Greetings Sultans/Sultanas,
We hope you have been enjoying the brand new features of 2.5 such as Training Ground, the new Academy, new skins and the new login page!

As revealed previously in our 2.5 announcement, a brand-new mini-game, Magic Show, is finally ready to make its grand debut! As its name suggests, this is a show all about magic. Witness the magic of moving objects out of thin air here! Now let’s take a look at what this new mini game entails.

A Challenging One

This magic trick will be performed by Hezarfen, our ambitious inventor! For those who don’t remember who he is, you can find him at the Lake Tower in Masquerade still trying to master a way to fly the sky!

The below is a picture of the Magic Box he invented. Open it and you can start your magical journey and win rewards!

Your goal is to launch marbles to hit the floating Magic Stones to prevent them from getting out of the Magic Box.

Long press the screen to adjust the aim of the Marble.The Marble will bounce among the Magic Stones. Each successful bounce reduces the number on the stone by 1, and the stone will be crushed into Shards when its number reaches 0. You can then use the Shards to purchase items from the Time-limited Redeem event!

Each successful hit of a Magic stone grants players 1 point. Once you reach a certain score, a new round will be unlocked which can contain hidden special Magic Stones!

The unlocked special stones will show up in the Box from time to time,Including Enhanced Stone (capable of increasing the amount of marbles after being crushed),

Marble Stone (capable of scattering more marbles after being crushed),

and Eruption Stone (capable of blasting over an area after being crushed)

Each time you fire a marble, the Magic Stone will automatically move up. The game will be over when the stones get out of the Box, and both the score and the number of marbles will be reset.

Hezarfen will add some Magic Stones in the Box for every few lines of Stones generated. It will make the game a bit harder, but rewards will be worth it!

As for how Hezarfen conjured the stones out of thin air, and how they are moved? Well, a magician never reveals his tricks!

How to Pass a Magic Test Quickly

And that’s the end of the introduction to Magic Show! Now let me show you some tips on how to play this game!

There are two features that will help you pass the magic test faster. One is that you can add more lines of Stones in the box with some energy.

Waiiit a sec… Wouldn’t that just make it harder? Lol. It will not! Sometimes more Stones gives you a better chance to crush them, and more rewards!

But if your Magic Stones are already close to getting out of the box, make sure you use it sparingly. If you find yourself with nowhere to go, you can use a Bomb to help you out!

You can drag the Bomb to the box and release it to detonate. The Bomb will explode and destroy all Magic Stones within a given area.


Lastly, let’s see what rewards you can get from the Show! As we mentioned above, players can get precious Stone Shards which can be used to purchase items from the Time-limited Redeem.

There will also be ranking rewards, and the player who places first will receive a special frame!

In the meantime, we also prepared another frame for other top-ranking players!

And that’s all for the Magic Show! Are you as excited as we are about this new mini game? If you have any questions or suggestions about the Magic Show, please leave us a comment!

4 thoughts on “It’s Show Time

    1. Shards stay in your backpack so they are safe to keep till the next event (kind of like horserider items). Bombs will also stay but unused energy will disappear.


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