Whether you would like to pick up a new companion, rank high on the leaderboard, or simply looking to get the most tokens out of your flowers there are a few different things you can do to maximize your score.

Backpack hoarding

Backpack hoarding is a loophole in the mailbox system that many players take advantage of to store event energy for the next time an event appears. This works by leaving time limited quests unclaimed during the event period. At the end of the rush all unclaimed items are sent to the mailbox and will remain there for 30 days. When the event returns players can claim the items from their mailbox. If you claim the items before the event returns you will lose the event items. As Romance consistently falls on the 13th of each month the risk in doing this is lower. However, this strategy does come with risks. If the event does not return in 30 days your event items will be forfeit. While the schedule has been consistent so far, it is always subject to change without enough prior notice. The developers could also, at any time change how the mailbox system works by shortening the days mail lasts or by not sending time limited to the mailbox in the future. By choosing to mailbox hoard you acknowledge the risks involved and any lost items are your responsibility.


Once you have as many possible flowers as you can get ahold of, it’s time to move on to crafting. Players have two options on how to use their flowers: Garlands or Bouquets. Garlands are by far superior. Bouquets offer a flat point gain. Roses: 10 points, Violets: 20 points, Lilium: 30 points, Orchids: 50 points. There is no way to increase the points from the flowers with bouquets.

Garlands on the other hand have three sets of bonuses to potentially raise your score: number of flowers on the garland, forist (adds extra flower(s) to your garland), and perfect shot. By utilizing some of these bonuses you can gain more points per flower. Most players choose to take advantage of the full garland bonus points combined with perfect shot. However, you can actually increase your score by focusing solely on the perfect shot bonus.

“Shiny Spot” Method

Originally shared by the player Merc in the GOS Discord this method makes full use of the perfect shot bonus to gain more points from your flowers. Perfect Shot is achieved when a flower lands on the sparkling “shiny” spot that occasionally appears on the garland wheel. When flowers land on the shiny spot their value is doubled. IE: Roses: 20 points, Violets: 40 points, Lilium: 60 points, Orchids 100 points.

To use the Shiny Spot Method, look at your garland before adding any flowers. If there is no shiny spot send 1 rose then tap on the garland. This will end the garland giving you a new one to work on. If a shiny spot appears choose your highest quality flower and fire it at the shiny spot. Please watch the short video below to see this in practice.

If you run out of roses when trying to find shiny spots, switch to violets. I always choose to do my garlands on the last day so I have all my roses from the daily quests collected to maximize my potential point gain.

You can also increase your achievement gains by strategizing what flowers you use on the garlands. For example if there are five shiny spots you can use 5 Orchids to get an S rank score, but you can also use 4 Orchids and a Lilium or Violet, or even 3 Liliums and 2 Orchids. This can allow you to get more S rank garlands for achievements. It is unfortunately not possible to get an SS rank garland with just shiny spots. You get a max of 515 from 5 Orchids all on shiny spot with the +15 bonus from 5 flowers on a garland. SS rank requires a score of 560 requiring additional flowers not on shiny spots.

Why Does it Work?

How exactly is this going to get you more points? Well a full Orchid garland gives a base of 1,200 points: 50 per flower with 24 flowers max. You get an extra 110 points from having a full garland bringing our total up to 1,310. A garland can have up to 5 perfect shots adding an extra 250 points to our garland for a final total of 1,560 points on a full Orchid garland. Using the shiny spot method all 24 flowers get double the value: 24 x 100 points each = 2,400 an increase of 840 potential points.

Yes there is some loss of potential points using this method. You routinely lose any bonus points from the flowers on garlands and you will rarely if ever, trigger the florist bonus. However, the loss in score is less than what you are gaining with this method.

I ran a side by side comparison using 194 Roses, 113 Violets, 81 Liliums and 33 Orchids. On the account using the traditional method of as many flowers as possible on a garland I gained a total favor of 11,360 points. On the account using the shiny spot method I gained 13,410 favor. An increase of 2,050 points using the “Shiny Spot” method. I am also not the best shot at Romance. My score definitely could have increased if I could land on the shiny spot exactly every single time. However, even without being a master at Romance my score went significantly up. In fact I found this method much easier compared to trying to fit all 24 flowers perfectly on a garland. The only drawback? Turning in 200 some garlands at the end!

Can I reach 18,000 with this method?

This will depend entirely on how many flowers you have and how good you are at hitting the shiny spot. You can reach 18,000 with 180 Orchids, 300 Liliums or 450 violets. However, most players won’t have access to 300 liliums. However, between time limited quests, daily flower store purchases and the roses from daily quests you do have the potential for enough. With the visible rewards (not counting hidden ones on Energy Orbs, Intimacy and Charm gain) and without going to more than 10 feasts and marrying 10 heirs you can get 17,620 points. Depending on your skill with flowers you may need to purchase a few extra from the diamond shop, get some from purchase rewards or hoard a cycle to guarantee your 18,000 points.

Special thank you again to Merc for bringing this method to my attention and willingness to share it with others.

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