Companions are a valuable part of your empire. “Companions manage the Sultan’s private life, estates, children, and have much political influence in the Palace.” In game, this means that the consorts influence your heir growth, and are also individually paired to a specific vizier. This pairing provides the vizier with bonuses.

Gaining companions

Your first consort will depend on the choices you make during the storyline at the beginning of the game granting you either Daphne/Mirza or Fiona/Fiza.

Each companion has a male and female version. When you first meet the companion for the first time you will be prompted to choose whether you would like to interact with the male version or the female version of the companion.

Empire Power/Sultan Level Unlock
While Masquerading

The choice between male or female is purely aesthetic and has no impact on your gameplay outside of that visual difference. Companions will still have the same gains, skills, and abilities regardless of which version is chosen. Male companions skins were introduced in the 2.7 patch. The benefits of skins (+5% companion xp after visit) still applies even if the skin is not available to see on the male companion. Players that had the female equivalent of a skin automatically unlocked the male version after the 2.7 update launched.


Masquerade allows the Sultan to meet with current and potential companions and is automatically unlocked once you reach Young Sultan II. For those playing the Female storyline the first companion you will meet will match the vizier you choose to keep during the storyline. For those playing the Male storyline you will automatically acquire either Daphne or Fiona based on your choice and will need to use the free gender swap option to swap to Mirza or Fiza instead. Masquerade will still be unlocked at Young Sultan II, but you will not automatically gain a companion during the first masquerade (as you already gained him or her).

While masquerading, each time you meet a companion you have a chance that your Sultan will automatically ask him or her to join your harem. The amount of times you must meet a companion before asking them to join your harem is random. Once you have acquired a companion, you will increase your intimacy with them when encountering them while masquerading in the future. To learn more about Masquerading click here.

companion growth

Each companion has two attributes: Intimacy and Charm. ​Intimacy affects the attributes of heirs with higher intimacy granting heirs higher attributes. Intimacy also unlocks a companion’s skills and is a required part of a Companion’s Title. Charm on the other hand affects the experienced gained during a random or special visit. Charm is also required for increasing your Companion’s Title.

To increase your companion’s intimacy or charm you can present them with gifts. Rings (agate and emerald) and necklaces will boost your intimacy while earrings (silver and gold) and brooches will boost your charm. To use rings and earrings you can either enter the harem and click on the Companion you wish to gift items to or you can gift them to a companion from the backpack.

Players can also gain Intimacy and Charm chests and packs, hairpins, and bracelets from Coalitions and Mini-Games. These items upgrade either a random companion or all companions and need to be used through the backpack.

Companion Skills

Companions help out their related Vizier by boosting their attributes through Companion skills. Skills can be unlocked by increasing your intimacy with a specific Consort with skills unlocking at 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, and 200 Intimacy. 

Skills come in two types: flat gain and percent bonuses. The first two Companion skills (gold icon) are flat gain. This works similar to a book being applied to a vizier – it will give the vizier a set amount of specified attributes based on the skill level and star rating. The last four skills (purple icon) are percent gains. This boosts the attributes your vizier has gained from leveling up and increasing talent (talent bonus) and from giving the vizier attribute books (book bonus).

In this image the blue boxes are the flat gain and the green box is the percent gain. The flat gain only applies to the research and politics skill as shown by the icons to the left of the amount. For research this adds up (2520+2800=5320) correctly under the companion skill section on the left image. (Politics has a % bonus not pictured).

For the percent gain we can see the two red boxes on the left add up to 84,222. The percent gain is 1.5% or 1,263 attributes which matches the Companion Skill for the Military Attribute section. Percent skills will provide a much more powerful gain as you continue to level up the vizier and the skill, but they are also much more costly to level up.

Leveling up a skill instantly applies the new gains to your vizier. All percent gains are applied to both current and future attributes. This means that a Vizier that has reaches level 100 then upgrades their bonus to 1.5% will have the same attributes gained as someone who reaches a 1.5% bonus then levels up to 100. There is no way to get less attributes due to the order you use items.

Skills can be improved on in two ways: leveling them and increasing their star level.

To level up skills you need Companion XP. ​XP is gained when visiting using random visit, auto visit, or specific visit (which costs diamonds). Companion XP is locked to the companion you gained it on, so if you visit Osilda/Eris you will not be able to use that XP on Canfeza/Belur.

Star levels are increased using Elegance Gems (also called pearls by the community). Elegance Gems are gained through Companion Learning rooms (painting, reading, music) in the Companion Hall and are used to increase one skills star rating. Unlike XP, Elegance Gems are shared with all of your companions. Skills that you have enough gems to upgrade will have a glowing ring of gold around the outside. To upgrade click on the skill icon and click ascend. The flat gain skills (first two with gold icons) will increase the amount of attributes you get per level. The percent gain skills (last four with purple icons) will increase the amount of percent bonus you get per level. All gain is applied retroactively as well meaning that even if you level up the skill then increase the star rating, you will get the same amount of gains regardless.

All skills currently have a max level of 600 with a six star maximum ascension. Once you reach max level you will see red text saying Max where the Level up button used to be.

Companion Hall

The Companion Hall is a perfect place for your consorts to teach and learn. Here companions will earn Elegance Gems to upgrade companion skills. The Companion Hall is unlocked once you have 7 or more Companions.

Teaching Rooms are unlocked using Keys. Painting Room Keys are available from the feast store and Coalition quests while Music and Reading room keys are primarily given as rewards during various events. Each teaching room offers a set amount of Elegance Gems for the player who opens the teaching room and companions who visit to learn. Players can open a room by clicking the Enable button then selecting the room type that they have a key for. By default your best companion will be selected to teach the room. While you can change who teaches the room, it is not necessary to do so as the Elegance Gems earned will be shared with all of your companions.

Before starting a room you may want to click the Share with Union Chat button at the bottom of the screen. This choice will be saved for future rooms as well so you only need to worry about choosing the option one time.

Teachers with better titles will gain a 5% bonus per title level (Attendant 5%, Choice Attendant 10%, etc). Teachers can also gain additional Elegance Gems by having members of their union sitting in their room. The gain will be dependent on how long the student remains in the room and how many students are from your union. Teaching Rooms last for two hours and teachers cannot quit the room early or be kicked. You can open an unlimited amount of rooms a day provided you have enough keys to do so.

Students are other players who join a teaching room by sending a companion to learn. Companions who participate earn Elegance Gems based upon how long they remain in the room. Each player can visit a room 5 times a day. Each room has 3 seats available to students. Companions with better titles can take seats from those with inferior titles. Higher Intimacy will determine if a companion can take the seat of another companion with the same title. Failing to take a seat will not use one of your room visits. Higher titles will also gain more Elegance Gems during the visit. Students also benefit from the Union bonus gaining a small amount of additional Elegance Gems in rooms where their union member is a Teacher. Due to the union bonus, most servers have a socially accepted rule that you do not kick out players that are from the same union as the teacher. It is best to check with your server/union leader to see if your server uses this rule.

Expel and Protection Badges can only be used by the teacher of the room. Expel Badges allow you to remove a student of your choice from the room. Protection Badges prevent any of the seats in a room from being taken for all students for 20 minutes.  Teachers are allowed to expel a student while the protection badge is in effect. Multiple protection badges can be used at a time (up to 6) as the time will stack. Expel and protection badges can be purchased in the feast store for 200 and 400 tokens respectively.

Companion Titles

Companion Titles allow you to promote specific companions based on their intimacy and charm. To unlock this feature you must have 6 or more companions. The titles provide a boost to heirs and the Companion Hall.

​Once a Companion reaches the required amount of intimacy and charm you will be allowed to promote them by clicking the crown up icon on the right. However there is a limited amount of spots per title. For example only 16 companions can claim the title of Choice Attendant at one time. If you would like to promote a companion, but have no spot to do so you can choose to demote a consort.

​Demotion is available to all consorts higher then Attendant which allows you to adjust which companions have a title at any given time. Demotion will not reduce or change the amount of intimacy or charm a consort has as Companions can have an unlimited amount of intimacy and charm regardless of their title.

​The title will not only boost the Elegance Gems gained in the Companion Hall as mentioned previously, but also benefit Heirs. Heirs gain bonuses based off their sponsor’s title and all your companions total. Companion titles give a set bonus to all heirs from that companion. This will display under Intimacy info on the heirs page and will reflect the title of the Companion sponsoring the child. Companion Harmony bonus is applied to all heirs regardless of the sponsor and is determined by your total companion titles.

Verified up to date for Game Version 3.4

6 thoughts on “Companions

  1. Do you know where I can get the shape Change stones for companions earned after the update? If I choose a female and decide later to change?


    1. Shape-changing stones are currently limited to mini game token store rewards. Right now they are avalible in Bauble Blast (Palace Delight) for 6,000 tokens.


  2. Who should I give particular badges to? Do all badges (prestige, politics, etc) go to military viziers or do you strictly give military badges to military viziers? How does that work?


    1. I would not put all your items on a military vizier in most cases. Especially the starter viziers like Hadim, Veli, Davut, etc. These guys have low growth potential for resources and won’t make as much out of the gains. Keep in mind your primary goal for non military is always as much attributes as possible so no matter who you choose your focus is on high harmony/companion bonuses and perferably large room to grow.

      Personally my favorite startup right now is working Merzif for your main companion pair to get good resource building and use an M5 (Kocasin and Kuyu can be good later down the road for extra prestige badges) for Military stuff. This will let you build up Harmony/Companion gains to get some good EP boost leave you with a couple decently strong arena viziers (Merzif is great due to his total talent potential and M5 have pretty fast building HP due to the quicker harmony gains), a decent all rounder for training grounds and a vizier you wont regret working on for military ventures later as M5 cap out higher then pretty much all the starter military viziers. As you grow swap over to Outstanding 4 viziers for military.


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