Unions area way to bring the players of your server together along with unlocking new content and competitions for the players involved.

Union Creation

To create your own union you will need 2000 diamonds and a fun name. To create a union, click on the Union building on the main area. Click the Create Now option on the bottom left. 

You cannot be a member of a union when you go to create a union. If you are in a union currently you will need to wait 24 hours before creating your new union.

  • Union Names are unique and will represent how your union is known. 
  • ​Motto is viewable by the public and is where you can leave a short message to others encouraging them to join your union.
  • Notice is only seen by members of your union.
  • Passwords are 6 to 12 numbers. Be sure something that you will remember and ALWAYS write your union password down!
  • Allow other players to join when check marked, players can join without approval. If you want to pick who joins your union uncheck this box.

All of your union information can be changed later using the Union Management system. Changing the flag and name will cost diamonds so it is best to choose those carefully. Notice, motto, and facebook group can all be changed for free up to 5x a day.

​Flags can be changed by clicking the icon at the top of the union creation page. They are used to represent your union. There are currently 40 different flags to choose from as shown below:

Union Management

The Union Manager allows you to change Union details, manage members, and approve or deny union applications.

​Union Details lets you edit union details.

  • To change the union password click the key icon on the right side below the members tab. Union passwords can be changed at any time free of charge, but you must know the current password to change the password.
  • To change the union name click the small feather icon on the right side below the members tab. Each name change costs 500 diamonds. 
  • To change the union flag click on the flag. Each flag change costs 100 diamonds.
  • To change the Facebook Group, Motto, or Union Notice click anywhere inside the grey box. Remember that the Facebook Group and Motto are viewable by anyone regardless of their union. You can change this information up to 5 times a day for free, additional changes costs diamonds.

Applications allows you to approve or reject players that have applied to join your union. You can reject all applications at once by clicking the Ignore All button on the bottom right. You can also choose to allow anyone to join your union by check marking the Allow other players to join box along the top of the screen. This can be disabled, preventing members from joining without approval, by unchecking the box. Union deputies are allowed to approve or deny applications. They are also able to change the join without approval settings.

Members allow you to remove or promote members of your union. Member cannot be removed from the union if they have registered for union war. Players must have at least 1000 contribution points before they are allowed to be promoted to Elite. Players with 2000 contribution can be promoted to deputy. Increasing your union level will increase the amount of Deputies and Elites your union can have. Deputies are allowed to promote members to elite or demote them to member. They can kick members or elites from the union. They cannot demote union leaders or deputies.

  • Elites:
    • Open Voyages using their personal diamonds. 
    • Cannot edit any of the union details
    • Cannot approve members to the union or remove members
  • Deputy Leader:
    • Open Voyages using union contribution or their personal diamonds.​
    • Change the Union Name, Flag, Motto, Notice, and Facebook link
    • Approve or deny member applications
    • Remove members and elites from the union, promote or demote members to Elite/member

Transfering a Union costs 10,000 Union Earnings. Unions can only be transferred to a Deputy player and you must know your union password when transferring the leadership.  Leadership will automatically transfer to the player with the most contribution if the current leader is gone for more than 15 days.

Disbanding a union can be done at any time. When a union is disbanded all members will lose 50% of their contribution tokens (used in the union shop) and will not be able to join another union for 24 hours. The disband option is located under the Members tab of the Union Management window and requires the union password. 

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