Sultans and Sultanas!

It has been almost a month since we first gave you a glimpse of the upcoming War of Hunters and we are now pleased to reveal this new exciting upgrade to the beloved Pirate Hunter!

While we know many players love the current iteration of Pirate Hunter, we are confident you will love this even more! War of Hunters is based on the Pirate Hunter mechanics you know and love but with a new PvP twist, plus it’s cross-server!

New Rules

War of Hunters will retain almost everything about the current Pirate Hunter except for the enemies in Lv.5 area.

Just like in Pirate Hunter, players will form a fleet with three other players to explore the sea, defeat pirates, and rescue merchants to earn rewards like Reputation and Mysterious Chests. Please note that in order to participate in War of Hunters, players will need at least 16 Viziers.

Players won’t encounter enemy player fleets in the Lv. 1-4 seas, so their main goal will be to explore the sea, fight pirates, and rescue merchants.

In War of Hunters, players who slay a certain number of legendary pirates can now go on an all-new solo adventure in the Lv.5 area.

While in the Lv.5 area of War of Hunters, players won’t only face enemy pirates, but other players as well. Defeated players will be sent back to the Lv.4 area to earn greater glory for their teams!

Similar to Pirate Hunter, if players encounter tough enemies (both players and pirates), they can always mark them and invite crew members to help in the Danger Zone.

As we mentioned above, players defeated in Lv.5 will be sent back to the Lv.4 area, and will need to earn their way back to Lv.5 by slaying additional legendary pirates.

We understand that some players might find going through that all over again to be too much trouble. To bypass this, players will be able to use an item called a Nautical Map to enter Lv.5 directly. Please note that you will need to clear Lv. 4 prior to being able to use this item.

Also, we prepared for everyone delicious Cheese and Seafood Hotspot in War of Hunters to help with the hunt. Please note that the food items (Fruit and Meat) for Pirate Hunter will not be able to be used in War of Hunters.


In addition, we have optimized the event after listening to player feedback about the amount of time spent exploring the seas. A Search-all button (unlocked after reaching a certain Sultan Level or VIP Level) in the Lv.1-4 areas has been added to event.

The Search-all button consumes Food and completes 10 encounters automatically saving players valuable time!


Finally, let’s take a look at the rewards for War of Hunters!As in Pirate Hunter, ranking rewards will be given based on Personal Reputation and Fleet Reputation after the event ends.

However, the rewards for WoH have increased to much more than Pirate Hunter. You will be able to obtain Badge Shards to redeem for our newest Glory of Circassia – Jasmine! Jasmine Badge Shards are available in both Personal and Fleet Reputation Rankings as well as other valuable resources! Players can also obtain precious Deluxe Chests after defeating players in the Lv.5 area which can contain almighty badges, fearless medal shards, and many more items.

And that’s how War of Hunters works! The new War of Hunters will make its debut in early May, stay tuned!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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