Sultans, it is time to carry forward the great tradition of horse riding! Join a team and navigate your way through the racecourse to pick up prizes.


To begin you must first join or create a team. In the team list you will see the team name, leader of the team (who made it), how many members they have and if they are open for anyone joining or if they only take applications. Teams that will allow anyone to join have a gold + button. Teams that are for applications only are blue with an up arrow.

If you would like to create your own team click the purple button at the bottom of the screen. Choose a team name (and motto if you want). Make sure to uncheck the box that says No approval required for new recruit if you want to make a team with just your friends or union members.

If you leave or are removed from a team you must wait 2 hours before you can join another team. You will also lose 10% of your score.


Once you join a team or create your own you are ready to ride. Click the horse icon at the bottom middle of the screen to enter the racecourse. The Racecourse comes in 5 different levels. The higher the level the racecourse the better rewards you will receive. Your racecourse is dependant on how far you as an individual has traveled. Your team cannot help you unlock higher racecourses. 

Once players click the Start button their horse will begin to move along the path. Your horse will travel at a rate of 1 energy per 100 meters traveled. Energy recovers at a rate of 2 points per hour with a maximum of 25 energy. You can move your horse along the path by swiping left or right to collect objects and avoid obstacles. There are three ‘lanes’ the horse can ride in: left side, center, and right side. Your horse will need to be in the same lane as an object to collect it.

While riding you will see a variety of different objects along the way. Items like vizier clothing and consort rings and earrings along with special combine items will appear along the path to collect.

Additionally, you will find silver tokens as well. Tokens are what make up your individual score, they come in +5, +10 or +15 along the path and are seen on all levels of the racecourse. Your team score is a combination of all the individual scores. The value of tokens can be boosted by the x2 bar giving you +10, +20, or +30 score instead. Sticks on the other hand subtract from your score. Hitting a stick will decrease your score by 8 points. They will not affect your x2 bonus bar.

The Rider will appear along the map after what appears to be a minimum amount of distance traveled (not confirmed). Players must pass the rider to collect special items from him. You can be in any “lane” of the map when you pass him and do not need to hit him like you do objects to claim your rewards. If you stop riding (by hitting rest or run out of energy) the rider will continue to move and will eventually leave the screen resulting in a lost chance if you do not continue to ride. It takes players approximately 7 energy to pass The Rider therefore if you are below 10 energy with no whips and have not seen The Rider in a while it is best to stop and regain energy before continuing.

Bonus Orbs and the x2 Bar

Bonus Orbs come in four different types: red, blue, purple and green. Bonus Orbs get added to the x2 bar at the top of the screen.

This bar is a team effort, where all orbs get added to the bar from all members of the team. However, the consumption of the bar is individual. To think of this another way, each player has an individual x2 bar. When they collect an orb on the map they provide energy to each team member’s individual bar, when an item is picked up instead you use only the energy on your own bar. The bonus only applies when your x2 bar is filled. This applies to both tokens for the score and items such as new clothes or rings. The x2 bar can be filled multiple times and will show a small x# inside the bar indicating how many times you will get double items.


Players can increase the rate of travel by using a horsewhip. Horsewhips will move your horse forward 1000 meters at the cost of 3 energy. You will automatically pick up every object along the way while avoiding all sticks in the road. Horsewhips will use your x2 bar as well, applying the bonus to the first things you encounter after the bar is filled. Some players opt not to use a horsewhip when the x2 bar is filled to avoid using the bonus on objects they don’t want double of. For example you may want to save your x2 bar for an upcoming rare Gemstone to get x2 of that instead of x2 of a +5 token.


Players will gain 1 energy every thirty minutes. You can also gain additional energy by purchasing Forage (hay) for 100 diamonds up to 5 times per day which will give you 10 energy each. Forage and Radishes (carrots – 20 energy each) can also be gained via purchase rewards and diamond packs. Currently energy does not appear in Time-Limited quest rewards which instead give horsewhips.


While riding players may come across special Horserider items. Grass, Tulips, and Brook (water pail), are available on every level of the map while the Runner Garland is unlocked in the Fertile (3rd) racecourse and the Gemstone is unlocked in the Abundant Racecourse.

These items can be used during the Horserider event in the Time-Limited Combine area to exchange for various items. They can also be used directly from the backpack at any given time to convert to lower value items such as gold coupons, attribute booklets, and silver earrings. It is STRONGLY recommended to not use them from backpack. Instead save them for the next Horserider event where you can redeem them for better quality items.

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