Dear Sultan/Sultana, 
A new round of updates is coming! In the upcoming version 2.7, we added several new mini-games and optimized some existing  systems for you! Here’s a brief preview of what we have in store!

More Mini-games: Base Hunt

“Your Majesty, our expedition has discovered ancient Lydian relics in the ruins of Sardis!”

Before transporting these treasures back to the Empire, you must build fortifications on your base to keep them safe. You can also lead your troops to other players’ bases to recover more treasure for your Empire! Please note that Base Hunt won’t be available at launch. However, a more detailed post regarding this new mini-game and the trick to building fortifications will be covered in a future post!

Route of Prosperity

Many imperial traders set out to trade for treasure around  the world, bringing back endless gifts and fortune! Some went by sea, others by land. Therefore the trade routes are divided into Land Route and Sea Route.

During the trade, you can even receive rare items if you are lucky enough! The difference between Land Route and Sea Route is that the Sea Route is time-limited and longer than the Land Route, but the rewards are correspondingly better!

(Please note that the following screenshots are examples and not actual server rewards!)

Venice Store

As well as sending traders out to bring back exquisite treasures, we are also bringing in Venetian merchants and their exquisite merchandise into the Empire!  They will open the Venice Store at the shore for a short period of time, and everyone can visit to pick up some awesome items! 

But the Venetian merchants are selling their products in a way that no one has ever seen… Buyers will have the ability to construct packs with items selected themselves before purchasing!

The Unique Forces

During the cross-server events, you will now be able to  use Da Vinci Badges and Grace O’Malley Badges to combine into Da Vinci Scrolls and Grace O’Malley Scrolls! If you already have them, don’t worry, you can use the scrolls to enhance their harmony!

Dev Blog

Over the last few months, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the Daily Quests system and the Ranking Rushes from players, and after thorough discussion, we decided to optimize them!

Daily Quests

In the new Daily Quest, you get to choose your quests and receive better rewards, even free VIP Points! Isn’t that amazing?

Ranking Rushes

For the 10-Server Cross-server Ranking Rushes, players will no longer need to use passes to join and everyone will be qualified to participate. 

Skins for Yamahn, Dennis and Orian

The long-awaited male Companions’ skins are coming!

Great news! There will be three new skins for male Companions Yamahn, Dennis and Orian in the upcoming update! If you already have the corresponding skins for Rosa, Indirah, or Alessa, then these three skins will be automatically unlocked.  That means when you purchase the skin of any Companion, you receive two skins when you unlock one – what a bargain!

Here is a preview for them:

The Adorable Van Cats! 

Meow! Meow! Your palace has some special visitors – the Van Cats! Soft fur, beautiful colors, cute ears, and big innocent eyes… aren’t they the cutest?! Come take care of them and receive Diamonds and other rewards! (Spoiler alert: The Van cats will meow when petted!)

VIP Privileges

We also added some new VIP Privileges for you! In Version 2.7, “Accept All” in the Imperial Council, the “Auto-attack” button in Fortress Siege, and “Attack All” button will be available in the Hunting Ground! Everything is going to be quick and easy!

A Great Deal

Are you excited? Here’s even more! To help players take a step further, we prepared a new pack that contains a mighty Vizier, a beautiful Companion, and other rewards. And the Pack will be available at a super low price! 

The update is coming!

That’s all for the new version so far. Thoughts? Feedback? Let us know under the comment section. We look forward to meeting you all in version 2.7 early next week, stay tuned!

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