Dear Sultans and Sultanas!
As some of you may have expected, the Academy is being renovated! With the newly upgraded Academy in the upcoming v2.5, Viziers will be able to receive more Skill and Book XP in less time! What other new features await you in the Academy? Let’s find out!

The Academy Alcove

Viziers will still receive Skill and Book XP after 3 hours of learning in the Academy.

While studying in the new Academy, the amount of Skill and Book XP gained will be increased according to the level of your Academy Alcove. Wait! I’ve never heard of Academy Alcove. Is that something brand new?

Yes, it is! Academy Alcove is a new feature that offers XP bonuses to Viziers. It can be accessed from the center at the bottom of your Academy interface.

As we can see from the below screenshot, Academy Alcove offers viziers additional Skill and Book XP during their learning period and determines the max number of Academy Seats (you are allowed >10 seats now), Practice Seats and Practice Viziers. It can be upgraded with Lore Fragments.

Lore Fragments can be earned through visits to the Training Ground. (Click the link here for more information about the Training Ground)

Bond with Your Friends

You may have noticed above that we mentioned a new seat (Practice Seat). Practice Seats are special seats designed for Viziers of your friends. Players can start learning in each other’s Academy to acquire Skill and Book XP upon gaining Academy Alcove levels.

You are guaranteed to receive rewards once they finish learning.

Now you know how important the Academy Alcove is! Make sure you obtain as many Lore Fragments as possible in the Training Ground to upgrade your Academy!

Time Extension

With the revamped Academy you can now also extend the amount of time your vizier is studying to increase the book xp and PvP skills gained! Allow us to introduce the Timepiece! This item can extend the learning time of a Vizier by 10 minutes.

You can tap any Vizier in the Academy to use as many Timepieces as you want! Timepieces can be obtained through gratitude rewards and events.

That covers the revamped Academy features. If you have any comments, thoughts and suggestions, feel free to leave them in the Comments below!

5 thoughts on “Academy Overhaul

    1. Great question. Unfortunately I don’t have the information to answer this right now as the developers are not willing to share the cost of seats at this time. However, I do plan to do a post on the new Academy as soon as 2.5 is released.


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