Best score is displayed at the top of the screen under the vizier talent you chose to work on. Best Score is the best score you have gained in one single game without restarting the board (resets do not count against you). This is used to determine your Heroes Hall ranking.

Ranking score is based on the total amount of points you earned over all your games, both casual and elite. This means that even if you get stuck in a game you do not need to continually shuffle the board but can start over and continue boosting your ranking. Ranking score is used for the Cross-Server and Local-Server reward boards.

Dagger Heroes

During each appearance of Dagger Legends, players can compete to rank in the Dagger Heroes hall. The Heroes listing shows the top 10 players with the highest scores in a single game during the event. Players must reach a score of at least 30,000 before they are eligible to appear in the Heroes hall. If you appear in the Heroes board during the rush at any point, you can claim a small prize box including 3 Orb boxes, 2 Badge packs, and 2 of each type of badge. Players that stay in the top 10 to the end of the event are eligible for additional prizes including Teliah Badge shards, Almighty Badges and normal badges. Elite Mode and Casual mode have separate ranking halls, but with identical rewards.


Vizier Gifts are unlocked as you gain more points in Dagger Slider, with the final level unlocking after you gain 16,000 points. The full set of rewards is 18 Book XP Packs, 18 Skill XP Packs, 11 Attribute Tomes and 11 Attribute Volumes. Please note that these will NOT be sent to your mailbox if you fail to collect them!

Additionally Vizier Gifts can be unlocked for making a $9.99 upgrade similar to power fund. (Purchasing a different $9.99 pack will not count towards the upgrade). This upgrade gives 480 Diamonds, 9 Book XP Chests, 1 Book XP Booster, 6 Energy Orbs, a Master Vizier Clothes Set, 9 New Vizier Clothes Set, 5 Outstanding 4 Badge Shards, 5 Teliah Badges Shards, 9 Intimacy Bags, an Orb Box, 9 Badge Packs, 9 Attribute Volumes, and an Almighty Badge.

Players also unlock achievements for combining certain types of daggers and reaching set point amounts for prizes that including Almighty Badges for reaching a score of 30,000 or higher in a single game. The server together can unlock additional achievement rewards for how many daggers they collectively make of set levels and also for reaching total score points for the server.

The Ranking Rewards Board has two sections: Cross-server Rewards and Local-server Rewards along with an individual and union board for Cross and Local groups. Local-Server Rewards are comparative to the pre-Dagger Legend (no cross-server) version.

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