Greetings, Sultans!
First off, we want to wish a Happy New Year to all of our players across the globe! We launched Game of Sultans worldwide about one and a half years ago, and we never imagined that it would grow to become one of our most enduring titles! Thank you for being a part of our community, as we wouldn’t be here without your support. Now on to our latest update, which covers something we can’t wait to show you that arrives early next week!

As always, to learn more about how we roll out new updates, please read this Note.

Paving the Way to Coalitions

By creating Coalitions, players will be able to forge alliances with Unions from other servers, work together to earn amazing rewards, wage wars with Sultans across the world and compete for global glory. To learn more about Coalitions, please check out this Note! Coalitions will become available shortly after all players update to v2.3. It’s one of the most ambitious systems we’ve ever created, and we that Coalitions have the potential to support much more content in the months to come. Be sure to stay tuned!

Find Your Place in the Halls of Fame

The Halls of Fame are a place of honor for the most accomplished Sultans. Rise to the top to earn Server-wide bonuses, exclusive Titles, and the right to assign special cooperative tasks to other Sultans! Please check out this Note to read more, and remember that these new and Halls of Fame-exclusive Emojis (inspired by Cecilia, Lydia, Piyale, Davut and the Sultan) look even cooler in action.

Say Hello to the New Union War

Thanks to the feedback provided by the community, we’ve optimized the Union War system and can’t wait to present it to you in v2.3! In addition, to thank the amazing support from all of our players, the rewards for Group Stage, Knock-out Stage I and Knock-out Stage II will be increased in the new Union War! To learn more about our improvements, please read this Note!

A New Way to Give Feedback

As we value your feedback in helping us understand our players better, we recognize that in-game feedback is critical to the future of GoS! Starting in version 2.3, we will roll out a series of surveys centered around different aspects of Game of Sultans, so keep an eye out!

That’s basically what we have in store for you in v2.3! We hope you’ll join us next week to discover the opportunities and rewards of Coalitions, Halls of Fame and more, and to ring in the new year in style!

Want to give Game of Sultans a try? Play now via Google Play or the App Store!

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