Dear Sultans,
We are excited to reveal the newest masterpiece completed by the Empire’s greatest architect – Halls of Fame! They’re only missing one thing – Regents to rule them!

Are you excited to visit? The Halls will open in the upcoming v2.3, and those that earn the rank of Regent will gain the right to assign tasks to the entire Empire!

Regent Naming

Located on the northwestern outskirts of the Ottoman, these five Halls are reserved for Sultans who have proven themselves to be worthy of being a Regent. Characteristics vary from Hall to Hall, and they are designed to fit different Regents.

The five Halls are the following: the soaring Powerbroker Hall, the Benefactor Hall with breathtaking beauties, the Marshal Hall of fearless warriors, the romantic Charmer Hall and the inspiring Unifier Hall.The requirements to rule each Hall vary, and they will naturally attract Regents with differing leadership styles. The #1 Sultans in Empire Power, Consort XP, Vizier Talent, Consort Intimacy and Union XP will become Regents of the corresponding Halls!

Rewards and Assignments

Regents can receive gifts from others during Gift Time and will be able to collect them when this time period is over. On the other hand, visitors will receive rewards in return immediately after giving Gifts to the Regents.

In addition, each Regent can select 2 Advisors from his or her Server who will receive double the rewards when they send gifts to the Regent!

Who will gain the honors and benefits of being an Advisor? It’s completely up to you!

Regents can also display their outfits (Vizier/Sultan/Consort) in the Hall. Let’s make the visitors can’t take their eyes off them!

Regents also have the ability to assign server-wide tasks. While occupying the Hall, each Regent can designate Assignments before the arrival of the next Regent.

A Regent can assign 5 tasks to their server during their tenure, each of which can be accepted by multiple Sultans.You can check the difficulty of the tasks by their star rating. The more stars there are, the more challenging the task will be. However, the higher the difficulty of the task guarantees better rewards. (Psst! There is a greater chance of getting higher star tasks if you become the Regent of more than one Hall!)

Each participant will be awarded individual rewards once their ongoing Assignment is completed. When an assigned task is completed, both the Regent and the participants will receive generous rewards!

In addition, rewards will still be given even if the Assignments are not completed based upon the percentage of total task completion.

What kinds of Assignments will you give? We’re looking forward to finding out!

Privileges for Regents

On top of the above mentioned Gift and Assignment rewards for everyone, there are exclusive Achievement Rewards for the Regents themselves.

Regents will receive stunning outfits and cute Emojis (including Cecilia, Lydia, Piyale, Davut and the sultan) when he/she occupies the same Hall a certain number of times.

Aren’t they adorable?! We believe everyone will be thrilled to see them in action.

Well, that’s all for now about the Halls of Fame. We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into the new Halls and extra feature that promises additional rewards and new content for our players. Please stay tuned for the upcoming new version!If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know!

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