Union war allows you to compete against other Unions on your server each week for prizes and tokens redeemable in the union war store. Each war has 4 rounds and lasts a week.


Registration starts at server reset Monday at midnight game time and ends at 11:55 pm game time Tuesday, 5 minutes prior to Hunting Grounds starting. You must have 16 viziers at level 60 or higher to register. During the registration period you can increase your Viziers strength and donate diamonds and grain to help increase your union’s defense power. 

To access the Union War you must be in a Union. During the registration period on Monday, click the Union building in game. Scroll slightly to the right to find the Union War area underneath War of Supremacy. Merzif will great you with 4 different options: Ranking Rewards, Store, Predict, and Registration. Click the Registration button to begin.

`Union War Formation Blank.jpg

The Garrison is the defending viziers found on the left side of your lineup. Garrison viziers can also use defensive scrolls bought in the Union War store for diamonds.

Vanguards are the attacking viziers found on the right side of your lineup. Vanguards cannot use scrolls.

To move viziers in your lineup click on the viziers face, then click on the space where you want to move the vizier. This will swap the 2 viziers locations.

You can also add a different vizier to your lineup by tapping the vizier you wish to replace then click a vizier from the list at the bottom of the screen. This is important for when you gain new viziers.

Each set of Garrison and Vanguard viziers represents a round of war. Viziers put in the top row will only be available during the first round of war, viziers in the last row are only available during the last round of war, etc.

​Vizier power is listed using the abbreviations K, M, and B meaning thousand (k), millions (m), billions (b). A 100.00 M vizier is stronger then a 100.00 K vizier. During your first war, your lineup will be automatically setup with the strongest at the top and the weakest at the bottom. Typically unions start with their weakest viziers at the top in the first round and save their strongest viziers for the bottom, last round of war, you may need to adjust your viziers accordingly.

It is important to communicate with your union and adjust your viziers to match your union’s strategy. Your lineup will be saved for future wars.

The HP of the Garrison (your defense) is the garrison vizier’s attack power multiplied by the HP bonuses from grain and diamond donations. Vanguards also use the attack power formula to determine their damage. If your vizier has heirs being tutored under them, those damage bonuses will apply to war.

During the registration period you can use badges, books, and other items to increase your viziers attack power. Once the registration period ends your vizier’s power will be locked. Any items that increase your attack power after the registration period ends will not show in your war power. The power from these items are not lost (and will still affect other areas of the game); the power gained will show during the next week’s war.

Once the registration period ends your vizier lineup will be locked. You will not be able to rearrange viziers, add or remove scrolls, and your power will be locked for the week.


Scrolls can be equipped to your Garrison viziers. Scrolls can be purchased from the union war store and applied to the Garrison viziers prior to the war starting on Tuesday. Scrolls provide a variety of different effects from boosting your own defense power to lowering the attack power of your opponent when they fight your vizier.

To equip a scroll tap on the scroll icon on the top right of the vizier portrait for each garrison vizier. This will bring up a list of all the scrolls available. Ones you currently own will be highlighted and placed first in the list. You can equip only one scroll per vizier. Viziers that do not have a scroll equipped will show a ? on the bottom right of their portrait. Viziers with a scroll equipped will have a small icon indicating what scroll was used.

To remove a scroll tap the scroll icon on the top right of the vizier portrait same as if you were equipping a scroll. Click the red negative (minus) sign above the scroll name. You can equip and unequip scrolls without losing the scroll during registration. Once registration closes the scroll will be used and cannot be returned to your inventory for future use.


During the registration period you can donate grain and diamonds to your war. Grain and diamonds give each member of your union who has registered for war a HP Bonus.

Each level provides 200% HP Bonus. If your union does not reach the next level you get a part of the 200% applied to your HP Bonus. This means your union never loses grain or diamonds if you don’t finish a level.

The Math: In the photo we have a total of 13593% HP Bonus. The diamond donations are at level 17 and the grain at level 52. We have not reached the maximum donations for that level so instead we have: 16 x 200 = 3200% and 51 x 200 = 10200% for a total of 13400%. Diamonds is 1/3 of the way to the next level giving 66% and grain is about 2/3 of the way to the next level (63.7% of the way) giving the final 127% for a total of 13593% HP Bonus.


Attacking starts on Tuesday at 12pm game time (when Hunting Grounds open) for the first stage. The two viziers you assigned to the Vanguards during that stage will be available to fight. Each attack costs 1 stamina. To attack click on the castle you wish to attack and then click the vizier you wish to attack with. Viziers that show 0/3 will not be able to attack.

​Stamina is gained at a rate of 1 stamina per vizier each hour. Each Vanguard will have 3 stamina to start with. You can purchase additional stamina for gold by clicking the + icon below your vizier icon on the bottom of the screen (up to 5 stamina per vizier each round). The total cost is 150,000 gold for all 5 attacks per vizier. You can also purchase additional stamina with diamonds, however this gets increasingly more expensive to do.

Send Reinforcements costs 2666 diamonds and sends the selected vanguard vizier to attack each castle on the map (excluding your own). This attack does twice the amount of damage your vizier normally does to each castle and will ignore any scrolls that the opponents are using such as shields and damage reduction. Make sure to click the + icon to access the purchase stamina window on the vizier you wish to send reinforcements with.

Reinforcement Raid costs 2000 diamonds and sends the selected vanguard vizier to attack a specific castle on the map. This attack does eight times the amount of damage your vizier normally does and will ignore any scrolls that the opponents are using such as shields and damage reduction.

Breached castles who have had their HP drop to 0% can no longer attack in the war round. They also cannot be attacked by other unions at this point.

War Stages

Based on the game time fighting stages will be from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, starting with the opening of Hunting Grounds and ending two hours after Fortress Siege begins. War fights occur on Tuesday (Group Stage), Wednesday (Knock-Out Stage I), Friday (Knock-Out Stage II), and Sunday (Final Stage)

Advancement to the next stage is based on your ranking. There is two types of progression: Elimination and Valor. Elimination means only the top 3 in the group (unions that appear on the same map as you in the war window) with the highest score at the end of the stage will continue to the next stage. Valor means all unions participating in that stage will advance to the next round. The breakdown of Elimination vs Valor is listed below.

Let’s look at an example: 28 unions register for war this week. In the Group Stage all unions will progress using the Valor system. In Knock-Out Stage I, the progression style will switch to Elimination so only the top 3 unions from each group of fighting will progress. If only 9 unions register, all 9 unions will progress all the way to the final stage.


Predictions allow you to place bets on which unions you believe will continue on to the final stage in Knock-Out Stage II and will place in the top three spots during the Final Stage.

For Knock-Out Stage II, the order that the unions rank does not matter. If you are in a Valor round, all unions will be a successful bet as all unions continue to the next round.

The Final Stage predictions you are betting on who places first, second and third. Once you close the prediction window you cannot change the order of your prediction. Choose wisely!

The first two bets for each prediction are free, with the third bet costing coupons. Coupons can also be used to increase your token reward by betting multiple times on your prediction for a group. For Knock-Out Stage II this is increasing your bet that all 3 unions will continue on to the final stage. For the Final Stage it increases your bet that a specific union will rank in a certain spot (1st, 2nd or 3rd). Coupons are earned from union war Knock-Out Stage I rewards and Registration Rewards (grain and diamond). The more coupons used on a bet the more tokens you can receive.

Rewards and Store

Ranking Rewards are earned based on your unions rank for each round of war and also for your own personal attack rank each round. Only the top 50 players from each round of war will receive personal rewards. Personal rewards are based on a server ranking of all the players participating in war that week regardless of if they fought against the other union(s) or not.

Tokens are earned from correctly predictions and can be used to buy items in the Token Store. The store refreshes once per week on Monday. Any unspent tokens will carry over to the next week

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