Dear Sultans/Sultanas,
Game of Sultan will be officially 2 years old on July 18th! Thank you for all your support over the last two years. Without our community of players, we know that none of this could have been possible. To celebrate our second anniversary, we will be introducing tons of new content and events kicking off in the coming days, including the long-awaited male Companions!

Community Events

To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of GoS, we’ve organized a slew of ongoing community events – Fan Art ContestWiki Contest and the Happy Birthday Video. Don’t forget to check them out if you haven’t already! We have several more exciting surprises underway. Be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye on our Facebook page, Telegram and Discord channels!

Your Empire & Journey

Celebrating our second anniversary also means celebrating you! You’ve built your empire from scratch and every one of your achievements have been recorded. Take a trip down memory lane and review every affair you’ve handled, every sea you’ve explored, the Viziers you’ve upgraded, Consorts you’ve met and married… Every step you’ve taken was a step towards glory in building your empire!

Anniversary Cake

A party wouldn’t be complete without a cake and the imperial chef has made one to celebrate the second anniversary! Each player will have an opportunity to decorate it with special birthday candles. Check out our cake below! Doesn’t it look delicious? You can also write warm wishes to your friends, or even us, the GoS Team, if you want. Each wish and kind regard will be displayed on the cake panel!

Grand Celebration

For the epic celebration, a large and impressive venue is required. The following nine wastelands on the map will be reclaimed to complete the preparation!

When all the wastelands are turned into buildings, you will get a precious Celebration Gift – a new skin for Piyale! Be sure to stay tuned as a reveal for Piyale’s special outfit is coming soon!

Hasan’s Closet

Hasan took months and months to fill up a closet of gifts for you! In addition, you can choose the gifts you want and put them in the closet! Complete daily quests to get Gift Coupons and open shiny Gift Boxes for free. What’s inside the boxes you ask? No one knows! Which gift is yours? Come and try your luck!

 Lucky Bags

We also prepared several Lucky Bags! Spoiler alert! The Anniversary Bag contains mysterious gifts! The more you purchase, the greater the gifts you will receive. Don’t miss out on the chance to win fantastic rewards!

Anniversary Outfits

Now that all the preparations have been completed, it’s time to dress up for our momentous anniversary! The imperial tailors have been hard at work crafting new outfits for the celebration! Check it out!

Plus, there will also be new frames and a unique avatar effect!

In addition, we designed a group of special cute avatars to celebrate the Anniversary. Aren’t they adorable?

Along with the new outfits for the Sultan and Sultana, the imperial tailors have also created new outfits for some of our popular viziers and consorts! Please stay tuned as we will reveal more info about these exciting new skins soon! But here is a sneak peek at what’s to come:

FINALLY! Companion System

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited male Companions will be introduced in the upcoming update!

In the ancient Ottoman Empire, people held precious stones in reverence. They believed each type of stone has a unique power: curing a disease, praying for rain, preventing lightning strikes… The rarest stone of all, a Shape-change Stone, has the power of switching Consorts into characters of the opposite gender. That means you can finally have male Companions in your Harem now! Details of the Shape-change Stones and a preview for the Companions system will be covered in a future post. Please note that we are still hard-working on testing the Companion system at the moment, but the team is working their butt off to make it available ASAP!

From Daphne to Mirza after using the Shape-change Stone

Introducing Palace Delight

We know that many of our players have been asking for a new background for Baubles Blast. We’ve heard your request and brought Palace Delight in its place! Packed with flavors of summer and fun, a new taste of Palace Delight will make its debut during the Anniversary celebration!

Star Stones – Blessings from the Sky

With the rise of astrology, the craze for Star Stone Blessing is taking the Empire by storm. A disc inlaid with Star Stones makes a magnificent gift for any Companion! How do you make a constellation disc? Find out next time!

Note: The Star Stones Blessing event is still in development and we will share more details (including launch window) in a future post, please stay tuned! Here is a glimpse of it:

Last but certainly not least, when will these events be introduced to the game?

It took us a long time and considerable effort to develop all these content. So far, we are on track to release these new features to the game later this week while fixing some existing problems.

Once again, happy second anniversary! It has been an incredible two years and we can’t wait to continue to celebrate soon! If you enjoy the new update, don’t forget to show us some love with a review!

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