To test the capability of the Viziers and keep them competitive, as a Sultan, you’ve decided to set up a Training Ground with the Royal Guards that represent the strongest of the Ottoman Empire! Challenge the Guards, prove yourself and power up!


Players can access the Training Grounds once they have a minimum of 5 level 20 viziers. To begin players must first setup a formation before they can challenge the Infernal Guards.

Inside the Formation tent there are 5 spots to assign a vizier. Only one vizier can be assigned to a spot. Viziers cannot be used for multiple tents. Each spot offers a unique bonus boosting the damage a vizier does for the particular type shown (Politics top left, Prestige top right, Military middle left, Research middle right and All Attributes bottom).

Players can also spend diamonds to receive support from a friend. Clicking the Flag button on the bottom of the screen will open the Receive Support window. Only the top 30 strongest friends will be visible, and only their strongest vizier can be recruited.

Support viziers will stay until reset at the end of the day. Only one support vizier can be recruited per day. Once you have recruited a support vizier you must place them in your lineup by clicking the tent you wish to assign them to. Support viziers can only help in one fight, however if the fight does not increase the star rating you will be able to use the Support Vizier to try again. Support Viziers that have helped win a fight will leave and your formation will automatically switch back to its previous setup if the replaced vizier was not assigned elsewhere.

Once players have defeated the first 161 squads they are able to assign substitute viziers. These viziers will fight if a vizier in your normal lineup is defeated. Additional seats for substitute viziers unlock by defeating more squads. Substitute viziers will automatically deploy during a fight in the order listed and will continue to deploy as a vizier is defeated.


Once your Formation is setup you can head over to the Challenge area. Each page has 4 squads with a final 5th ‘boss’ round. Each fight is rated on a three star scale with three stars being achieved by defeating all enemies. Three stars can be achieved while using a Support Vizier or if a substitute vizier is used. You must get at least one star in a fight to continue on to the next squad. All squads must have a three star defeated rating before you can access the next Barracks. Defeating a squad will reward you with a 3 small items with the boss rounds giving Lore Fragments on certain levels which are used to increase your Imperial Academy’s level.

To begin tap on the first squad to challenge. Before the battle starts you will see the lineup of the enemy guards. Look closely at their icon to determine what order to place your viziers.

Your viziers health is determined by their total attributes similar to Arena. Your damage is based on the viziers talent in two ways. Total talent points will determine your base damage. Your vizier’s star rating will determine the amount of critical hits and how much your damage boost is with 1 star talents offering a small boost in damage and 6 stars offering a large boost in damage. (~10% for 1 star vs ~327% for 6 star)

Before tapping the battle icon click and drag your viziers to your desired order. Placing viziers with the highest attributes and most talent stars against the strongest guards will help you achieve a three star victory. No crystal at the bottom of the avatar does the least amount of damage with gray, teal, then red doing the most damage.

Battles can be repeated as many times as you want with no cost until a 3 star rating is achieved. Once you get a three star rating you will no longer be able to fight that squad. A viziers death is only for that round. They resurrect again with each try and can be used without limits per day.

Clearing a full barrack will also get you some additional rewards!

Infernal Rankings

The first player who defeats a barrack will appear on the Infernal Rankings and receive special rewards. All members of the server receive a small amount of rewards after the first clear has occured.

Special notes

Thank you to Merc and Wicket for their additional research into how damage works in the training grounds. They have developed a small Google Sheets calculator based on their beta testing to help you calculate your viziers HP and Damage based on the multipliers. You can view it here:

Verified up to date for Version 3.5

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