A Union is a community co-managed by a group of players​. Players can choose to join a union once every 24 hours. Players can apply to as many unions as they want at a time, but can only join one union at a time. Unions are either open to join, where players can join without approval by a leader or the union will be application only where union leaders can accept or deny a member. 

Joining a Union

Random Union places you in any open to join union. You do not get a choice when using this option on which union it places you in.

Search allows you to look up a union by the union number allowing you to apply to a specific union. 

Ranking allows you to search through the top 100 unions which shows the name, union leader, member count, and union number. You can also apply to or join open unions directly from this screen. 


Contribution helps the union grow and improve. It also can be used to purchase valuable items for your own use. Contributions play three roles in the union. The first is to provide XP for the union to level up. The second role is earnings which is used by union leaders to open voyages. The third use is contribution points for members which are redeemed in the store for items. 

  • Primary Contribution provides 10 points in all three areas and costs 10 diamonds.
  • Normal Contribution provides 50 points in all three areas and costs 50 diamonds. 
  • Advanced Contribution provides 200 points in all three areas and costs 200 diamonds. 
  • Use Items provides 400 points in all three areas and costs one Silver Union Badge which can only be earned through purchasing Prosperity Packs.
  • Use Advanced Items provides 1,200 points in three areas and costs one Gold Union Badge which can be earned by combining three Silver Union Badges or through purchasing the Prosperity Packs. 

Contribution Points are a currency used by members to buy items from the union store. Additional items are unlocked by increasing the union level. This also increases the purchase limit of the items in the store. Prices do not change at any point.

  • Gold Coupon | Level 1 Union | 10 Contribution
  • Commander Seal | Level 1 Union | 10 Contribution
  • Skill XP Pack | Level 1 Union | 10 Contribution
  • New Vizier Items | Level 2 Union | 100 Contribution
  • Book XP Pack | Level 4 Union | 125 Contribution
  • XP Pack (S) | Level 4 Union | 200 Contribution
  • Master Vizier Items | Level 5 Union | 290 Contribution
  • Elder Vizier Items | Level 7 Union | 880 Contribution

When purchasing vizier items from the store, purchase master vizier items over new vizier items as it is cheaper to buy one Master Vizier item then it is to buy three New Vizier items. However purchasing one Elder Vizier item is not cheaper compared to buying 3 Master Vizier items. It is actually cheaper to buy 3 Master Vizier items instead. 

Voyage ParticipatioN

Voyages can only be opened once a day by a Leader, Deputy Leader, or Elite. Higher level unions can unlock higher level voyages. Voyages that have been opened will have a blue Join button allowing members to participate in the voyage.

Participate in voyages by deploying a vizier to crew. To participate click on either a ship on the map to join a specific voyage or click the castle in the center of the map with your union’s name under it.  From here you can click the blue Join button of an opened voyage. Players can send a second vizier to a voyage by using a PvE seal.

Rewards are delivered when a voyage goal is achieved or the time is up. Voyage goals are listed on the voyage list as a green number. This is the total power that needs to be reached of all the viziers participating in the voyage combined. Higher level voyages have better rewards and give more contribution points.

Union Quests

Union Quests are a daily union goal. Each member contributes to the progress of the quest by completing the relevant task.

Each quest type has 5 milestones that rewards all union members with items regardless of their participation. Quests reset every day with the server daily reset.

As a union reaches higher levels the quests will require more to complete.

Quitting a Union

To leave your current union, you can do so by clicking the i icon on the bottom right of the union screen. If you are currently participating in a war you will not be able to leave the union until the war is complete or your union is eliminated from participating. Leaving a union will reduce your contribution (the coins used to buy items in the union store) by 50% it is best to use as many of them as possible before leaving the union. You will have a 24 hour wait time after leaving a union before you are allowed to join a new union.

7 thoughts on “Unions, For the Members

    1. You can, but it will lock you out of union wars, war if supremacy, coalitions, along with Union XP rush and Arena Madness ranking rewards. Overall it is better to find an active union you get along with.


  1. I’m currently having issues with the ‘courtesy’ rules that these unions follow. I was being harassed and punished for not knowing about these rules and thus not following them. This is ruining the game for me. I enjoy it otherwise.


    1. Courtesy rules can definitely benefit both the server and you, but it is extremely important for union leaders to communicate the rules and make sure everyone is aware of them. I’m sorry to hear you are having a hard time with it. I definitely encourage you to talk to your union leader to get clarification. A lot of servers have discord or other chat groups as well that are good to join.


  2. I am currently a union leader and my union is having some drama with the server and we have mostly decided to not participate in union war for the time being (since this is largely where to the drama is stemming from). I was wondering if I can remove players from the union if they have registered for war but the war has not yet started?


    1. Sorry for the slow reply. No you cannot remove members from the union if they have registered for war. You will be able to remove them once war ends or you are disqualified (fail to rank high enough in an elimination round or less then 3 people sign up).


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