If you’ve been following our posts lately, you might have noticed that we’re on the threshold of a new era of global Union gameplay with a new type of alliance: Coalitions!

What makes Coalitions work differently from previous cross-server events is that servers within each region will be divided into Server Zones. Unions within these Zones can combine their strength into a Coalition, gaining power and strength!

Create a Coalition

A Coalition is a special community made up of a group of Unions (3 at creation and can be increased to 5 as the Coalition upgrades) from the same Server Zone. To unlock Coalitions, the total Empire Strength of your Server must reach a certain level – and that goes for the other 19 Servers in your Server Zone as well. After that, the sky’s the limit!

This is what the Coalition map looks like. Coalitions that have been formed from every Server Zone can be found here. Please note that only Unions in the same Server Zone can establish a Coalition together.

Any Union member can create a Coalition by using a Coalition Contract and sending invitation to other Unions. Only the Coalition creator needs to use a Coalition Contract. Only the Coalition creator needs to use a Coalition Contract. To create your own Coalition, please go to Purchases to acquire Coalition Contract to get started. Please note that only one (1) Coalition Contract is needed to create a Coalition. This means that only one (1) Coalition Contract is needed for the three (3) unions (increased to 5 after upgrading the Coalition) that form a Coalition.

In-development screenshot

Although any member can send a Coalition invitation with Coalition Contract, a Coalition can’t be created without the approval of all Union Leaders that have been invited to join the Coalition. The member who used the Coalition Contract to create the Coalition will become the Coalition Leader.

In-development screenshot

Either join a Coalition through the Coalition Rankings interface or accept invites directly.

In-development screenshot

Coalition Daily Routine

Let’s dive right into the core of the Coalition system.

The Coalition Hall is one of the main Coalition Buildings that can be constructed by players to further upgrade their Coalition.

Various items can be used to further construct the Coalition to unlock functions and generally increase the Coalition’s power.

  • Timber can be used to upgrade the Coalition Hall to increase bonus rewards.
  • Iron Ore can be used to upgrade the Coalition Affairs Building to upgrade Quests.
  • Stone can be used to upgrade the Coalition Wharf to upgrade shop items.

Once all Unions build and upgrade these Buildings enough, the Coalition will evolve and gain additional functions and bonuses.

Daily rewards await players who contributed to the growth of the Coalition in the previous week. The higher the level of the Coalition, the more Contribution earned, the greater the rewards that can be obtained.

Reaching certain contribution requirements unlocks exclusive Titles and rewards. Please note that unlocked Title rewards can only be claimed once, even if players leave their current Coalition and fulfill the requirements again in another.

Contribution is a general reflection of how much a player has contributed to develop the Coalition.

Besides Construction, Daily Quests are another way for players to contribute. Once a day, each Coalition member can claim and post a random quest in the Hall – Dispatch Quests and Cooperative Quests.

Dispatch Quests require the participation of multiple Coalition members. Every participant will receive rewards for participation and completion.

Cooperative Quests are multi-stage Quests that require multiple Coalition members to contribute Resources, Viziers, and Consorts to accomplish a goal. Participants will receive rewards for progression and completion.

Each Coalition member can claim and post a random quest once a day in the Hall.

Another feature of the Coalition is the Coalition Market! The Market offers items that can be redeemed with Coalition Gold that is earned by assisting in constructing the Coalition. The higher the level of the Wharf, the rarer the items that can be redeemed will be.

We can’t wait to find out what will happen as your Coalition grows! Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most as we are just around the corner!

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