Piri Reis has stumbled across an unknown continent full of mysteries during one of his voyages! The most powerful forces in the Ottoman Empire are gathering to compete for the honor and rewards fo dominating this new land. It’s an all-out Brawl!


Sultan’s Brawl begins with a three day registration period. Four servers will be matched up to compete against each other in Sultan’s Brawl. During the registration period players need to grow their Empire Power strength to qualify. The players who rank in the top 100 growth for their server will have access to Sultan’s Brawl. Empire Power growth does include heir growth, consort skill growth, books, badges, and leveling viziers. It does not include heir tutoring growth.


There are 5 Sacred Sites scattered across the map sorted from highest to lowest level: Moonfall Citadel, Eclipse Temple, Sultan’s Rest, The Heartwood, and Circle of Silence.

Every 5 minute the Continent’s tribes will grant control of the Sacred Sites to the top 5 sultans with the most Renown (points). These players will provide every qualified sultan on their server with a buff while fighting. The higher the level of sacred site the better the buff bonus will be. If the player controlling the Sacred Site loses their control of the Sacred Site then the buff will be removed from all players on the server.


Renown is earned while attacking, if you are defeated in an attack you will lose renown. Your rewards for defeating an opponent, are based on your current Renown. Keep in mind your renown will be removed once the event ends.


Your division is determined by your current Renown. Ranked from lowest to highest the divisions are:

  • Nameless Wanderer
  • Novice Explorer
  • Journeyman Adventurer
  • Seasoned Warrior
  • Renowned Champion
  • Legendary Hero
  • Glorious Conqueror

You will change division based on your current Renown at any given time. Because Renown can be lost, your division ranking can also decrease. The higher the enemy’s division rank is the greater the rewards you can earn for defeating them. Your division will also provide a set amount of crescent coins per opponent defeat, the higher your division the more coins you get. You will receive a one time gift for reaching each division level that is given to you automatically.

Crescent Coins

Crescent Coins are dropped during attacks based on your division. They can be used to purchase items from the Crescent Store and will carry over to the next event.


To find an opponent hit March. Marching takes only a second or two to complete and does not cost any energy. You can only march after defeating an opponent, there is no way to skip an opponent.

When you locate an opponent you can see their name and server along with their current ranking, Renown, and Division. This can help give you some idea of how strong an opponent might be. The higher their renown and division rank the greater the rewards you earn will be.

Once you have located an enemy you can launch an attack. Each attack costs 1 stamina to launch. Before each attack is launched, a wheel is spun awarding a random tactic that provide bonuses. All attacks deal a base Starting Power damage equal to 100% of all your Viziers’ power.

Total Attack Power = Starting Power * (1 + Valor Bonus + Sacred Site Bonus + Ambush Bonus)

Attack All is unlocked when you reach the Glorious Conqueror or higher division. It costs 1 stamina to activate. It will auto pick a tactic, auto search and attack enemies, moving on to a new opponent after each victory. When Stamina drops below 5 attacks will stop.


You have a chance to earn a buff each time you spin the wheel when launching an attack. The buffs are as follows:

  • Morale: Provides +5 Valor XP
  • Raid: Provide +5 Warlord XP
  • Plunder: Provides +10 Divine Arrows
  • Storm: Provides +200 Renown
  • Blank 100% damage: No extra bonuses
  • Blank 200% damage: No extra bonuses

Valor Skill provides players an additional % power bonus. Players can gain Valor XP when they recieve Morale Tactic. The max level is 50

Warlord Skill provides post victory renown and more item rewards at level 16 or above. Players can gain Warlord XP when they receive the Raid Tactic reward. The max level is 30.

Divine Arrows can be used to call the Crescent Archers to launch a powerful attack against your opponent, dealing damage equal to 100% of the opponents health. You must have 30/30 Divine Arrows to call the Crescent Archers. Divine Arrows will not drop if you have 30/30 arrows collected. Make sure to use them shortly after getting them!


Ambushes can be launched against another server. Ambushes last for 60 minutes and grant the player launching the Ambush a buff that gives a 20% power bonus when attacking or raiding players on the targeted server. They will also gain 400 renown after each victory. Attacked opponents will lose 200 renown if they are from the Ambushed Server if the attacker is from the Ambushing Server. In other words if server 1 launches an ambush against server 2, any server 2 players defeated by a server 1 player will lose 200 renown per defeat.

You must wait for the current Ambush to end before starting a new Ambush. Ambush Seals were available during the soft launch only as a daily purchase reward for accumulating 19,900 VIP points, 39,900 VIP points, 69,900 VIP points, and 99,900 VIP points in a day.

Players can launch a raid while an ambush is occurring through the raid list or by searching by Player ID. Players with the Ambush buff will gain 3 free raids against opponent players of the targeted server. Players can use Raid Seals to gain additional raid attempts.



This information came from the soft launch and was wrote after only a few hours of trying this content. The information posted here is subject to changes. Keep in mind that I did not have a chance to test Ambushing and Raiding as I do not have $200 to drop on a test account on a server I don’t intend to play on.

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