​The Ruins is a player vs player treasure hunting game that is open to the top 300 players (who registered), per server, with the highest Empire Strength.​ Registration lasts for three days before The Ruins opens. Players can continue to power up during this time to improve their ranking and secure their spot.

Once the Ruins is open, players will have 12 hours each day to collect items, fight ruins guardians, and fight each other. The Ruins opens 2 hours before hunting ground opens and ends 2 hours after fortress siege opens.​ Lockout occurs each night and lasts 12 hours. Once the ruins is locked all unlocked gems will be converted to locked gems and players will be unable to access the ruins until the next open period. 

Rewards are handed out after the Ruins enter the lockout period on the third night. The person with the most gems at this time will receive the vizier Beryl.

​​The Map

The Map is divided into 4 different type of tiles: The Relic (Yellow border), The Ruins (Blue border), The Oasis (Green border), and The Desert (White border ).

Each tile is also given a number that can be viewed by hitting the eye icon in the bottom right of the screen. Tile numbers can help players coordinate in defeating enemy players. The day will start with 73 tiles and end with only 19. Map Collapses happen twice a day 4 hours and 8 hours after the ruins opens. During a collapse, all current fighting will be stopped and any players in zones that are removed will be moved to a safe tile with their current gems and vizier. The collapsed areas will not be accessible for the rest of the day. ​​

Flags mark important areas of the map. Blue flags with a number on them indicate where your union members are at. Only union members that have Raw Gems will have a flag mark on the map. Flags appear automatically and cannot be placed by players. Red flags with a face on them indicate where the Lord of the Ruins has appeared. They do not show how many Lords are on the tile so there can be multiple Lords of the Ruins on an indicated tile at the same time.

It costs 5 energy to move to a new tile no matter the distance away. If your vizier is defeated you can choose a new tile to move to without spending any energy. Movement within a tile costs 1 energy. Energy recovers at a rate of 1 energy per 6 minutes up to 30 energy. It takes 3 hours to reach full energy. Additional energy can also be gained using Supply Bag I or Supply Bag II.​

Ruins Guardians

Guardians of the Ruins come in three types Guardian, General, and Lord. Guardians and Generals can only be found if there are no other players on the tile with unlocked gems. The Guardian will reward you with 100 locked gems and no items while the General offers 150 locked gems along with a few additional rewards. These enemies only deal 1 damage and should not be a threat to players.

​The Lord of the Ruins appears on the map at random intervals. You will know when the Lords are about to appear when the circle at the bottom of the main map screen is almost full. It is often worthwhile to defeat the Lord of the Ruins as he offers many great rewards for defeating him.

If you are on a tile with a Lord you will see a special helmet icon appear on the bottom left indicating the number of Lord of the Ruins left alive on that tile. On the game map tiles with a Lord will be indicated with a red flag with the Lord face on it. This will not show how many lords are on a tile however (number shown in photo is the tile number). However, union members will still be indicated by a small shield with a number next to it.


While you are exploring you will encounter chests. Chests come in five different types: Obsolete, Durable, Exquisite, Deluxe and Relic. ​​​Tile border color will indicate what types of chests you can find. Yellow and blue tiles will have Durable, Exquisite and Deluxe while green and white tiles will have Obsolete, Durable and Exquisite chests. All tiles have a chance to give Relic chests. Relic chests are always available and are not part of the indicated chest count while on a tile.​​

Chests from left to right: Obsolete, Durable, Exquisite, Deluxe, Relic
  • Obsolete ​Chests are available on the Desert and Oasis Maps
    • Contains: Badge Shard x1, Attribute Booklet x1, Gold Coupon x1, Commander Seal x1
    • Gems: 1,000 locked, 20 unlocked​
  • Durable Chests are available on the ​Desert and Oasis Maps. You receive 3 random items from the chest.​​
    • Contains:​ Agate Ring x1, Silver Earring x1, Gold Coupon x3, Commander Seal x3, Tier 1 Gold Seal x1, Tier 1 Soldier Seal x1, Imperial Affairs Seal x1, Tribute Seal x1, Vigor Orb x1, Vitality Orb x1
    • Gems: 2,000 locked, 40 unlocked​
  • Exquisite Chests are available on all maps. You receive 3 random items from the chest.
    • Contains:​ Silver Earring x2, Agate Ring x1, Gold Coupon x5, Commander Seal x5, Tier 2 Gold Seal x1, Tier 2 Soldier Seal x1, Imperial Affairs Seal x1, Tribute Seal x1, Vigor Orb x1, Vitality Orb x1
    • Gems: 3,000 locked, 60 unlocked
  • Deluxe Chests are available on the Ruins and the Relic Maps. You receive 4 random items from the chest.
    • Contains:​ Gold Hairpin x1, Silver Earring x1, Gold Coupon x7, Tier 3 Gold Seal x1, Tier 3 Soldier Seal x1, Vigor Orb x1, Vitality Orb x1, New Vizier Clothes, Hat or Ring x1
    • Gems: 4,000 locked, 80 unlocked​
  • Relic Chests are available on every map. Requires a Relic Key to unlock. You will receive 4 random items from the chest.
    • Contains:​ Gold Hairpin x2, Gold Earrings x2, Treasure Pack x1, Tier 3 Gold Seal x1, Tier 3 Soldier Seal x1, Magnificent Badge Shard x1, Diamonds x50, Master Vizier Clothes, Hat or Ring x1
    • Gems: 50,000 locked, 0 unlocked

Keys for Relic chests are primarily located in purchase rewards but can also be found in the diamond store in the Ruins exclusive pack.


Enemy Viziers are only available to fight if they are carrying Raw Gems and are in the same tile as you. When you encounter them you will see a red banner with their Name, Union Name, and amount of unlocked gems they own. Also note that by the player’s HP bar you will see an icon indicating what rank the vizier is (New Vizier, Master Vizier, etc) which can help you get an estimate on how strong the vizier may be.

If you defeat a vizier you will take away all of the Raw Gems they own. If you fail to defeat the vizier your Raw Gems will be given to the enemy player. Before fighting a player you will be asked if you are sure you want to attack. This message can be disabled for the day if you choose.

Viziers level 60 or higher can be sent to explore the map once a day. After a vizier has been defeated they can be sent to fight an additional time by using a heal bandage. Bandages can be found in purchase rewards or in the diamond shop as part of a Ruins Pack. All viziers fully recover after the end of each day.​

​Members of your Union will have a blue banner as a visual warning when you encounter them instead of the red banner. There are no restrictions or penalties for challenging your union mates for their raw gems. 

Score and rewards

Your score is based on your Locked Gems and your Unlocked Gems combined. At the end of the day, all unlocked gems you own will be converted to refined gems. Players will earn achievement rewards for opening chests, defeating viziers and defeating Lords of the Ruins. Defeating other players will give you New Vizier Clothes which can be an excellent way to gain fearless medals with the combine feature.

Players are also ranked based on their personal score and their union score (each union member’s personal score added together). The player with the highest score at the end of the third day will be awarded the exclusive vizier, Beryl. If you already have Beryl, but win first place you will be given a Legend Scroll (or equivalent in badge fragments).

Last updated: August 22nd, 2021

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  1. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this superb blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!


    1. Currently, you can purchase the Ruins Chest (VIP 499 pt equivalent) in the pack store, or buy the Ruins Pack II for 999 diamonds in the diamond store. Purchase rewards for spending a certain amount of dollars in a day also include keys.


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