Greetings Sultans,
The blustery winds of winter blow across the Ottoman Empire, and the winter festival celebration is just around the corner!

Bauble Blast, why not?

We are excited to bring back a fan-favorite Event and give it a holiday twist – the result is Bauble Blast! Try your best to shoot the baubles down to to fill the bags with below with decorations. Need to brush up on Bubble Blast? Read more about it here:

What’s more, a special Midwinter Mantle dress, redeemable in the Token Store, will be debut with Bauble Blast! What a perfect fit for Clara!

A Revisit to Snowfall!

Since it’s the winter celebration, no one can resist the beauty of a Snowfall theme! If you are new here or still haven’t unlocked it, be sure to stay active in Game of Sultans as it’s a guaranteed reward in 7-day Login.

Winter Heroes, in your hands!

Cooked by the Empire’s top dessert chef and hidden in Festive Boxes, the unique Joyous Gingerbread and Surprise Pie gifts can temporarily inflict the Frosty Snowman and Frozen Pal portrait statuses on the targeted player, turning them into shivering Sultans for 1 hour.

Celebration Season!

A series of events are coming back to celebrate, including Jigsaw Puzzle, Group Buy, Spin the Wheel and Diamond Bonanza!

Last but certainly not least, happy holidays to you from the Game of Sultans team! See you in-game for the winter festival, beginning this Sunday!

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