Ancient Lydian relics have been discovered in the ruins of Sardis! Everyone nearby rushed to claim what they could. Before transporting them back to the Empire, you must build fortifications on your base to keep the treasures safe. You can also lead your troops into enemy bases to recover more treasure for your Empire!


Base Hunt is a new PvP game that allows players to set up mazes filled with traps. Once your base is setup you can try to conquer the mazes other players have made for rewards. Your goal is to reach the enemy’s base before you run out of stamina. Your remaining stamina will determine the rewards you get for completing the base. Failing to reach the base will result in lower quality rewards. Players will also receive rewards based on their rank when the event ends.

Your base

Before you can hunt you must setup your own base. Each base has 12 tiles, 3 across and 4 down. One of the tiles must be the enemy player’s starting point and another your base. The other 10 tiles can hold traps of your choosing. Each player has 40 defensive points with each trap costing a different amount of defensive points to place. Placing a second trap of the same type will cost twice as much. For example one Pitfall costs 8 defensive points. Placing a second pitfall will then cost 16 points for a total of 24 defensive points. When you are finished setting up your base you can Invite Friends to try out your base. Your friend will receive a few rewards and so will you!

Trap Types

Not all trap types will be available to you! 10 traps will be selected from the list below. For example one account had traps but not spikes. It is not yet determined which traps are guaranteed to be available or not.

  • Trap: Reduces stamina by 2
    • 1 Defensive Point
  • Fire: Reduces stamina by 4
    • 2 Defensive Points
  • Pit Trap: Reduces stamina by 7
    • 4 Defensive Points
  • Spikes: Reduces stamina by 5
    • 3 Defensive Points
  • Rolling Stones: Knocks the opponent back to the edge of the map in the direction they were traveling from. Knockback can be stopped by Ramparts and Tunnels!
    • 6 Defensive Points
    • Reduces Stamina by 5
  • Random Tunnel: Opponents will be teleported to a random spot on the base (not including your home base) Can be placed over top of your base to force redirect when someone finds your base. Your base will be visible after the trap is triggered!
    • 2 Defensive Points
  • Fixed Tunnel: Opponents will be teleported to a spot you designate on the map. Other traps can be placed on the exit.
  • Spy: Send spies to deliver faulty supplies to the enemy. Opponent will gain 5 stamina then lose 15 stamina after 2 moves. (Works well when you can force enemies to use 2 extra moves).
    • 5 Defensive Points
  • Poison Spring: Doubles the damage taken from the next trap.
    • 8 Defensive Points
  • Mire: Reduces stamina by 10 on the next trap.
    • 8 Defensive Points
  • Damage Boost: Increases damage of other traps and reduces stamina by 8.
    • 6 Defensive Points
  • Stronghold: Players need to guess either Wealth or Strength. Those who guess correctly gain 15 samina. If they guess wrong they lose 15 stamina.
    • 5 Defensive Points
  • Defending Force: Engages enemy with a fight against your viziers. If your highest level vizier is a higher level the opponent loses 12 stamina, if it is the same they lose 6 stamina and if yours is less they lose 0.
    • 6 Defensive Points
  • Earth Rampart: Prevents opponents from moving forward. Players can choose to break through at no additional cost.
    • 2 Defensive Points
  • Steel Rampart: Prevents opponents from moving forward. Players can choose to break through, but will fail and lose 10 stamina or retreat and lose nothing.
    • 6 Defensive Points
  • Trap Pack 1: Costs 500 diamonds to purchase and gives you Lightning Rod and Poison Grass
    • Lightning Rod: Enemies on the trap have a chance to be struck by lighting during the next 3 moves. Lightning reduces stamina by 10 when it hits the troops.
      • 5 Defensive Points
    • Poison Grass: Every second movement costs at least an extra 2 stamina and increases by 150% each time the effect is triggered until the stamina runs out. (Example 1st move costs 1 stamina, second move costs 3 stamina, 3rd move costs 1 stamina, 4th move costs 5 stamina, etc).
      • 10 Defensive Points
  • Trap Pack 2: Costs 1000 diamonds to purchase and gives you Explosive and Reinforcement
    • Explosive: Reduces stamina by 10
      • 6 Defensive Points
    • Reinforcement: Increase the damage of a trap by 2x. Can only be placed on trap, fire, spike, pit and explosive traps.
      • 6 Defensive Points

Important Trap Notes

  • Traps cannot be placed on top of each other with the exception of Reinforcement (purchased in the 1000 diamond trap pack) which must be placed on top of set traps. Explosive followed by Pit Trap has the highest damage available for Reinforcement.
  • Ramparts are place between trap squares. When an opponent is on your map they will not be able to tell if a Rampart is breakable (Earth) or not (Steel) without attacking it one time. Since this move costs 10 stamina it is typically better to go around.
  • Rolling Stones movement will be stopped by Ramparts and Random Tunnels. The Rolling Stones will trigger both horizontally and vertically depending on the direction the troop entered the square. Make sure that your Ramparts and Random Tunnels are all placed diagonally from the Rolling Stones. It is also advisable to place the along the stones in corners of the map so they knock the opponent back more than one square.
  • Poison Spring and Poison Grass are both damage over time. Place them towards the start point to ensure they have enough time to affect the opponent.
  • Mire causes 10 damage to the NEXT trap. Poison Spring Doubles the damage on the next two traps triggered. Make sure there is enough potential moves between the mire/poison and your base to ensure it has time to trigger.
  • Strongholds can give the opponent +15 stamina when the answer correctly. As this is a 50/50 chance they are not the best trap choice.
  • Explosive followed by Pit Trap has the highest damage available for Reinforcement.

Attacking players

You can attack other players once your base is setup. Each base costs 1 ‘strike’ or energy. Players can buy one additional strike for 100 diamonds (limit 5 per day). Strikes regenerate at a rate of 1 strike per 2 hours for a maximum of 5 strikes (10 hours for full regen). Energy was also available in Time Limited Rewards (Increase Empire Power, Use Badges, Increase Arena Score,Use Vigor Orbs, Use Challenge Letters and Sign In, same as Pirates). There was also a limit 1 Adorable Pack IV with a Wagon of Food (2 strikes) and a Hawk whistle for 399 diamonds. Further strikes are also available in daily purchase rewards.

When you are ready to attack you will see a fight screen similar to arena which shows your opponent, their current ranking (from attacking others), their title (gained from attacking others), how many times their base was attacked and the % of successful defenses. The last two can give you an idea of how tricky others found their base design to be.

To begin click on the arrow in the direction you want to move (not the tile you want to move to). Each movement costs 1 stamina. Be careful of traps! Traps will cost you stamina based on their unique abilities. The round will be over when you find the enemy’s base or you run out of stamina. You can use a Hawk Whistle (gained through time limited rewards: spending diamonds and login day 3, cumulative purchase rewards, Base Hunt Chest I (99 VIP points) and the 399 diamond pack) to show what trap is on a square before moving.

When you attack you will be given a score based on how much stamina you have left at the end of an attack. Defeat will gain you 3 points while victory gives 10 points plus however much stamina you had remaining. Rewards for your fight will also depend on your title. Titles are based on the total score gained and offer increasingly better rewards. You also get a special one time reward for unlocking the title. Your score grade (SS, S, A) does not affect the rewards or quantity (you gain 3 items for every success or fail).

Don’t forget at the end of a fight you can check out the opponents fortification to see how their map was setup. This can give you ideas on ways to improve your own map so it is worth looking at!


Your base will randomly be selected during the event period as other players launch strikes. Your defensive log (accessed on the bottom right of the main screen) will show the last 50 attacks on your base. When an opponent reaches your base successfully (failed defense) the attack will show in blue while successful defenses show in a gold/tan color. You can view the attacks on your base to help you learn what routes players typically take and move your traps accordingly. Successful defenses will add 10 points to your score rewards and 1 point to your (defensive) reward score board. It will also show you how many defenses you had total and how many against your current layout at the bottom of the screen.


There are two ranking boards for Base Hunt: Score Rewards and Rewards. Score Rewards is based on the tokens you get from attacking others bases while Rewards is based on how well your base stands up to attacks. Failing to defend will gain you 0 score points and 0 rewards points while a successful defense will gain you 10 score points and 1 rewards point. Don’t forget to also claim your achievements! Players can also redeem the tokens they earn fighting other players for additional items in the token store.

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