Greetings Sultans (and future Sultanas),
It’s finally time to delve deeper into next week’s update! From long-awaited optimizations to new and exciting features, version 2.4 will have it all. As always, to learn more about how we roll out new updates, please read this Note.

All-New Protagonist – Sultana

The biggest part of the v2.4 update will allow players to choose a female Sultan avatar – a Sultana – at character creation, or to switch from Sultan to Sultana for free with an Avatar Card without losing any current character progress.

We’ve created a new intro narrative and tutorials to help players understand the lead-up to their Sultana’s historic reign. Please read this note to learn more about the Sultana! And since the Sultana is about to arrive, why don’t we take a look at her rise to power?

Long Live the Sultana, Long Live the Empire!

New Game Mode – War of Hunters

We’ve received many requests to introduce a PvP aspect to the beloved Pirate Hunter event. We are excited to introduce a new cross-server version called War of Hunters! In this mode, players will search through this region, slaying Pirates as usual or fighting other fleets across servers in search of great rewards. War of Hunters won’t be available at launch, please stick around as we will have more info to share soon!

Hunters, Pirates won’t be the only threat very soon!

Overhauled Tutorial Sections

Tutorials have been significantly improved in version 2.4 as well. First off, we’ve streamlined the beginner’s guide to help new players get on their feet as quickly as possible. If you’re already a Game of Sultans veteran and don’t want to run through the tutorials again after creating a new character, you are free to skip them.

And whether you choose to rule your empire as a Sultan or Sultana, your choice of Consort and Vizier will guarantee 24-hour long buffs for either Levy or Heir development.

Left: when you begin with Sultana! Right: when you begin with male Sultan!

New Talents Interface

In v2.4, we’ve re-organized the way for players to access specials like Foreign Legends, The Five, The Four, and Teliah – through a single Talents icon in the main interface! This is what it will look like:

Talents are always awesome, aren’t they?

Optimization – Icon Display

Optimizing the main UI is always a priority for us, and Game of Sultans 2.4 update is no exception to that principle. We’ve reduced a lot of the clutter to help ensure a better experience.

Finally, cleaner and more organized!

While in v2.3, the sidebar usually looks way too cluttered when we have more events up and running!

These icons are taking up too much space!

Last but certainly not least, please stay safe and strong, and take care of one another! And if you enjoy the version 2.4 update, don’t forget to show us some love with a review in Google Play or the App Store.

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