Welcome to our new mini-game – Base Hunt! Legend has it that the King of Lydia hid his greatest treasures under Sardis. Now, after centuries of searching for these treasures, explorers have finally uncovered them!

Everyone nearby has rushed to claim what they can. Before transporting them back to the Empire, you must build fortifications on your base to keep your treasures safe. You can also lead your troops to enemy bases to recover more treasures for your Empire! What’s more, if you rank high enough in this mini-game, you will earn Jasmine Badge Shards!

Real Strategies

To protect the treasures you have claimed, you must ensure that you have fortified your base!! In Base Hunt, you have the ability to choose the positions of the Enemy’s Starting Point and your Base, and you can place traps in between them.

Different traps will be available during the event, each of which has a special effect.

For example, the Rolling Stones can push the enemy troop back to the edge of the map. Place the stones near your base and combine other traps along the path! If the enemy triggers it, all their efforts will be in vain!

Another great trap is the Ramparts – Earth and Steel – that can stop the enemy in their tracks.

An Earth Rampart can be broken through easily, while the Steel Rampart costs Stamina to pass. Another advantage of Ramparts is that they look exactly the same for the enemies! An Earth Rampart can be disguised as a Steel Rampart to confuse the enemy.

Multiple traps can be placed in the same area to inflict more damage.If you don’t feel like setting traps by yourself, you can tap the Random button in the bottom left corner to enable random fortifications on your map.

We also prepared a small tool for you – a damage calculator. You can check the possible damage of the currently placed traps and see if they are powerful enough to ensure your enemies use all their Stamina after being triggered. The max Stamina for each enemy force is fixed at 40, which can’t be restored by items or over time.

After finishing your fortifications, you can invite your Friends to challenge it and maybe get some feedback. It’s a perfect opportunity to communicate with each other and share your strategies.

The battle result can be found in the Defense Record. Players can also replay their battle videos to spot weaknesses in their fortifications to adjust them for next time.

The key is to place your traps well!

Treasure Hunt

After having the treasures secured, you can then start leading your troop to find more treasures in other players’ bases. Note that other players will choose a well-designed area as your starting point.As seen in the below screenshot, unexplored areas are tinted grey and full of dangers.

Stamina will be restored at 40 every time an attack is launched towards new enemies. However, consumed Stamina during the attack can’t be restored either by items or over time.

How to reach the enemy base before running out of limited Stamina? For each movement, you will receive a brief report of the trap triggered and damage suffered. With that, you can easily extrapolate the cost budget and therefore the potential remaining traps.

In each battle, you consume Hawk Whistles to call hawks to scout unexplored areas. If there is a trap in the area, it will be detected and removed. Finding the enemy base will be as easy as pie!

When the battle is over, you can check the enemy’s fortification plan and see how they placed the traps. Learning by making mistakes (and not duplicating them) is the key! And a look back for how the enemies have failed to stop you could be quite entertaining.


There are various ways to obtain rewards in Base Hunt and a successful defense ensure rewards.

Successfully inviting Friends or accepting invitations offers you rewards.

For each defense and attack, you will receive corresponding scores and tokens.

Acquiring a specified score grants you a title and title rewards. The higher the title, the better the rewards which can be obtained from battles. Notes: No matter victory gained or not, you will always be guaranteed rewards for corresponding titles.

The Tokens won can be used to purchase items in the Token store.

Further, there are Ranking rewards for players after the event ends. In Base Hunt, there are two types of rewards: Score Ranking and Defense Ranking rewards. Make sure you build your fortification wisely and everyone has the chance to win! (Please note that the following screenshot is example and not actual server rewards!)

Players with the highest Score Rankings will be able to receive Jasmine Badge Shards and other rare rewards!

If you fail to rank high, don’t worry, you can also purchase Jasmine Badge Shards with Tokens in the Token Store.

That’s all for the Base Hunt! And we are thrilled to announce that Base Hunt will debut later this week, be sure to stay tuned! If you have any problems or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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