Amongst all the brilliant Viziers, whom is your favorite? Is it our old friend Piyale? The inimitable Davut? Or the far-famed Murat?

Whomever it is, we trust you’ve prepared them well for an onslaught of challenges!If they run into the invincible Infernal Guards will victory be on their side?Find out whether your viziers stand up to the challenge in our new system Training Ground, available in the upcoming 2.5! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Formation Matters

Before challenging, a proper Formation is required.

As we can see from the below picture, there are five Seats in a Formation and players need to deploy a Vizier for each seat. Note that different seats provide different bonuses to Viziers, and a good Formation is the key to victory.

Beyond seats, players can also receive aid from friends by borrowing their Vizier (once per day).

If Battle Viziers fail to defeat the Guards, Substitute Viziers will take their place.Substitute Seats will be unlocked after clearing certain Barracks.

Infernal Battle

Players can start the challenge after a Formation is set.

Jonas will present Barracks to us, each of which contains multiple Squads. Players can challenge them in turn.

Players can freely position viziers before each battle. Make sure to utilize stronger Viziers wisely. As mentioned above, Formation matters!

Players can start the battle any time after finalizing the Formation!

You will receive a rating and some rewards according to the number of Guards you defeat during each round of Training.Players can repeat the challenge until they get the best Rating (3-Star).

A Barrack will be cleared and players will receive decent rewards when all Rounds earn a 3-Star Rating.The responsible Formation will be recorded forever!

The next Barrack will be unlocked after clearing the previous Barrack.The further you go, the stronger the enemy!

Infernal Rankings

The name of the first player to surmount the Infernal Guards Barrack will appear on the Infernal Rankings!

Not only that, players will receive first-clear rewards once a Barrack is successfully cleared.

While the first-clear player of certain Barrack will be rewarded with an exclusive frame!

Don’t be discouraged if you are not the first one to pass the Barrack, you will still be able to receive rewards once a Barrack is cleared. In addition, you will receive a special Frame once you clear certain Barracks for the first time!

This has been an introduction of our brand new Training Ground! Stay tuned and prove yourself in the upcoming version 2.5!

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