The 2.3 update has brought in a new cross-server content, Coalitions. Each region (America, Europe, and Asia) is now organized into server zones. These Servers Zones are groups of 20 servers. Unions within a zone can ban together to form a coalition, a new community made up of up to 3 Unions.

To unlock Coalitions your server must reach a total of 2.5 billion empire power. Once there is 20 qualified servers, the Coalition zone will be unlocked.


Any member of a union can create a Coalition by using a Coalition Contract. These are initially available as a purchase reward for earning 19,900 VIP points in a three day period. We are not certain if this will change in the future or not. Only the creator needs a Coalition Contract to form the Coalition.

You will have the option to pick a Coalition name, location on the map, motto and flag. Before making your coalition make sure to contact 2 other unions you plan to join with!

Once your creation process is complete an invitation is sent out to the union leaders to accept the Coalition.

Union Leaders have 10 minutes to accept before the Coalition is canceled. If your invitation is not accepted in time by all 3 unions the message will say declined, if opened, or expired if left unread.

Don’t worry if this happens. The contract will be sent back to your inventory so you can try again.

Keep in mind the person who has the Coalition Contract will become the Coalition leader!

Coalition Base

The Coalition Base has three main buildings: The Coalition Hall, Affairs, and Management.

Coalition Hall

The Coalition Hall has multiple important parts: Coalition Title, Daily Quests, Construction, and the Market


Daily Quests are unlocked on the second day. Each member of the Coalition can claim a random quest once per day from the Coalition Hall. You can also access your quests via the Affairs hall.

Each player is assigned a daily quest when accessing the daily quests in the Coalition Hall. You can view your quest after accepting it in the Coalition Hall or in Affairs.

Once you complete your quest it will be shared with members of your coalition. The shared quest requires a certain number of participants to complete and will reward everyone participating with additional rewards.

Cooperative Quests come in two different forms: dispatch and donation quests. These quests are listed under the Quest Board and are first come first serve for participation. Daily quests are available all day, but the later you wait the less help you may receive depending on when your Coalition is active.

  • Dispatch Quests require a Vizier or Consort to complete the quest. Each participant in the dispatch quest will receive rewards for participation and completion of the quests. These quests will show with red dividers.
    • Viziers and Consorts can only be used once per day for a quest! Make sure to be selective on which vizier you send for a quest – keep multi specialty viziers for the end
    • You can choose to send only 1 or 2 viziers/consorts on quests that require multiple viziers/consorts. The more you send the more rewards you receive. However, choosing to send only 1 allows other members to join in as well.
    • You can add additional viziers/consorts later if you chose initially to send only 1 if the quest is not yet completed.
  • Donation Quests require multiple coalition members to contribute resources or items to accomplish a goal. Participants will receive rewards for progression and completion. These quests will show with blue dividers.

Once enough people have participated in a cooperative quest you will be able to collect completion rewards from the My Quest tab.


Construction helps the Coalition unlock more functions and upgrade the coalition. Players can spend materials gained through quests to develop the Coalition Hall, Affairs, and Wharf. Construction requires Timber, Stone, and Iron Ore to progress

  • The Coalition Hall requires timber to upgrade. Upgrade this hall will boost your daily rewards
  • The Wharf requires stone to upgrade. Upgrading this area will unlock new items in the Coalition Market
  • Affairs requires iron to upgrade. Upgrading this area will unlock a greater chance at higher star quests with better rewards.

Once all three buildings reach the next level your Coalition will be upgraded to the next level. Coalitions that reach level 4 will be able to invite a 4th union to join. When your coalition reaches level 8 you will be able to invite a 5th union to join. Coalitions have a maximum of 10 levels.

Donating the timber, stone, and iron you earn during quests will grant you Coalition Construction points, Coalition Contribution, Coalition Gold, and Coalition Earnings.

  • Construction Points are what is used to level up the building.
  • Contribution is used to determine your weekly rewards and your title.
  • Gold is used to purchase items in the market.
  • Earnings is used to transfer leadership of the coalition – this costs 10k earnings.


Your Coalition Title is based on your contribution to the union. You will receive rewards for reaching a new title tier. These can only be claimed once, so if you join a different coalition in the future you will not be able to get the rewards again. Your contribution will reset to 0 if you leave a coalition.

Weekly Contribution Rewards

Players can earn weekly rewards based on the amount of contribution earned via donations in the Construction area. The higher the hall the better the rewards are. Players can increase how many items they recieve off the list by increasing their contribution. You can recieve all 6 items by earning 3600 or more contribution in a week. This will be easier to achieve as unions level up as the rewards for tasks will increase allowing more donations in the Construction area.


The market offers players items that can be purchased using Coalition Gold. Coalition Gold is an individual currency similar to union contribution coins and is earned from participating in union construction. The market resets each day at midnight server time. Upgrading the Coalition Wharf will unlock new items for purchase.


Affairs lets you access the quest board for active quests and view quests that are available to participate in. Please see the above Quests section to learn more.


Management is primarily for leaders. This will list all of your coalition members showing information like their name, when they were last active, their empire power, what union and server they are from, and their rank within the coalition.

The Management tab is only accessible by the Coalition Leader and Deputies. It has three parts: Coalition Details, Applications, and Management.

Coalition Details lets you edit the Coalition information including the name, flag, password, moto and to add a notice for your coalition. You have 5 free edit attempts per day for the motto. Changing the flag and name will cost 500 diamonds. The Coalition Deputies are allowed to edit everything but the coalition password.

Applications lets you see the unions that have applied to your coalition. Keep in mind that unions are allowed to apply for your coalition currently even if you have a maximum amount of unions.

Management as a leader allows you to transfer coalition leadership, disband the coalition, or change your deputies or remove them from the coalition (click on the trashcan icon). If you are a deputy you can abdicate your position as a deputy here by clicking on the star icon. Leadership transference costs 10,000 earnings.

Upgrading the Coalition will allow you to appoint more deputy leaders. (Level to unlock this is not yet known.)

General Questions

  1. If two members of a union both get a contract is there any use for the second contract?
    1. No, however contracts do not expire or disappear so you can hold onto it in case you decide to leave your union/coalition in the future.
  2. Does the map location serve any purpose?
    1. No there is no deep meaning behind where your coalition is placed and will not have any effect on your coalition.
  3. How long is the cooldown if you leave your coalition?
    1. You will need to wait 24 hours before creating or applying for/to a new coalition
  4. What happens to my coalition membership if I leave my union?
    1. Leaving a union will remove you from the coalition as well.
  5. Are Coalitions permanent?
    1. Yes! Coalitions only end if all three unions leave the Coalition or the leader decides to disband the Coalition.
  6. Who will lead the Coalition?
    1. Whoever had the Coalition Contract will be appointed leadership. They are able to pass that leadership on to the leader of any participating union, but they cannot appoint another member to a leadership position.
  7. What happens if the Coalition Leader stops login in?
    1. The leadership will transfer to the deputy with the highest contribution after 15 days. If there are no deputies it will transfer to the member with the highest contribution.

Special Thank You to Kabata and the Eternal Genesis Unions for sponsoring us in the Coalition and making this post possible. We are looking forward to our time with you in Apocalypse! 

16 thoughts on “Coalitions

  1. Hi I made coalition I pay much money for this. After unions not good all together and I finished coalition make al then out and game said I can make new after 24 hours. Will I buy again contract?!?!


    1. I am not sure I fully understand your question. You can remove unions from your coalition and invite new unions to join you without needing a new contract. If you disband the coalition yes you will need a new contract. I would suggest removing unions over disbanding the coalition.


  2. Hey, is coalition contract going to be available again to purchase? Any time soon?! 3 days seemed like a very short period of time to gather 3 unions and decide if we’re going to have our own or merge with another union!


    1. Sorry Michey, I have no information on when they will be back. Fortunately a lot of unions are getting close to level 4 when they can invite another union to join which will give more players access.


  3. Can a union be kicked out of a coalition? even if it is one of the original 3 unions? or only after 4th union joins?
    or can only not founding unions be kicked out?


    1. Sorry for the slow response. Unions can be kicked from the coalition at any time as long as that union is not in the leader position. It does not matter if you are part of the founding unions or not.


  4. If you leave a union what happens to your personal coalition hold that you spend at the market? Will it be there when you join a new union/coalition?


    1. The market currency will still be there when you join a new coalition. The only thing that you lose is your coalition title which you will have to re-earn. The rewards for achieving a title are also only earned once.


  5. if the Coalition Leader leaves his union to join another, does he take coalition contract with him or does it stay with the union he created it in?


    1. To leave a union when you are a coalition leader you need to either step down as a leader (coalition remains with a new leader) or disband the coalition same as leaving a union when you are the leader. The coalition contract is one time use only.


  6. Hello lovelies!

    S464 here and our coalition just started! Super exciting, fun and a tad bit confusing. Lol

    Here’s my question, I sort of dropped the ball on appointing a commander. I good with deputies but I’m wondering if I’ll have the chance to go in and appoint a commander… Or if I’ve lost my chance.
    We just had our first war today.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance! Xoxo


  7. Hello everyone,first I wanted to say how amazing is all this here and say thank you for the hard work to do it.
    My question is this. I have a coalition in a server I that is dead and I want transfer it to another server, that is not in the same group of serves, is this possible?


    1. Hi, I’m glad the information here has bee, helpful for you! Unfortunately coalitions cannot move zones. You would be able to transfer it to another union in your zone, but not a union outside the zone.


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