Players can dispatch viziers to the Imperial Academy to gain Book XP and Skill XP which is used to upgrade their talents and PvP skills respectively.


Academy learning sessions last 3 hours and give your viziers a minimum of 100 Skill XP and 10 Book XP. Skill XP is used automatically to level up the PvP Skill for arena. Book XP can be used instead of a badge to level up talent. You can increase the amount of XP you gain by increasing your Academy level. Additionally, Viziers with a skin will gain higher Book XP and Skill XP at an increased rate equal to the skin’s bonus. For most viziers, owning a single copy of their skin will give you a 50% increase to Skill XP and Book XP gain. While at the academy your viziers can still be used for other content such as hunting grounds and fortress siege.

Expansion and Dispatch

Every player begins with one seat for their viziers to use. Players can increase the amount of seats available by purchasing them with diamonds. Seats will cost an increasing amount as you unlock more.

After players have unlocked 5 regular seats they will be able to use the Dispatch All feature. Players must first set up a Learning Team of select viziers they wish to send to the academy. Viziers can be switched out of the team at any time, but the changes will not be seen until the next round of learning. When you have empty seats you can click dispatch all to send your selected team to fill the seats immediately without having to search for them in the list. The number of spots available on the learning team will match the number of available spots to learn in your academy.

Practice Seats

All players begin with one practice seat. This seat is only useable by your friend’s viziers. When a friend sends a vizier to your academy you will earn a Timepiece which is used to extend the viziers learning time. Viziers visiting another academy will earn the same Book XP and Skill XP as sitting in your own academy, although gains will be based on the level of the Academy you visit. For example sitting in a friend’s level 1 Academy will give 10 Book XP and 100 Skill XP whereas visiting a friend with a level 21 Academy will give you 21 Book XP and 210 Skill XP.

Players can also create a Learning Team for visiting your friend’s academies. To access, click on the Friendlist icon on the bottom right of the screen. Here you can see your friend’s academies, adjust your practice teams and dispatch your viziers. You will need to first click Practice Team to setup assign your Viziers as part of the practice group. Once this is set the viziers you have chosen will automatically be assigned to a friend’s academy every time you use the Dispatch All button in the friendlist window. Viziers are dispatched to the highest level academy with open seats first.


Timepieces extend the viziers learning time by 10 minutes giving an additional Book XP and Skill XP per timepiece. Timepieces can only be gained by others visiting your academy. At this time players cannot invite others to their seat so talking with friends and union members is key.

Using only one timepieces per vizier per session can give a small boost to what you gain per time piece. For example one time piece (10 minutes) when used on a vizier with no skin gives 2 Book XP and 12 Skill XP in a level 21 Academy. When using 1000 timepieces during one session you would get 1,167 Book XP and 11,667 Skill XP. Compare this to the 2,000 Book XP and 12,000 skill XP you would get using them once per session. The same amount of time would be used by the vizier in the academy with increased gains per timepiece and time spent. As shown below, Timepieces will eventually hit a static average gain per piece spent that matches the rate gained during a visit with no time pieces (21 Book XP and 210 Skill XP per 3 hours spent in a level 21 Academy).

Academy Alcove

The Academy Alcove determines the max number of seats and practice seats along with the base amount of Book XP and Skill XP a Vizier gains per session. Players can upgrade the academy using Lore Fragments which are gained in the Training Grounds. There is currently a maximum of 21 levels which cost 100 Fragments per level (for a total of 2100 fragments).

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.4

4 thoughts on “Imperial Academy

  1. This is majorly out of date now. Max level is 21 and time pieces now give a static increase as opposed to whatever it was that they did at launch. It would also be nice to know how many emeralds are needed for this since #15 costs me 10k but the chart lists it at only 7k.


    1. Hi thank you for the notice, I have it updated now to reflect proper costs, max levels and timepiece effects. While the time pieces do eventually have a static rate of gain, the start is still not static for the first almost 7 hours which players can take advantage of if they want to deal with the slight hassle of using only one time piece per session per vizier each time.


      1. It seems to be a fraction of the time, which leads to rounding issues in regards to XP gained. But at a level 21 Academy I get 21 book and 210 skill XP for every 18 timepieces that I use (or every 3 hours of additional training). This makes the timepieces work the same as if you had just renewed your training.

        While I haven’t done the math for each timepiece put in, I would be willing to bet that what we have is X/18 * Y where X is the number of timepieces and Y is base skill/book xp based on the level of your academy. This would explain why every 18 timepieces adds 21 book and 210 skill xp for me, with the “odd” gains being due to rounding issues. I checked this at 18, 36, 54, and 72 timepieces and it checked out, but I don’t have a different account to see if it holds true at different academy levels.


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