Romance of Sultans is a monthly event that occurs around the 13th to the 15th. During this event you can buy and earn flowers that are used to make garlands or bouquets that are redeemed for items and tokens.


There are four types of flowers: Roses, Violets, Liliums, and Orchids.

  • Roses
    • 5 diamonds a piece, limit 20 a day.
    • 10 points per flower used in a garland.
  • Violets
    • 10 diamonds a piece, limit 20 a day.
    • 20 points per flower used in a garland
  • Liliums
    • 15 diamonds a piece, limit 20 a day.
    • 30 points per flower used in a garland
  • Orchids
    • Cannot be purchased with diamonds
    • 50 points per flower used in a garland

Flowers can also be earned for free during the event from some time limited quests and daily quests. You can also purchase additional flowers from the diamond shop, and from VIP purchase rewards.

All collected flowers expire at the end of the event! However some flowers can be “saved”. If you do not claim your time limited quest rewards they will be automatically mailed to you at the end of the event. Mail stays in your mailbox for 30 days allowing you to claim your flowers when the event returns. Keep in mind any flowers you claimed from the time limited events during the rush must be used or they will be deleted. Any flowers claimed from the mailbox when the event is not available will also be instantly deleted.


Bouquets consume 25 flowers of the same type (ie: 25 roses, 25 violets, etc). They give a set amount of tokens and favor that cannot be improved.

  • Rose Bouquet: 250 points, 10 points per flower
  • Violet Bouquet: 500 points, 20 points per flower
  • Lilium Bouquet: 750 points, 30 points per flower
  • Orchid Bouquet: 1250 points, 50 points per flower


Garlands can hold a maximum of 24 flowers. To make a garland players tap on the arrow icon towards the bottom of the screen. This “shoots” the flower at the garland adding the flower to the garland at the point the arrow lined up at when the button was pressed. However the garland continuously spins making this harder to do.

You can select which flower you want to use by tapping on its icon on the bottom of the screen.

Garland production ends when either all 24 flowers are added to the garland or a flower collides with another flower. You can manually end production by clicking on the garland at any time.

While creating there are two point bonuses to look for: Florist and Perfect Shot

Florist will randomly add an additional flower to your garland, matching the last type that was added to the garland. For example if you add a Orchid to the garland this may trigger Florist, adding a second flower to the garland. Be aware that these additional flowers are added randomly anywhere there is not currently a flower on the garland. The florist bonus is triggered by getting a S or higher rated garland in the previous round.

Perfect Shot is a glowing area that appears on the garland. When a flower lands in this area you are given double the points, based on the type of flower. Flowers from Florist can land in the Perfect Shot area.

Score and Rating

Each Garland earns a score and rating based on the type of flowers used and how many flowers were successfully added to the garland.

The score is also boosted by how many flowers you add to a garland.

  • +15 Score: 5 – 11 Flowers
  • +50 Score: 12 – 15 Flowers
  • +70 Score: 16 – 19 Flowers
  • +90 Score: 20 – 23 Flowers
  • +110 Score: 24 Flowers

For the maximum amount of bonus points you want to fully complete a garland with 24 flowers which gives ~4.58 bonus points per flower used. 20-22, 16-17, and 12 flowers all also give at least 4 bonus points per flower used as well giving you some easier stopping points.

Demure and Amber

Yes, it is possible to get Amber or Demure for free without spending any money. However, it does require finishing almost every time limited quest and using the mailbox method to store flowers for the next Romance Event. During the September 2019 Romance Event you could obtain ~11,800 flower points (excluding any garland bonuses) which totaled ~30 garlands. With maximum score bonuses you would end up with ~15,100 total favor without any purchases. You would need ~8,000 diamonds to reach 18,000 favor.

With the mailbox hoarding you could stash ~6,000 points of flowers. Carrying this number over to our ~15,000 without any purchases shows that it is completely possible to hoard enough points to get Amber or Demure without spending. However this is highly reliant on getting majority if not all of the time limited quest rewards and getting almost all high level garlands. (Please note this does not include the diamond spending time limited quests). Depending on which rush Romance is paired with, this may be easier or harder to accomplish. With proper saving you would be able to produce somewhat lower quality garlands (16-17 or 12 flower garlands) and be able to get the consorts with little to no spending.

Token Store

The token store requires set Favor levels to unlock items. Favor is earned at a rate of 1 Favor to 1 score point. Favor resets at the end of each event meaning you must unlock each tier the next time to access the items. Items are purchased using tokens. Tokens are earned at a rate of 1 token to 1 score point. Tokens do carry over each event allowing you to save them for other rewards in the future.

  • 500 Favor Unlocks: Agate Ring (100 Tokens), Silver Earring (100 Tokens), Intimacy Chest (2,500 Tokens), Charm Chest (2,500 Tokens)
  • 3,000 Favor Unlocks: Almighty Tome (3,000 Tokens) Master Vizier Suit (2,700 Tokens), New Vizier Suit (900 Tokens), Love Letter (2,500 Tokens)
  • 18,000 Favor Unlocks: Demure’s Keepsake (18,000 Tokens) or Amber’s Keepsake (18,000 Tokens) and Almighty Badge (4,000 Tokens)

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  1. so, if I don’t spend my tokens I can save them for the next romance of sultans event to get Amber? please let me know!


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