Palace Delight also known by its previous seasonal versions of Ottoman Sweets (Halloween) and Bauble Blast (Winter) is a popular bubble shooter mini game that has a few different seasonal versions in Game of Sultans.

Originally introduced as Ottoman Sweets, a Halloween mini game, the goal remains the same. Shoot colored balls towards the tree, one at a time to knock down the hanging balls. The more balls you shoot down the more tokens and score you will earn. For the purpose of this article we will use the Palace Delights terms, marble, to represent the balls as opposed to sweet or bauble.

Each shot consumes 1 energy. If the marble hits 2 or more marbles of the same color they will drop into the bags below. Otherwise it will stay where it hit and will need to be knocked down. Only 10 rows are allowed at one time. New rows will automatically be added. If you have too many marbles on the screen you will be prompted to try a new lineup instead:

Alternatively players can use Marble bombs (Pumpkin or Snowball previously) to clear all marbles in the pat the bomb travels. Bombs can be bounced off the wall or targeted at a specific area directly. It is best to aim at the start of the rows (top left or right) to knock down as many marbles as possible at a time.

Using Bombs to clear the board

Among the marbles there is Blessing Boxes. These contain three potential rewards along with some special items.

  • Horse Head: This item turns your target’s avatar into a Horse for one hour.
    • Previous versions include Joyous Gingerbread (Snowman Avatar) and Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin (Pumpkin Avatar)
  • Soulmate Flower: This item adds animated flowers to the target’s frame for one hour.
    • Previous versions include Lucky Cookie (blue glow, animated bats) and Surprise Pie (Frozen pond look with animated shine)
  • Delight Box: Can only be gifted to another player. They can open to get either a trick (cute snake popping out) or two items such as Agate Ring, Silver Earring, Badge Shard, Attribute Booklet, Imperial Affairs Seal, etc.
    • Previous Versions: Mystery Box and Surprise Box – same items different animated surprise.

Marbles grants score and tokens once they fall into a bag. Score is used to guarantee your position on the ranking board, while tokens can be used in the Token Store to redeem for various items. Filled bags will also give an extra reward automatically once they reach their limit.

Token REDEEM and rewards

11 thoughts on “Bauble Blast/Palace Delight

  1. Do we know if Osilda’s skin will be available to purchase multiple times, or just once (per event, if applicable)?

    Additionally, what rush will this take place during?

    I am going through great lengths to get the price lowered, and I certainly hope we’ll be able to manage that!


  2. This is for the “winter” version. If you gift a frozen pal or snowman to a player and they receive gift boxes from other player do the only get snowballs?


    1. Hi Kristy! The snowballs are completely random chance. Frozen Pal and Snowman avatars are just for fun (same as the Halloween versions). Unfortunately to me it seems like they lowered the chance of getting gifts from the boxes, as my luck has been pretty horrible this time. But I could be superstitious too 🤔


    1. Sorry for the late reply, but no they do not. Sweets has a different energy item. This is why a message was sent out in game to use your items this time. The tokens in the store however should cary over as they did when we swapped from sweets to baubles and baubles to palace.


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