My GOS Calculator

For those of you hoarding for DaVinci, hoarding in general, or wanting to do some theorizing the GOS Calculator can help you out. Enter in your vizier’s information, what’s in your backpack and find out how much you can grow. Also included is the backpack converter which gives a look at what your resource items and intimacy items are worth.

Check it out at:

Please note, to use this spreadsheet you need to make your own copy first! If the title of the sheet says Official Vizier Calculator you need to make a copy still. If it says Copy of Official Vizier Calculator you are ready to work!

Current Version is 3.0 Please make sure your copy is up to date before using.

Learn more about competing in Empire Power rush at:

GOS Spreadsheet

Comprehensive lists including vizier stats and information, consort and heir costs, union war and store, coalitions, frontiers, feasts and more. This is the numbers behind the Game of Sultans and can answer a large majority of questions.

Check it out at:

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5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. First, thanks for this great calculator and always updating it to game changes.

    I seem to have encountered an error or a misunderstanding. After I plug in the information for a vizier, I noticed that the attack power gain and total power don’t add up with the current vizier power IF the level of the vizier is increased. If the vizier level stays the same, then the math works.

    For example, Leo is at level 100 currently. His current power is 1.7B. The calculator tells me he would gain 3.6B with the resources therefore ending up at 5.3B power without leveling up. However, if I change his level to 400, his power gain is 11.1 B and total power 21.5B. How could the net difference between those last numbers be way more than the vizier’s current power at 1.7B?



    1. Hi, sorry for the slow response. It looks like a change I made on my test version didn’t actually make it over to the live version in the recent update. I have updated the original now and it should be giving accurate attack power gains.


  2. This…. Is… Amazing!! I have piles and piles of notes and try-outs scattered around my room, waiting to be put together in an orderly fashion. I was going to make a game-guide out of it all, but now I found yours… And I am absolutely, VERY POSITIVELY, amazed at how you noted things, and what you have noted! (The main quest list!! The way you keep track of the jigsaw puzzles 💜) I have been collecting the main quest-lines for a while now too, but not with the rewards, like you did.

    I can honestly say this guide comes pretty close to what I had in mind to create for myself, and thanks to you, I don’t have to struggle through the making of excel-sheets ((or similar programmes with common purpose)), so thanks a bunch!!!!!!

    I will (if you like) check what notes I have, maybe add to the sheets you made in a different colour and send it back (only to you, of course), so you can see if there is anything else you might want to incorporate. Also, I don’t need anything in return. All I wanted is a guide in my style, and you have pretty much given me this. Please do keep in mind that it can take a few months before I am done collecting all my existing notes (scattered much).

    Thank you for your help 💜


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