Greetings Sultans and Sultanas,
Another major update is just around the corner! Before we dive into what is to come in v. 2.5, we wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone to stay safe and healthy. Like always, to learn more about how we roll out new updates, please read this Note. Now let’s explore what is coming with version 2.5!

Keep your Viziers Competitive

A major aspect of the v2.5 update is the Training Ground, an all-new system designed for testing the fortitude of your loyal Viziers. As a Sultan/Sultana, you’ll stack the Training Ground with Royal Guards that represent the strongest of your Ottoman Empire! Please read this note to learn more about what your Viziers might be capable of!

Challenge the Guards, prove yourself, and power up!

Improved Imperial Academy

As we continue to improve upon aspects of the existing game systems, an improved Imperial Academy remains a priority. In version 2.5, we will introduce exciting new features and items such as the Academy Alcove, Vizier Practice, and Timepieces. Head over to this note for further details on how we renovated the Academy!

The Magic Show

You were expecting a brand new mini-game, so here it is — Hezarfen’s Magic Show! It is said that all of Istanbul turns out for Hezarfen, eager to learn the secrets of his sorcery and unbox magical rewards. Mastering the timing and precision of the mystical arts will be key! Here’s a sneak peek (still in-development):

Please note that Hezarfen’s Magic Show won’t be available at launch, but we’ll have updates soon, make sure to stick around!

Optimization – Time-Limited Redeem

As you are all aware, we removed Combine for optimization. Now it’s back better than ever and with a new name – Time Limited Redeem! From version 2.5 onward, the upgraded Time-Limited Redeem event will allow players to redeem single or multiple items and receive subsequent multiple prizes in return. (Note: Items available to be redeemed will be subject to the current in-game rush/event). Here is a quick preview:

Optimization – Coalition

It’s been about four months since we launched Coalition. As one of the most ambitious systems launched in Game of Sultans, we have been reviewing player feedback on how to improve Coalition. With that in mind, version 2.5 will add Contribution and Quest details to the Coalition Management page. In addition, there will be a “Details” button to access Quests progress in Coalition Affairs.

And those are the biggest changes you will see in v2.5! Version 2.5 will be released to all players early next week and we’re looking forward to reading your feedback once you’ve had a chance to download it! If you enjoy the new update, don’t forget to show us some love with a review!

Download the game now on Google Play or in the App Store.

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