Dear Sultans,
First off, we’d like to send our best wishes to the Game of Sultans community during this difficult time. Stay safe, stay strong, and take care of one another; we’re all in this together.

When we launched Game of Sultans in late 2018, we never imagined that the game would resonate with women as much as it did – and two years later, the player community continues to grow, with women at the forefront. (Raise your hands if you’re one of them!).And over the years, we’ve seen both the men and women of the Game of Sultans community become quite active in chat, communicating and helping one another, making Game of Sultans not just a great place to play, compete, and cooperate, but also to socialize. As our community continued to expand, we realized that the game’s limited selection of Sultan avatars just weren’t able to represent our players as much as we wanted – and we began to see players leaving the game with comments like “When we will have a female Sultan character?”

We’re excited to say that we have an answer. Game of Sultans’ next major update, v2.4, will feature an all-new avatar and main character: the Sultana!

New Character Selection

Exactly like playing as a Sultan, players creating a new Sultana can choose from one of five character models.

Similar to male Sultans, everyone will have the chance to acquire a group of fascinating titles and clothes to glorify their Sultana! Here is a preview for some of them:

Playing as a male Sultan? No problem! Changing your character model, even from Sultan to Sultana, is as easy as using an Avatar Card – and even better, all current players will receive 1 Avatar Card FOR FREE after updating to v2.4. Please rest assured that this will not affect your current progress in any way.

All-New Narrative Section

Now that we have a Sultana, how could we not include new storylines for her? In the Sultana-exclusive narrative, players will face intrigue and betrayal, but also the opportunity to gain the loyalty of trusted viziers.And – spoiler alert! – Through it all, the Sultana sees through the conspiracies against her, and waits for the traitors to expose themselves for the liars they are.

In the end, the Sultana will choose which viziers to punish and which to reward. Every choice you make will lead to different endings and different unique buffs that last for 24 hours. How will the Sultana overcome the challenges ahead? Find out for yourself in Game of Sultans v2.4! Please note that you will need to begin a new Sultana character to experience this unique storyline.

World-Class Voiceovers

To maintain the voiceover quality of the new introductory scenario, we’ve called on our old friends at PitStop to deliver the audio goods. We can’t wait to show you their awesome work in-game! Here is the preview photo we posted to Facebook a while back – and yes, she’s recording the Sultana’s voice!

Re-designed Tutorials

Along with the new Sultana protagonist, we’ve also made some important improvements to tutorials in version 2.4. First off, we simplified the beginner’s guide to help players get started quicker.

If you’re already a Game of Sultans veteran and don’t want to run through the tutorials again after creating a new character, you are free to skip them.

Whether you choose the Sultan or Sultana avatar, all tutorials will be overhauled to make them as player-friendly as possible.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the new Sultana avatar, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Maybe one day your wishes will come true! Play now via Google Play or the App Store!

8 thoughts on “Long Live the Sultana

    1. I am unaware of any update that would allow you to customize your sultana if that is what you mean? I also have not heard any news yet on them offering the sultan/sultana avatar swap card in the store.


    1. Hi, the storyline is basically the new player tutorial same as the Sultan storyline. You have to create a new account if you want to see it. It is still pretty similar with the old Sultan passing away, but has a new bit where you have to choose between Zaganot and Karaman as who “betrayed” you to get a small 24 bonus. The vizier you choose to believe will join you instantly and the one you choose as the “betrayer” will be unlocked normally as you clear the main questline.


    1. Sorry as I am not a developer I have no information about content in future releases. However characters of color are frequently requested by players so it is much more likely to happen.


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