Treasure Trade is a new mini game introduced in version 2.7. Players use Land Trade Seals to receive random rewards from a set of 14 possible rewards. The game works similar to the mini Treasure game (Dice) that is already available.

To begin players must purchase a Land Trade Seal available for 50 diamonds in the event area. Land Trade Seals are not available in purchase packs, purchase rewards, diamond packs, or in time limited rewards. IE: The only way to get them is by purchasing them in the event area. Players can also choose to buy 11 trades for 500 diamonds saving them an extra 50 diamonds. 1 Trade Seal = 1 reward.

Once the purchase is made you will automatically use the Land Trade Seal to redeem your items. Rewards will be displayed in a small popup showing your total gains. Below is a sample of 16 of the 11 Trade rolls to give an example of what the odds are like for each item.

Players will also receive additional items for completing 10, 30, 60, and 110 trades via treasure boxes at the top of the screen. The first three chests offer an Outstanding Shard, Gold Earring, Emerald Ring, and an Invite Letter I in increasing amounts with the final chest offering Outstanding Shards, Gold Hairpin, Emerald Bracelet and a Painting Key. To get all 4 chests you need to spend 5000 diamonds on the event.

Please keep in mind as with any new event the rewards and availability of items may change with future updates. This preview is based on the initial release of the mini-game.

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